Venture Libre - Recap

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The Ventures are having breakfast and Dean is playing with his food. He insists that he's a vegetarian now. Hank wants more coffee and Hatred informs him that he's on KP duty cleaning dishes. A helicopter lands on the roof and a military squad bursts in. Dean asks to be excused while the soldiers give Rusty a jPad tablet and leave. General Manhowers informs Rusty that he's heading for the tropics to Puerta Bahia to recover the Venturestein that Rusty sold them. It's on the fritz, and will only talk to Rusty.

As the family packs, Dean broods in his room and says that he's not going. Once Rusty, Hank, and Hatred leave, Dean goes out and checks on, who is patrolling the grounds in his giant spider form. Meanwhile, Manhowers briefs Rusty that the Communists are trying to take over Puerta Bahia. El President asked for help and the U.S. government sent Rusty's device, Venturestein, down to help. However, it disappeared into the jungle and the government wants Rusty to track it using the radioactive dye it juiced it with. Hank figures that Venturestein is setting a trap, but Rusty assures his son that he gets along fine with it. The jPad is rigged with a self-destruct device so that Rusty can use it to destroy Venturestein if it won't cooperate. Rusty wants to talk payment, but Manhowers figures that Rusty owes them.

As they fly into Puerta Bahia, the authorities order them to put down. A pteranodon attacks them and Hank jumps out of the plane and tries to pull the chute... only to discover that it's a jet pack. Hatred triggers the release, blasting everything away except for their cabin, which the pteranodon is still holding. The sergeant then shoots it, forcing it to drop them so they can fall and deploy their chute.

At the Venture compound, Dean grabs some components and starts to work on He's interrupted when Marsha Backwood shows up at the door, campaigning for reelection to Congress. She assumes that Dean is the gardener and tries to speak to him in Spanish. He tells them that Rusty has left and won't be back soon, and then slams the door in Marsha's face and goes back to work. panics and runs off when Rusty activates its homing signal.

In the jungles of Puerta Bahia, Rusty waits for to arrive, even though they didn't bring the robot with them. Hatred tells him that Hank's watch is dead and he can't make contact with the boy, and they decide to wait there. Somewhere in the jungle, Manhowers tries to make contact via the jPad and someone finds it.

Rusty complains about the jungle until someone approaches them. They hide and three mutated animal-men emerge from the jungle. Hatred distracts them and runs off into the jungle, but the Cheetah-Man soon captures him, while a giant crab knocks out Rusty.

Hank lands in the jungle and finally wakes up. He heads for the rendezvous spot and gets no response on the watch radio. When he gets hungry, Hank eats some of the local beans, unaware that he's landed in a coffee plantation.

The animal-men take Rusty and Hatred to a temple filled with more mutant creatures. Venturestein is waiting for Rusty to wake up and greets his father. continues walking down the road.

Venturestein picks up Rusty by the throat and then apologizes, admitting that he's acting out of instinct. Rusty is impressed by his diction and Venturestein explains that the Army taught him syntax along with salutes and killing. He refuses to go back, explaining that the Army sent him in and the other Steins in, with orders to self-destruct when discovered. However, Venturestein saw the grown up Jorge from the Teach films. He befriended Jorge, who explained to him about the revolution. Rusty figures that it's typical adolescent behavior.

Before he can pursue the matter, Karl the Cheetah-Man comes in and complains that they should kill Rusty because he killed Turu the pteranodon. They figure Hatred is his girlfriend and Karl wants to kill them both. Venturestein calms Karl down and he urinates to mark his territory and then leaves. The creature explains that Karl was created by one of several mad scientists working out of the jungle, and didn't have a good father like Venturestein did. Venturestein has liberated all of the mad scientists' creations and formed an army of them. He wants Rusty to contact all of the other scientists and tell them to stop hurting their creations. Meanwhile, Rusty notices that they found the jPad and grabs it. Venturestein notices and demands to see it, and realizes that the Army wants to destroy him. He has his Steins haul Rusty away.

Hank makes camp in the jungle and tries to sleep without success as he eats more coffee beans. Reborn, he makes his way to a temple and finds a gold bat statue. After a bout of diarrhea, Hank decides to become a bat.

Marsha goes to see Manhowers and demands to know if he abducted one of her constituents. He explains that Rusty volunteered just as the jPad activates. It's Venturestein, who makes a speech to the world appealing to his brothers and sisters on behalf of URGH, the United Repressed Grotesque Humanity. He calls on them all to break free and come to Puerta Bahia, their new homeland.

Rusty is tossed in a temple cell with Hatred.

Manhowers figures that Venturestein has gone insane, and looks up to discover that Marsha has left. is swimming across the ocean when a whale swallows him. A squid attacks the whale, and cuts himself free, killing both of them.

Hank, equipped with an arsenal of lethal bat-weaponry made from the crashed jet and wearing a bat costume, attacks and kills three of the URGH soldiers on patrol.

In his cell, Hatred tries to sleep and remembers the Army injecting him with Soldier-X drugs and his subsequent attack on a young boy visiting the lab. Meanwhile, Karl and his supporters tell Venturestein that they want to kill Rusty just like they killed the other scientists. Venturestein insists that the time for bloodshed is over and they need to form a new nation. Karl warns that they don't have the infrastructure to absorb new immigrants. One creature wants to discuss the Bat. Rusty and Hatred, listening in, realize that it's Hank.

The creatures set out to kill The Bat, and Hank circles around and attacks them in the jungle. He takes all of them except Karl and then rockets away on the jet pack. Hank then returns to the temple, grabs the jPad, and contacts Manhowers. He tells him that he has nothing to worry about and then confronts Venturestein. Venturestein puts on a Batman mask, tosses him the keys, and tells him to leave with Rusty and Hatred.

Hank frees Rusty and Hatred, but Hatred tells them to leave him behind. He explains that he's a freak and a monster who can't hack the straight world, so he wants to stay where he'll be accepted. However, when Karl and his people arrive, Hatred says they should go. The trio runs to Hank's improvised vehicle made out of the giant crab's body and they rocket away. The jet pack gives out just as they make it to shore, and Hank triggers the self-destruct. He then throws it back as they run to the beach, but Karl finds it and discovers that the water and the rot have shorted it out. Hank's caffeine high runs out and he collapses, and the animal-men close in.

Rusty insists that he's not like the other scientists, and that he was the one who gave Venturestein life. Unimpressed, Karl prepares to kill him, but emerges from the ocean. Rusty tells the robot to kill them, but they're interrupted when boats and helicopters filled with more creatures approach Puerta Bahia. Venturestein arrives and says that their dream of an Abomi-Nation has come true. Marsha lands in her helicopter, informs them that she's there to rescue Rusty, and finds the discarded jPad. When she picks it up, it explodes. Rusty assures the others he can fix it.

Later at the UN, a Marshastein informs the world that Abomi-Nation contains proud, hearty people. Rusty calls Hank and Dean in to check it out. Dean has removed the spider parts from, and Hank and Dermott are trying to rehearse and figure the robot sounds like crap now that it's been changed back. They both blame Dean.