Because the Night - Recap

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The episode begins with a young man and woman walking down a New York City street after dark. They see a body lying motionless on the sidewalk. In the flash of an eye, the body is gone and is replaced by the young woman. Her boyfriend panics as Damon approaches. Damon chomps on the man's neck. The year is 1977. Flash forward to present day and Elena and Damon are strolling down the bustling streets. Damon tells Elena there's so much life all around that a little death goes unnoticed. Stefan calls and with Elena out exploring, Damon explains that he organized this little field trip to hunt down a lead in the search for the cure.

Caroline is cleaning up after a big party. Klaus enters and Caroline isn't happy to see him. Klaus sees this and tells her that Tyler made it his life's mission to hurt him, so she can't hate him for driving Tyler away. Stefan enters and says he wants Klaus's help to track down Silas. Bonnie is speaking with Silas. He tells her to complete the Triangle by killing 12 people. He tells Bonnie that she should do this for Jeremy. Stefan explains to Klaus that Silas must be stopped from completing the final of three massacres, or there is a risk that all dead supernatural beings might come back, including many that Klaus personally dispatched. Klaus isn’t too pleased to hear this.

Flashback once again, to Damon in 1970s New York City. He is in an underground club and spots a potential victim. Before he can feed on the person, Lexi interrupts him. Lexi is surprised that Damon is planning to feed on his victim right there and tells him he is getting sloppy. Back in the present day, Rebekah interrupts Damon's trip down memory lane by slamming his head on the bar table and smiling at Elena. It is revealed that Damon is looking for the cure, and Elena is angry when she hears that. When the two are by themselves, Elena confides in Rebekah that she knew all along that Damon is searching for the cure. She says she is tagging along in the hope of finding it first to avoid taking it. Elena knows Damon is playing her and she is only returning the favor.

Caroline, Stefan, and Klaus head to Shane's old lab to try to find a lead that will take them to Silas. Caroline finds an old book that depicts the Expression Triangle. Silas has convinced Bonnie to kill the 12 witches. When Bonnie's dad comes home, Bonnie shows her frustration by blowing out the windows and sending flames shooting out of the fireplace. She tells her father that she wants him to call her mother. She says she needs a lot of witches. In NYC, Damon explains to Elena and Rebekah that Lexi believed Damon could turn his emotions back on if he started enjoying his life again. With music playing and people dancing, Elena begins to feed on a young woman in the crowd, allowing Damon to sneak out of the club.

Back at Shane's lab, Caroline uses the book to map out a triangle of massacres, revealing two points where the final one could take place. Stefan talks to Bonnie's dad and figures out exactly where the trio needs to head. Damon enters his buddy's apartment and begins searching files on all runners. Unfortunately, the files are organized by birth date and he can't remember when Katherine came into the world. Stefan calls and provides a date in the 15th century. Damon jokingly tells him that this is the reason why Stefan was a better boyfriend. Damon finds a file with all last known addresses, including a pair in the last few months, which means the lead is still fresh.

Back in the 70s, Damon and Lexi are shown getting drunk. Lexi brings up Katherine because she knows Damon loves her and love is the strongest of all emotions. She tells Damon that she wants to help him, which is why she wants to know more about Katherine. Damon claims that he actually loves Lexi and the two kiss. In the present day, Damon tells Elena the story. She grabs a bottle and invites him to the roof so he can finish his story. On the way, Elena winks at Rebekah.

Bonnie is lying on the ground and is screaming. She is surrounded by witches, who believe they are there to help the girl. Stefan soon steps in and stops the ceremony. He warns them that she is working for Silas. He says Silas has brainwashed her to kill them all. The head witch decides to kill Bonnie, but is stopped at the last minute by Caroline. Caroline kills the head witch to protect Bonnie and because the woman is connected to the 11 witches surrounding her, they all die. The third massacre has now happened. Bonnie says that the triangle is now complete. Stefan and Klaus are horrified.

On the roof, Elena flirts around with Damon. The two kiss, mirroring the Lexi-Damon make out session. Elena tries to sneak her hand into Damon's pocket to remove the file containing Katherine's addresses and he pushes her away. Damon knows what she was trying to do and says he’s on to her. He adds that it was he who invented this trick. Flashback to the 70s, where Damon has faked turning his humanity back on just to get Lexi isolated on the roof when the sun came up. He just wanted to get Lexi off his back.

In the present day, Damon warns Elena that she might do something in her current state that she can't take back, like he did. Suddenly, Rebekah appears and knocks Damon to the ground. The next day, Bonnie awakens and doesn't remember a thing about the previous night. As a matter of fact, she doesn't remember a thing past the moment when Jeremy was trying to take the cure from Silas. Stephan tells her with a grim expression that there is something about Jeremy she should know. Caroline is feeling really guilty about murdering the 12 witches. She feels that through her actions she has possibly allowed Silas to unleash hell on earth. She runs away in tears, leaving Klaus alone in the woods. Moments later, Silas appears.

Damon comes back out of unconsciousness on the rooftop. He is in the same place where he had once left Lexi. He gets a call from Elena. She has teamed up with Rebekah to find Katherine. They have taken the file. In the woods, Silas comes up to Klaus and stabs him with a stake. He says that it's a little something to remember him by. Before leaving, Silas taunts him, saying he will be in touch. The episode ends at this point.