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The Venture Bros.: Self-Medication

Sgt. Hatred takes the boys to the movies, only to have a relapse after he discovers himself surrounded by young boys and out of his medication. Meanwhile, Dr. Venture goes into therapy with other former boy adventurers, but they soon have a crime to solve when their psychiatrist is murdered.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 4x6
Airdate: Sunday November 22nd, 2009

Guest Stars
James UrbaniakJames Urbaniak
voiced Rusty Venture
Christopher McCullochChristopher McCulloch
voiced Sgt. Hatred / Ro-Boy / Dr. Z
Brendon SmallBrendon Small
voiced Action Johnny
Doc HammerDoc Hammer
voiced Henchman 21
John HodgmanJohn Hodgman
voiced Dale Hale (as John K. Hodgman)
Paul BoocockPaul Boocock
voiced Jonas Venture Sr. / Psychiatrist
Seth GreenSeth Green
voiced Lance Hale / Mrs. Z
Patton OswaltPatton Oswalt
voiced Wonderboy
Main Cast
James UrbaniakJames Urbaniak
voiced Dr. Thaddeus S. "Rusty" Venture
Michael SinterniklaasMichael Sinterniklaas
voiced Dean Venture
Christopher McCullochChristopher McCulloch
voiced Hank Venture / The Monarch
Doc HammerDoc Hammer
voiced Dr. Girlfriend (Dr. Mrs. the Monarch)


The Monarch launches his newest assault on the Venture Compound, ensnares Rusty with his Scarionette Cannon, and forces him to dance like a puppet, suspended in mid-air. However, Rusty's beeper goes off and he informs the Monarch that it's Wednesday night and time for therapy. There's a new Guild clemency clause and Rusty tries to show him the note from his doctor. Once he does, the Monarch is happy to note that he's driven his arch-nemesis insane. He calls in his troops, including Henchman 21 who was on the verge of killing Sgt. Hatred...

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Episode Quotes
Wonderboy: Beep boop.
Lance Hale: What was that?
Wonderboy: I just turned off the radio in my utility belt like he said to.
Action Johnny: You said "beep boop" with your mouth.
Wonderboy: No I didn't. Leave me alone.

Action Johnny: My dad's lab was like a pharmacological candy store, so I started real young. Next thing I know, I'm blowing lines of voodoo powder off the back of a monkey's paw I bought in Calcutta. Now I'm all out of wishes.

Dr. Venture: What happened? Did I just kill Premature Ejaculation?

Action Johnny: Dudes, get back! That is a Vietnamese Two-Step Viper! One bite, and you're dead before you take two steps.
Dale Hale: There's no such thing.
Action Johnny: Yeah, I'm making it up. It's right there, dude! That ain't a *bleep* fucking hologram or an old lighthouse keeper in a rubber mask, okay?
Dale Hale: I mean there's no such snake. That's an urban myth.
Lance Hale: Bro's right. I Googled it.
Dr. Venture: Hey, Encyclopedia Brown-Noser, can you Google this thing away from me?

Dr. Venture: Well, Daphne, I believe. She got around quite a bit. But Velma? I always thought she was a...
Action Johnny: Everybody did. But I got a pack of herpes that says otherwise.

Action Johnny: Hey, how are those balls doing, Rust?
Dr. Venture: Spirit is up and roving, but opportunity hasn't come back on-line yet.

Action Johnny: You're gonna tell me you didn't send your flunky to murder our therapist with a Vietnamese Two-Step Viper?
Dr. Z: Bah! When Dr. Z harasses you, you'll know it. A giant metal crab would tear the roof off of your trailer. No less than six suicide assassins would spring from its belly! I would never stoop to striking at you through some civilian proxy. And I certainly would not do it with a made-up snake!

Dr. Z: So, a snake kills your psychiatrist, and you fly all the way down here in the middle of the night to beat up an old man because of a matchbook.
Dale Hale: Yeah, sounds kind of sloppy when you say it.

Dr. Z: We never had children of our own, you see. We married late. And though my lover's mountains are both beautiful and bountiful, I'm afraid the valley below is quite barren.
Mrs. Z: I thought we could not have kids because I was your beard.
Dr. Z: Ahem-ahem.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorChristopher McCulloch
Executive ProducerSteven S. H. Yoon  |  Christopher McCulloch  |  Michael Lazzo  |  Keith Crofford
Supervising ProducerCharlie Miller (3)
ProducerRachel Simon
EditorDoc Hammer
MusicJ.G. Thirlwell
Production CoordinatorAlexandra Andrew
Supervising Sound EditorDave Paterson (1)
OtherTom Bayne (1) (Animatic Director & Animo Compositor)  |  Roger Mejia (Animation Checking)  |  Carly Monardo (Character & Prop Color Key)  |  Liz Artinian (Color Supervisor)
Storyboard ArtistRafael Rosado  |  Tom Connor  |  Abigail Nesbitt  |  James Yang  |  Siobhan Mullen
Art DirectorStephen DeStefano
Character DesignerDanny Hynes  |  Martin Wittig  |  Matthew I. Jenkins
Background ArtistDenny Fincke  |  Chris Palesty  |  Ray Feldman  |  George Fort  |  Deodato Pangandoyon  |  Chris Fisher (3)
Animation SupervisorNick DeMayo
Production ManagerPeeDee Shindell
Sound EditorDamian Volpe
Special EffectsDoc Hammer
Animation DirectorJennifer Batinich  |  Kimson Albert  |  Ian Jones-Quartey
FoleyRachel Chancey
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