The Silent Partners - Recap

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Billy Quizboy is working at the hospital under an alias when his fellow doctor, Odinson, congratulates him. However, he admits that they've been unable to confirm Billy's diploma. Billy makes excuses and then runs off to hide in a patient's room. He finds three men in black suits, apparently vampires, there for King Gorilla's heart. They reach into his chest and remove it and then fade into the floor. The last one waves to Billy as he departs.

At the trailer, Billy explains to Pete that they have to give everything back that they got from their deal with the vampires, including Pete's new Robo-Bo butler. Pete insists the men were just shareholders. There's a knock on the door and Billy prepares to go outside. He tells Pete to come find him if he goes missing, and to make sure he doesn't become a vampire. Pete agrees and goes outside, where he is taken away. Pete runs outside but there is no trace of his friend.

Pete goes to SPHINX headquarters and offers them $50,000 to find Billy. Brock refuses and Hunter explains that they only go after regular bad guys with superlasers. Pete insists that SPHINX owes Billy for when Hunter used him as a pawn to infiltrate the Guild, but Hunter notes that was when he was with the OSI. However, when Hunter sees one of the vampires' checks, he realizes it belongs to the Investors. Brock tells Pete that they're the only people who have taken money from the Investors and lived to tell about it, and now SPHINX plans to take down the Investors.

Billy wakes up and finds Monstroso in his bedchamber. Monstroso explains that the "vampires" are the Investors, and make dreams come true for a price. He needed the Investors, and knows that Billy is one of the most skilled doctors alive. Monstroso points out that Billy doesn't have a degree, and that Pete lives off of him, and ties him to the bed. He then tells Billy that they both made a deal with Investors, and that he wants Billy rested so he can receive the Investors' real gift: immortality.

Brock, Hunter, and Shoreleave check out the trailer while Pete blames himself. Shoreleave checks the soil around the footprints and determines the salt is from the Atlantic Ocean near the equation. The SPHINX submarine is out of commission, but Brock knows where they can get a boat. However, Hunter refuses to take Pete, a civilian, along with them. They take him to the Venture compound where Sgt. Hatred locks him up in the safe room and talks about his bunions.

The SPHINX trio goes to Spider Skull Island, but Pirate Captain informs them that Jonas is at the space station. They want to borrow the X2, but Pirate Captain informs them that Jonas gutted it for parts. However, he does have a boat he can offer them and goes to change.

Billy is in the locker room dressing when Monstroso comes in. He explains that he's been showing Billy a good time so he can enjoy his last moments with his body. Billy says that he isn't ready and that there are some things he wanted to do before becoming immortal, something a little more adult.

Pirate Captain shows the SPHINX trio his new pirate ship, named after a woman on Degrassi. They set sail, once they help Pirate Captain set sail.

Pete tries to endure Sgt. Hatred's songs about Princess Littlefeet.

Monstroso challenges Billy to racquetball. As they play, they discuss the adult thing Billy wanted to do, and he explains that he wants to have a date with a woman. Monstroso clutches at his heart and admits that he's dying, but refuses to go to a hospital. He tells Billy that tonight, they embrace their destiny.

The SPHINX trio do some research and confirm that the person financing the Investors has access to Guild funds. Shoreleave reports that they can get a tracer signal that will get them close to Billy. He also finds a palm print on the check, but Brock realizes that it's a thumbprint, and only one person has a thumb that big: Monstroso.

Monstroso finishes signing his papers with the Investors, who take him to a bed.

In Billy's bed chamber, three Dracula brides arrive to fulfill his wish. As they get his pants off, his hand suddenly sprays fire extinguisher foam and lights up.

Shoreleave informs Hunter and Brock that he activated the tracking device in Billy's hand, as well as the fire extinguisher attachment. They confirm that Billy is about seven miles away, and Captain Pirate sets sale for the location.

The Investors come in and inform Billy that it's time.

Sgt. Hatred talks about cuddling with Billy, and figures that he's Pete's best friend. Pete insists that Dr. Venture is his best friend, but Hatred says that he doesn't consider Billy his best friend because he's not famous.

Brock and Shoreleave prepare to board Monstroso's giant catamaran, find Billy, and kill anyone who gets in their way.

Billy signs the Investors' papers and asks them to make him a vampire. Monstroso is there, and explains that he can't make him a vampire. The "brides" were prostitutes he paid to pretend to be vampires, and the papers are Billy's diplomas, making him a legal doctor. Billy is to perform a heart transplant, putting King Gorilla's heart in Monstroso's chest. King Gorilla got out of his life contract by signing over his heart. Billy isn't interested in being abducted to perform yet another operation, but Monstroso explains that he'll gain immortality by performing a near-impossible operation, outside of U.S. restrictions. Billy agrees to perform the surgery.

Brock and Shoreleave plant an explosive charge as a distraction and then sneak aboard the catamaran. They start taking out guards while searching for Billy. Brock finds the Investors and throws a knife at them. They apparently start spraying bullets, but then fade through the floor, revealing Shoreleave behind them, opening fire and wondering how the Investors could magically shoot knives at him. They split up to find Billy.

Brock bursts in and finds Billy finishing the operation. He explains that Pete sent them, but Billy isn't impressed. He insists that Monstroso gave him more than anyone else ever did, and he'll have a reality show and models. Brock tells him to do the transplant, but get used to the bad blood on his hands. Billy refuses to harm a patient, but Brock notes he isn't a real doctor. Billy insists that he is, and he's one of the best, and Brock tells him to finish the operation.

Later, Monstroso is testing his grip while recuperating, unaware that he's in SPHINX headquarters and Brock is waiting for him to recover so he can kill him.