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The Venture Bros.: The Silent Partners

The mysterious Investors come to make their claim on Billy's soul. Meanwhile, Pete White convinces SPHINX to look for his friend and then takes refuge at the Venture safe room.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 4x15
Airdate: Sunday October 24th, 2010

Guest Stars
Doc HammerDoc Hammer
voiced Billy Quizboy / Shoreleave
Christopher McCullochChristopher McCulloch
voiced Monstroso / Hunter Gathers / Pirate Captain / Sgt. Hatred / Pete White / King Gorilla / Sky Pilot / Dr. Odinson
Main Cast
Patrick WarburtonPatrick Warburton
voiced Brock Samson


Billy Quizboy is working at the hospital under an alias when his fellow doctor, Odinson, congratulates him. However, he admits that they've been unable to confirm Billy's diploma. Billy makes excuses and then runs off to hide in a patient's room. He finds three men in black suits, apparently vampires, there for King Gorilla's heart. They reach into his chest and remove it and then fade into the floor. The last one waves to Billy as he departs...

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Episode Quotes
Hunter Gathers: It works like this. If someone points a gun at you, ya call the police. If a bunch of guys are pointing guns at you, you call SWAT. If they're in spandex and pointing a superlaser at you, you call the OSI. If they're dressed regular and they're pointing a superlaser at your daughter, that's when you call SPHINX.

Hunter Gathers: This is SPHINX! We have no secrets here. When men live and work together, it's imperative that we have no secrets. I miss my breasts! Inside of me there's a woman screaming to be heard.
Sky Pilot: I hit a dog with my car last week, but told the owner I found him like that.
Brock: I once jerked off twelve times in one day just to see if I could
SPHINX Pilot: I had an erotic dream about Henry Rollins last night, and I'm straight as an arrow.
Shoreleave: Remember that smell I told you was the garbage? That was my ass. I had Chicken Tandoori for lunch.

Pirate Captain: Sorry, Grandpa. Smoking cigarettes is illegal on Spider Skull Island.
Hunter Gathers: What, are you kidding me?
Pirate Captain: No, the wee chairman outlawed them. This here island is a sovereign nation. We got our own laws! Cigarettes and liquor be banned. But on the upside, we grow our own pot, and we legalized the gay marriage.
Shoreleave: I am going to retire here!

Billy Quizboy: It's just--I mean, there are still so many things that I wanted to do before I become, you know, immortal.
Monstroso: Well, after our game, we still have bumper pool and laser tag and--ooh, you'll love this--giant Legos.
Billy Quizboy: I was talking about something a little more... adult.
Monstroso: Giant... checkers?

Hunter Gathers: All right. It's a dual mission. One, rescue the little guy. Two, terminate Monstroso, the Investors, and everything that gets in your way.
Brock: You just reminded me why I joined SPHINX.

Shoreleave: Hi. If you even think about it, I pull the trigger.
Guard: Okay, just take that gun out of my back.
Shoreleave: No, no. That's not my gun. That's an indicator of how excited I am to do this to you. That is my gun.

Cultural References
Pete: Our robotic butler/manservant, in the imposing, yet familiar guise of Bo Duke.

Bo Duke (John Schneider) is one of the two "good ole boys" on the 70s TV series The Dukes of Hazzard.

Pete: I have that Malfoy-Spike thing going on.

Draco is Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter's nemesis in J.K. Rowling's books. Spike is the vampire played by James Marsters in Joss Whedon's Buffy and Angel TV series. Both characters have blonde hair.

Vampire Brides:

In the 1992 movie Bram Stoker's Dracula, three female vampires emerge from the bedsheets the same way that the "vampires" do here.

Monstroso: They would have said they were Charlie's Angels if you wanted them to.

Charlie's Angels was a T&A show from the 1970s with a trio of female detectives who worked for a mysterious millionaire named Charlie.

Billy: All right, Baby Fae.

Baby Fae is Stephanie Fae Beauclair, the first human being to receive a transplant from a primate, in 1984.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorChristopher McCulloch
Executive ProducerChristopher McCulloch  |  Michael Lazzo  |  Keith Crofford
Supervising ProducerCharlie Miller (3)
ProducerRachel Simon
EditorDoc Hammer
MusicJ.G. Thirlwell
Production CoordinatorAlexandra Andrew
OtherDoc Hammer (Additional Graphics & Animation)  |  Tom Bayne (1) (Animatic Director & Animo Compositor)  |  Roger Mejia (Animation Checking)  |  Carly Monardo (Character & Prop Color Key)  |  Liz Artinian (Color Supervisor)
Storyboard ArtistDanny Hynes  |  Tom Connor  |  Abigail Nesbitt  |  Rafael Rosado  |  Siobhan Mullen
Character DesignerDanny Hynes  |  Martin Wittig  |  Rick Lacy  |  Matthew I. Jenkins
Background ArtistRay Feldman  |  Chris Palesty  |  Denny Fincke  |  George Fort  |  Deodato Pangandoyon  |  Chris Fisher (3)
Production ManagerPeeDee Shindell
Sound EditorDamian Volpe
Special EffectsDoc Hammer
Animation DirectorIan Jones-Quartey  |  Jennifer Batinich  |  Kimson Albert
FoleyRachel Chancey
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