Assisted Suicide - Recap

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Hank, Dean, Sgt Hatred, Brock, Orpheus, and Shoreleave are playing football on the compound yard, and Sgt Hatred reminds Brock they're playing touch football. Shoreleave is mad that he isn't on the skin teams Brock senses that someone is in his car and runs to the garage, while Dean waits for someone to pass to him.

In the garage, Brock finds Rusty in the car, trying to kill himself. He notes that he had the car converted to electric and Dr Venture knows better, and Rusty tries to put a road flare in his mouth. Brock takes him inside and tries to get him to talk, and Orpheus realizes that he's been possessed

Orpheus prepares the rituals and casts the Spell of Binding... unaware that the Monarch has taken control of Rusty's body and is trying to make him kill himself. However, the Monarch is using a machine to project his mind, and Dr Mrs the Girlfriend and Henchman 21 are watching his body within the Cocoon. He flatlines and his wife defibrillates him. His vitals come back on line and they put the Monarch on life support

While everyone makes non-useful suggestions, Orpheus explains that he'll enter Rusty's mind and battle the possessing spirit. However, he must be perceived as friendly, so takes Hank's and Dean's hands. However, Rusty doesn't respond. Orpheus tries Dean by himself, but only Dr Venture's personal mementoes work.

Orpheus finds himself inside the hallways of Rusty's mind, and confronts the images of Pete White and Billy Quizboy. He realizes they represent sex and love, Eros and Thanatos, respectively. They explain that another intruder has caused a cerebral shutdown in the Rusty, but Orpheus blames himself.

Dr. Mrs the Girlfriend tries to wake her husband up, and Henchman 21 suggests she plays their special song. She admits they don't have a song. Kevin and Tim-Tom arrive for a mandatory security inspection, but Dr. Mrs the Girlfriend refuses to let them in because the mind assassination attempt is against Guild rules. She tells Henchman 21 to take off his clothes

Within the Rusty's brain, the Monarch prepares to do his worst and spots a big red switch. He quickly throws it. Meanwhile, Eros and Thanatos lead Orpheus to Master Control, but the doors ahead of them burst open.

Kevin and Tim-Tom burst in and find Henchman 21 and Dr Mrs. The Girlfriend feigning kinky sex with the Monarch. The Moppets quickly back out.

Orpheus explains that the doors of perception have opened all at once, and they have to close them all. Vibrations shake them and Thanatos warns that Leviathan is coming. A horde of Hank and Dean clones walk by, and Eros suggests they go into one of the doors.

When Hank and Dean start playing indoor football, Brock tells them to stop and Hatred points out that it's his job now. In response, Brock refuses to share his Skittles.

Dr Mrs. The Girlfriend thanks Henchman 21 for putting up with everything. He admits that he's given up his dreams to be a henchman, and now he's just a number that's lost his dream. Dr. Mrs. The Girlfriend tries to cheer him up by cheering.

Orpheus, Eros, and Thanatos arrive at the ID, and confront a tyrannical young Rusty and his invisible harem. The Rusty ID will only grant them passage through if Eros and Thanatos make love. He settles for French kissing and second base.

Henchman 21 pours wine for Dr. Mrs the Girlfriend, and they bond over their knowledge of original Star Trek.

As Eros and Thanatos argue about Eros going to far, the trio arrives at the Rusty's ego, represented by an elderly toymaker. Orpheus asks for passage to Master Control, and the ego asks them to help fix his Young Rusty puppet.

Hatred is telling Brock about how he trained Hank to shoot when Hank runs in, and tells them that Dean is hurt. They run out to the field, leaving Dr Venture alone. Inside Rusty's mind, the Monarch wonders why his nemesis isn't insane yet. He notices that the room is heating up and collapses.

A drunken Henchman 21 suggests that Dr. Mrs the Girlfriend find someone better, and then grabs her and kisses her.

The Young Rusty puppet continues to fall apart, and Orpheus brings the harem to help. Rusty's ego agrees to let them pass and the women run to help. Orpheus doesn't want to talk about how he convinced them to help.

Dean is running around the football field, screaming in pain. It turns out he sat on an ant nest. Shoreleaves sprays them off, but realizes too late that he used Spirite, which has sugar.

Orpheus realizes that the Rusty is dying, and finds the superego, in the near-image of Jonas Venture. They try to rally him to lead them to Master Control. The superego agrees and they find themselves back in the hallway. Only one door is closed. Orpheus tells the superego to bring Eros his strength, and Eros' love will be the bait.

The Hank and Dean clones close in on the Monarch As they overwhelm him, he wakes up screaming, and wonders why his wife and Henchman 21 are in his bed. Henchman 21 regretfully admits that nothing is going on any more.

Brock is spraying down Dean's ass while Hank snickers, and insists to Hatred that he's dealing with the problem. Hatred insists that the boys are no longer Brock's problem. Rusty comes out, alive and well, and takes command of the situation before complaining of a headache.

Later, Hank comes to see his father and notes that he's supposed to be insane, according to Orpheus. Rusty explains that when he was 16, Jonas invited Playboy bunnies and models to his 16th birthday. Action Man then shot his groin with a shrink ray and Colonel Gentleman pulled down his swim trunks. Rusty explains that what he went through today is nothing compared to that, and that's his life.