The Revenge Society - Recap

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A mystery figure uses a toaster to penetrate the secret base and gets to the database.

Intangible Fancy meets with two agents and gives them the package they need. When they accuse him of double-crossing him. He kills the two men and tries to escape, swallowing the package. The Guild reviews his case and tries to decide if he's guilty of smuggling illegal contraband, but the mystery figure attacks Councilman 8 in his secret room base, and then announces his name is Revenge. The other Council members wonder what is going on, or even if they're in the same building, while the intruder smashes into the room and fights the councilmen who are present. He uses his stunning touch on the two Councilmen, Red Mantle and Dragoon.

Later, an unrobed yet paranoid Revenge abducts Billy Quizboy and forces him to perform a guy graft, and then gets back into the bag. The patient, Red Mantle, wakes up with two heads, since Billy has attached the dying Dragoon's head to his body. They recognize Revenge as the Phantom Limb. He informs them that he has plans for them and assures them they will willingly join with him.

Two Guild operatives arrive to visit David Bowie, the Guild's Sovereign. They inform him that two of the Council have been taken, and the intruder knew all their secrets. David Bowie realizes that Phantom Limb has returned. Worse, he penetrated the Chamber Sub-Rosa and took the Charter. David Bowie tells them to summon the High Council.

Dragoon tries to read the Charter and Phantom Limb demands they reveal the Guild secrets. Dragoon explains that an old guy approached them in 1959, but Billy gets confused and notes they said 1659. After the interruption, they explain that the old man was Fantomas, Phantom Limb's grandfather, who kidnapped them to form a band. Phantom Limb explains that the Guild was once a sacred order of knights sworn to protect the Orb. Billy admits that the Orb is in a safe at the Venture Compound.

Sgt. Hatred is sobbing in the bathroom and Rusty tells him to get out. Sgt. Hatred explains that he's upset because Hank hates him despite whatever he's done. Rusty has heard it all before and tells Dean to deal with it. Sgt. Hatred admits to him that he's drinking cologne again and Dean talks him through step four. Hank comes in to tell them that the Guild is attacking and Sgt. Hatred rallies, telling them to get into the panic room. When Hank refuses to go, Sgt. Hatred asks him to help stop the bad guys in the hopes of impressing him.

As Dragoon and Red Mantle continue to argue over who is the dominant, Phantom Limb arrives and wonders why they're arguing. He explains that he was with the rest of his team and they wonder who else is there. Phantom Limb introduces his team and brings out Wisdom, a coffee mug. Next is Chuck, a toaster. Finally, there is Nightshade, a woman's pump. When he threatens to murder Dragoon unless they cooperate, they quickly agree.

The Guild troopers wait and Sgt. Hatred figures they're there for him. He tries to explain to Hank that he doesn’t want to be a pedophile any more, just to clear the air. Really, he figures the Guild wants him for his special skills. Hank figures they want him because he's very Batman-esque. They're still left to wonder what they're going to do. Hank comes up with an idea.

The Guild leaders approach the front door and Hank stalls them over the loudspeaker. Sgt. Hatred plays along and adds an order of Girl Scout cookies, and then claims that they're at the wrong house. The Guild representatives check their directions.

In the panic room, Rusty wonders where Sgt. Hatred is and bemoans the fact that Brock isn't there to deal with it. Dean throws up a bit and Rusty says that he's been there himself, but each time he comes back and wipes the puke off of his suit. When he wonders what the bad guys want, Dean suggests that they find out.

Phantom Limb, Dragoon, and Billy watch from a nearby car. Dragoon is unwilling to go in until Phantom Limb threatens to kill them both unless they go in.

The Guild representatives consider taking off their clothes to be more impressive, but they're interrupted when the Warm Jets arrive. Meanwhile, Dean and Rusty head toward the front door on the moving pedestrian belt but Rusty has to take another lap to get his zipper out of the belt.

Hank takes Sgt. Hatred through the secret tunnels on the hover bikes and says that his plan will come together as soon as they get the ice cream cakes and <em>Playboys</em>. Sgt. Hatred briefly wonders if Hank is just doing whatever he can that Rusty won't him. In the face of Sgt. Hatred's relentless praise, Hank finally agrees to spring into action and step up to thep late.

Dragoon/Red Mantle enter the building with Billy, but come face to face with a Guild Blackout agent. They knock him out with Chuck the toaster, get the Orb, and decide to leave Billy behind.

Phantom Limb waits for David Bowie to show up, and wonders if Wisdom is secretly the Sovereign.

Rusty is giving Dean advice when they run into Future Rusty. However, it's only David Bowie, screwing with them. He needs their help.

Hank and Sgt. Hatred find the bag containing Billy, and Sgt. Hatred mistakes him for a sleeping little boy. Hank finds the <em>Playboy</em>s.

Phantom Limb brings Dragoon into the compound and has them read his proclamation to David Bowie. He insists he's the rightful ruler of the Guild and unleashes Lady Nightshade on the troops.

Dr. Mrs. the Girlfriend tries to find her missing shoe.

David Bowie steps forward and Phantom Limb reveals that he has the Orb. However, David Bowie explains that Dean is the rightful Sovereign because Lloyd Venture was a rightful member of the Guild, and Fantomas was an imposter. Dean knights David Bowie as the rightful Sovereign, but Phantom Limb prepares to unleash the power of the Orb.

Cue a flashback, where Sandow breaks the Orb rather than kill Lloyd Venture.

Phantom Limb realizes the Orb doesn’t work. Crushed, he drops to his knees and David Bowie has him taken away.

Later, Billy wakes up in bed and thinks the entire thing was a dream. He discovers he's in bed with Sgt. Hatred.