Everybody Comes To Hank's - Recap

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At the compound, Dean dons a leisure suit to go to New York on his first intern assignment. Hank is glad that he's not going, and Rusty insists that Hank needs to find a job in the next four days before they return. Dermott Fichtel comes in and talks about his full-time job. Before he goes, Rusty warns his son to get a job.

Four days later, Hank converts the compound into a shopping mall, and is selling everything from the compound. Rusty is less than thrilled. Orpheus and the Alchemist come in to get Orpheus' child support notarized. Meanwhile, Dermott calls his sister Nikki to pick her up because his mother is AWOL. He tells Hank, who ushers him over to his detective agency office. Dermott doesn't see the problem, but Hank tells him to hear the case and puts his detective hat on.

As Dermott describes his mother being gone, Hank realizes that Dermott believes that Brock is his father. The Alchemist comes in and notes that Dylan's mother picked her son up four hours ago, but Hank wants to follow up the Brock-father lead. The Alchemist tells Hank he has to solve the case. Nikki arrives and wonders where Dermott is, and Hank says that his case is too dangerous for her to get involved. She thanks him for keeping Dermott out of town and leaves. Hank admits that he's had a crush on Nikki but never had the nerve to say anything to her. The Alchemist, impressed, asks to be Hank's partner and Hank agrees.

Hank and the Alchemist search all over town for clues and end up at SPHINX headquarters. Brock has no idea who Dermott's mother is.

Dermott is stealing discarded video games out of the dumpster when the Alchemist confronts him. The boy makes a run for it and snags a shopping cart, but goes out of control on the parking lot speed bump. The Alchemist and Hank interrogate him, but Dermott insists the case is over. Hank warns that Dermott's story about his father doesn't add up, but Dermott insists that his mother told him that Brock was his father. When the Alchemist punches him, Dermott hands over a pair of keys that his mother said belonged to his father.

Back at the mall, Hank and the Alchemist discover that Sgt. Hatred is indulging his secret dream to run a hash house. Once he leaves, Billy Quizboy reveals he's there and tells them that Nikki runs a collectibles business and he works with her occasionally, and he's sure that she knows something. Hank goes to see Nikki.

At Orpheus' home, the Alchemist admits that he can tell the truth, and all of the people he's been talking to are telling the truth. Dr. Orpheus says they should use their powers for good, and the Alchemist asks him for help.

Hank goes to Nikki's trailer and notices that she has Rusty Venture collectibles. She admits that she's a big fan of the old show, and that Hank reminds her of Rusty from the cartoon. Nikki comes onto him and they end up having sex.

Dr. Orpheus and the Alchemist hold a ritual to divine the truth behind the keys. They see that Nikki was pregnant with Rusty's child, after he had sex with the president of his fan club. Nikki's mother tells Rusty that he'll pay for the upkeep and stay away from her, or she'll charge him with statutory rape. Rusty gives in and Nikki's mother promises to raise the baby as her own, and then drops the car keys on the table.

The Alchemist tells Hank that he's resigning from the case, and Hank explains that he had sex for the first time. He touches the keys, discharging the rest of the spell and seeing Nikki's past. Hank vomits in his hat.

The Alchemist takes Hank to SPHINX headquarters so they can have his memories wiped so that he won't remember that Dermott is his half-brother. Brock assures him that he's been through the memory-wiping machine plenty of times, even though Hank doesn't remember. The Alchemist is eager to get in so he forgets SPHINX, but Shoreleave tells him that he's been through the machine before when they were dating after the Alchemist dumped his boyfriend, and the Alchemist got possessive. Hank's last words are that he got laid.

Later, Hank watches a recording of himself explaining that before he had his memories wiped, he had sex for the first time. Past-Hank warns that there are other things he needed to forget. Dean comes in, covered in mud, and says that he's pulled his dream from the ashes. Hank says that his summer was amazing. Dean notes that Rusty left him alone in New York without saying goodbye. There's a flash of light and a young, virile Rusty Venture steps out of an energy portal.