Return to Malice - Recap

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The Monarch's henchmen are partying down and 86 and 87 discussing sea monsters. Henchman 21 finally speaks up and disputes their arguments. Henchman 86 refuses to back down and Henchman 21 extrudes his blades. Once he walks away, they realize they've been talking with the legendary 21, but 86 makes the mistake of mentioning the "car accident." Henchman 21 demotes him one number and orders 87 through 95 out on patrol. The old 86 is glad to hear he doesn't have to go out.

The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. the Girlfriend are having dinner and the Monarch has to admit that Henchman 21 is making his organization into something to be feared. He's also worried about the zit on his face that could mess up his interview with Modern Enemy Monthly. However, he's impressed that Henchman 21 has hired an expert chef, who serves them duck with rocket and sunchoke. Dr. Mrs. the Girlfriend is concerned about Henchman 21's feelings and worried that he's getting obsessed.

Henchman 21 is in his quarters discussing his romantic life with the skull of Henchman 24. The Monarch doesn't understand the problem, pointing out he talks to his dead cat. He realizes that Dr. Mrs. the Girlfriend is feeding the Moppets scraps beneath he table and orders them out.

Henchman 21 tells his friend's skull about the Lazarus Project and goes over the list of all possible suspects in Henchman 24's murderers. He's prepares to start with the Venture family.

Hank and Dean are sleeping when Sgt. Hatred stages a mock attack to show them how vulnerable they are. He tells them to hit the panic button when someone is attacking them, and Hank points out that Brock never had problems protecting them.

Dr. Mrs. the Girlfriend and the Monarch are in bed and she notices that he has something worse than a zit on his face. He goes to the bathroom and screams in terror.

Henchman 21 enters the Venture brothers' room disguised as Hatred. Hank wakes up first, hits the panic button, and falls into the sack that the other henchmen have ready for him. After discovering that Dean has wood, Henchman 21 covers him over and slips out.

Dr. Mrs. the Girlfriend demands to see the zit and can't resist teasing him. He emerges and reveals his face is horribly swollen from an allergic reaction to the rocket and sunchoke.

Sgt. Hatred notifies Rusty that he was drugged and the boys were taken. Rusty realizes it's a Monarch dart but Sgt. Hatred explains that he knows about abducting young boys. The entire thing is against Guild law, so they have to handle it his waste.

Dr. Mrs. the Girlfriend tries to help and Sgt. Hatred calls to tell her that they illegally took the Venture Brothers, so she either turns them over or he blows up their manor. She lies to her husband, saying it's Modern Enemy Monthly and they want to do a blurb on her, and then tries to tell Sgt. Hatred they didn't abduct the boys. Sgt. Hatred warns that they will be there in an hour. Dr. Mrs. the Girlfriend agrees to meet them in an hour at the old observatory.

In a tree fort in the woods. the brothers are undergoing the Chinese Water Torture.

Sgt. Hatred goes with Rusty to the Malice gated compound to collect his old equipment. A robot security guard stops them but Sgt. Hatred easily overloads its programming.

Henchman 21 explains that the brothers are now insane. They are pretty sure they're not and note that they're just wet.

The Monarch calls Dr. Mrs. the Girlfriend, who claims she's on a photoshoot for the magazine. He demands to see her clothing and notices that she hasn't changed, and thinks she's trying to steal his thunder. He threatens to go the Cocoon and do some arching. Dr. Mrs. the Girlfriend begs him not to but he refuses. She calls the Moppets and tells them to stop the Monarch. The Monarch calls and asks why she didn't call him back, and when she admits that she thought he would hang up on her, he hangs up on her.

Sgt. Hatred and Rusty sneak up to Hatred's old house and they realize Princess Tinyfeet is there with her new boyfriend. It's not pretty.

The Moppets try to stop the Monarch, who threatens to kill them if they interfere. They quickly back down.

Henchman 21 checks but the brothers tell him they're still sane. He wants them to confess but Dean points out it's unprovoked kidnapping and the Monarch could be in trouble. Henchman 21 explains that it's about him and his best friend being murdered. He explains that he was devastated and buried most of Henchman 24 along with his dreams. He went back to his original life and podcasted his life story. When his mother kept interrupting, he decided to become a leader of henchman by going out with the Wolf Pack and trained in live role-playing, weight lifting, and muscle-building. He soon became a fighting machine and turned the Monarch's henchmen into a fighting force. Henchman 21 finally admits that he killed 24, and Dean admits that he did too, and that they all did.

The Monarch gets to the Cocoon and discovers it's been turned into a bar by General 21. The bartender tries to kick him out and the bouncers move in.

Sgt. Hatred bemoans Princess Tinyfeet doing things with her new boyfriends that she wouldn't with him as the rain pours down.

The brothers leave the cabin and the Monarch confronts them, but they have no idea who he is because of his swollen face.

Dr. Mrs. the Girlfriend meets with Rusty and discuss his old show. He tries to hit on her and they figure their parents would be proud. She finally suggests that he try calling the boys, and Rusty calls them on the wrist-phone. Hank tells them that they're in bed and took a cab home an hour ago.

The Monarch finds Henchman 21's tree fort and demands to be let in. He enters and finds Henchman 21 inflicting the Chinese Water Torture on himself. He wonders why the Monarch isn't with his wife and the Monarch insists that she's trying to upstage him. The Monarch accuses Henchman 21 is trying to overthrow him, but Henchman 21 admits that he doesn't have the natural hate that the Monarch does. The Monarch explains that he hates everything, including himself, and he's all hate. Henchman 21 admits he's honored to serve with him and suggests that they hang out. The Monarch lets him play in his tree fort for a few hours before he burns it down, and Henchman 21 praises him as the greatest of all villains.

Later, someone crosses the Ventures off of Henchman 21's list. Henchman 21 comes in and discovers that Henchman 24's skull has shifted places.