A Very Venture Halloween - Recap

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Four Years Ago: October 31

Hank welcomes Rusty and Brock into his room where he has decorated for Halloween and prepares them a "blood" drinks. Dean emerges from his "coffin" and Rusty says that he's had enough and leaves.

Three Years Ago: October 31

Hank takes Rusty and Brock through his and Dean's mock Egyptian pyramid. It doesn't go well.

Two Years Ago: October 31

Brock and Rusty hear a noise, come into the boys' bedroom, and find their corpses . Rusty tells Brock to get the clones ready and leaves. The boys, irritated, have no idea what Rusty is talking about and figure that their father is impossible to scare.

Present Day

Rusty stops in to see Hank, who says that he's going out and isn't going to do a haunted bedroom this year. Hank has received an email of his father's by mistake, talking about a malignant lump. Dean is in the room complaining about how it stings when it pees, and Sgt. Hatred runs in to complain that the light sockets are leaking water. Dean jumps out and they tell him that they finally managed to scare Rusty.

Later, Rusty meets Dr. Orpheus in the kitchen and the doctor assures him that he won't hear anything from the Brimstone Assembly that is meeting there that night. Rusty tells him that it's okay while Dermott comes in, dressed as The Crow, and comments on Orpheus' costume. Rusty tells Dermott to go out and ring the doorbell, and Dermott reluctantly goes out. When Orpheus points out that Rusty was hard on Dermott, Rusty says that he has his reasons.

Hank and Dean greet Dermott and are surprised that he's in costume. Dermott explains that it's a disguise so the police don't arrest them. Hank runs off to get a costume while Hank figures he'll take his chances and Dermott mocks him and then Hank when he comes down wearing a trash bag and posing as a Bag of Hank.

Orpheus, Alchemist, and Jefferson prepare for the 331st meeting of the Brimstone Assembly. Alchemist brings in food while Jefferson tries to draw out a magical symbol without much success. Meanwhile, Red Mantle arrives, dressed as the Two-Headed Man.

Dermott takes Hank and Dean out to dump rotten eggs on cars and TP houses. Hank has brought a better idea: a night in Old Man Potter's haunted house. Dean doesn't want to go but they mock him until he gives in.

Rusty and Hatred prepare to hand out candy even though they're fifteen miles from the nearest house and have a high-tech security system. Hatred insists on giving them bigger candy bars if they can get through all of that.

At the Assembly party, Red Mantle argues over who is going to drink while Alchemist works the crowd. Dr. Orpheus comes in and activates the magic circle, welcoming everyone to the Brimstone Assembly.

Someone finally rings the doorbell and Rusty and Hatred discover that Billy and Pete have arrived. They reluctantly give them candy and slam the door, but Billy and Pete persist, saying they came to hang out.

Dr. Orpheus and Jefferson perform a magic trick for the Assembly.

The three boys go to the Potter Place and Hank explains that he doesn't know why it has a bad reputation. Rusty has just always told them to stay away from it. Dean is pretty sure that it's on the Venture property. Dermott dares Dean to go in first and Dean ends up going in on his own. Inside he finds stuffed animals but finds nothing else. As he turns to go, a small partially hairless chimpanzee attacks him.

When Dean wakes up briefly, he discovers that a man is examining him carefully while the chimpanzee, Rico, smells his balls.

The other Assembly members perform with mixed results and Red Mantle steps up. They try to pull a rabbit out of a hat for real.

A father brings his daughter toward the Venture compound but is forced to run when the laser sentries open fire. Inside, the four men exchange money on their bets while Rusty serves ketchup and bourbon drinks.

Dermott and Hank discuss Chex Mix and realize that Dean hasn't gone back. Hank wonders if they should go get him but Dermott says that Dean is probably enjoying the bravest moment of his life when he stayed the night in a haunted house.

Dean wakes up strapped to an operating table and his host explains that he's been watching Dean ever since he was born. The man introduces himself as Ben and says that the field outside is Potter's Field: all of the dead people that have died on the grounds are buried out there. Rico sniffs at Dean's balls and Ben apologizes, explaining that he's a recombinant experiment. Ben assures Dean that he's not a prisoner and explains that he's surprised at how well he turned out. when Dean wonders why he cares, Ben explains that he brought Dean into the world.

The Outrider and Tatyana transfer the Assembly to Cenobite Hell for their performance. Once everyone returns, the Alchemist begins his zombie-raising performance. Meanwhile, Orpheus goes out for some fresh air.

Dermott and Hank admire the stars and smelling Dermott's farts. The ground beneath them suddenly stirs as zombies emerge from the field. The two boys run away.

Ben explains to Dean that he's a clone but assures him that he's the only Dean. Rusty loved him so much that when Dean died, he brought him back to life as a clone. Dean isn't reassured but Ben says that he and Jonas developed cloning and saw it as a way to heal the injured. As they talk, a light shines in the window.

The zombies march through the forest toward a white light. Father Christmas appears in it and blasts the zombies back.

At the Venture compound, Rusty and the others watch as some kids manage to work their way through the security defenses. Hatred wins the bet when they get to the door and he hands out the candy.

Father Christmas appears at the Assembly meeting and they realize that he is the Master that lives in so many of their closets. He tells them that the party is over and that they've lost the true meaning of Christmas when a baby was born to remind them not to raise armies of the dead.

Outside, the trick-or-treaters find their way around the back to Orpheus. He goes in to get them some hors d'oeuvres and the Master complains that the Assembly summoned zombies. Orpheus complains that there were children on the grounds but the Master tells him that everything is cool and that Orpheus is his best student. He wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and disappears. The Alchemist apologizes and Orpheus says that Halloween is the night that they discover who they really are and become themselves.

Dean walks home, realizing who he really is. Come sunrise, Hank finds him on the rooftop and says that Dermott is watching a Twilight Zone marathon with the adults. When Hank asks what happened, Dean says that he learned something but doesn't tell his brother the truth.