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Stand by Me - Recap

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The episode begins back in the cave. Elena runs to Jeremy, who is dead on the ground. She waits for the ring to bring him back. Stefan and Damon don't know where Bonnie is. Stefan tells Damon that, because Jeremy was one of the five, he's supernatural and the ring won't work anymore. Damon says he'll find Bonnie and tells Stefan to get Elena off the island.

In Mystic Falls, Caroline tries to get Kol's burn mark out of the Gilbert kitchen floor. Stefan comes in carrying Jeremy's still lifeless body. Elena keeps waiting for the ring to work. On the island, Damon looks for Bonnie and something triggers his sixth sense. Rebekah finds him and Damon catches up with her. They have to be on the lookout for Silas.

Bonnie wakes up in the forest. Shane says he treated her with woodland herbs. Silas healed his broken leg. He's excited for Silas to bring back the dead he lost. He explains to Bonnie that Jeremy is now among them. At home, Caroline, too, understands that Jeremy isn't waking up. They think Elena's in denial. She comes downstairs and says she's not. She thinks that because his tattoo is gone, maybe he's not supernatural anymore and so the ring will work. She's clinging to hope, from the looks of it. Caroline leaves Tyler a message. Stefan thinks Katherine stole the cure to bargain for her freedom from Klaus. Suddenly, both Caroline and Stefan can smell Jeremy's body starting to decompose.

On the island, Damon uses Rebekah as a shield to stop an arrow from Galen, another hunter. Damon catches up to him and knocks him out. Bonnie has a hard time keeping it together, but Shane says Silas needs her and he'll bring Jeremy back. Meredith Fell checks on Jeremy in the Gilbert house. She gently tells Elena that he's past rigor mortis and soon his body will start to bloat. She wants to take him to a funeral home. Elena lashes out at her, crying for someone to get Bonnie. Matt shows up and Elena tries her best to pretend everything is fine. Matt asks her to go somewhere with him. On the island, Damon holds a knife to Galen's throat, demanding info on Katherine. He says he found her in Colorado. She knew about Silas from Hayley, the werewolf, whom she met in New Orleans. Damon wants to find Bonnie for Elena, but Rebekah is set on finding the cure.

In the woods, Shane explains to Bonnie that Silas lost the ability to do magic when he became immortal. He'll need Bonnie to do his work for him, using the power of three massacres of 12. They only have two massacres, so Shane says first, they have to complete another. Bonnie objects, but Shane sticks with his "they'll come back" line of reasoning. Bonnie runs away and trips over a vision of Jeremy, who asks her to help him. She tells Shane she'll do whatever it takes. Damon calls Stefan with no news. Stefan thinks Damon needs to come back because the sire bond will keep Elena together; Stefan will go back to find Bonnie. Damon agrees and hangs up. Then Bonnie walks out of the woods. Shane showed her how to find Damon. Bonnie says she knows how to bring Jeremy back.

In Mystic Falls, Matt takes Elena to the stoner pit to see graffiti of his sister, Vicki's, name. There's also a J+V that Jeremy painted. Matt tells her that it's okay to have hope. Stefan calls to say Damon is on the way with Bonnie. Back in the cave, Galen recommends Rebekah use the cure to kill Silas. Galen has Silas's mask in his bag. Galen muses one one would hide from the devil if one doesn't know what he looks like. Caroline leaves Tyler another message. Bonnie and Damon show up. Damon and Stefan have a chat outside. Inside, Bonnie explains the expression triangle, which requires 12 more deaths. Flashback to the island and Shane is shown explaining to Bonnie that Quetsiyah, her ancestor witch, created a purgatory for supernatural beings and Bonnie can make it go away. He seems to have some sort of a hold over Bonnie.

Damon tells Stefan he thinks Bonnie's nuts. If she drops the veil between purgatory, all supernatural beings come back. Caroline tells Bonnie she sounds crazy and they can't bring every monster back. April Young calls, looking for Jeremy. At first Elena says he can't come to the phone, but then she announces that he's dead. Elena goes back upstairs to Jeremy's body. He's ashen and looks like death. Elena starts to freak out, realizing he's really dead. She can smell him. She asks Damon to carry him downstairs. Matt has taken Bonnie home. Elena goes downstairs and takes out lighter fluid, going a little batty, saying they need a cover story.

She douses the house, saying she doesn't want to be there anymore. "Every inch of this house is filled with memories of people that I loved who have died, my mom, my dad, Jeremy and Jenna and Alaric, even John. They're all dead, everyone is dead" Elena says in utter dismay. She's near hyperventilating. She collapses in tears, sobbing. Stefan tells Damon to help her. He takes Elena in his arms and asks her to let him help her. Damon tells her to turn it off, saying it's what he wants. Elena pauses for a moment and is calm. Back home, Caroline leaves Tyler a message saying that Jeremy is dead. She begs him to call. Matt takes Bonnie home. She assures him it'll be okay, she'll bring Jeremy back. Shane is waiting for Bonnie. She asks the particulars of who comes back and he says the 12 on the farm were a necessary sacrifice and have passed on. "We'll do this together, you and I. We are the beginning" Shane says in a really creepy fashion. Back on the island, Rebekah pokes around alone in the dark.

She finds a body in the woods, it's Shane, with his leg still broken. She keeps walking, but he grabs her. "Silas" he says. Matt drives home, wracked with grief at the unfairness of it all. Back home, Elena looks at the photo of her and Jeremy, but is unmoved. Outside, Stefan tells Damon that having Elena turn off her humanity was a mistake. "Humanity means nothing when you don't have anyone left to care about, Stefan" Damon says. "She had you" Stefan counters. "She lost her brother. I'm not enough, not this time" Damon argues. The Salvatore brothers then make up.

Inside, Elena lights a match. Damon tells her they can find another cover story. Stefan says she might want to come home again someday. "I won't" Elena says as she drops the match. The Gilbert house slowly goes up in flames with Jeremy's body inside. The episode ends at this point.