SPHINX Rising - Recap

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Twenty-One attacks a Farm City Super-Farms truck traveling through the desert. He busts into the back only to discover that Brock and Shoreleave are running an undercover operation for OSI. The truck has gone off the road, killing their eight-year-old witness, Short Division, and Brock prepares to kill Twenty-one for screwing up. He takes back his crossbow instead as Twenty-One complains that he was just trying to do SPHINX things since they left him in charge of SPHINX.

At the Venture compound, Rusty is complaining about the lack of breakfast cereal while Dean tries to ignore him. The Monarch's Cocoon closes in on the compound, while Twenty-One approaches Hatred, who is on guard duty, and explains that he's recruiting. Hatred wonders if the former henchman is going to take down his former boss, and Twenty-One figures that the Monarch is going for acid or a magnet.

The Monarch readies the acid magnet and tells Dr. Girlfriend to creep in and give Rusty time to cower in fear. Meanwhile, Twenty-One points out the vulnerable spot to Hatred and he takes out the secondary externals. Dr. Girlfriend realizes that Twenty-One is responsible and suggests that they turn around, but the Monarch refuses. Instead he panics and jettisons the lunch room. Twenty-One has Hatred collect the leftover buffalo wings from the buffet.

Soon, Twenty-One puts out a classified ad to henchmen who are looking for a change in career by joining SPHINX. He calls Hank, who is happy to embrace his destiny. Rusty and Hatred, overhearing him on the phone, figure that he has a girlfriend. Dean storms off, avoiding Hatred when the bodyguard tries to give him a hug. Rusty tells Hatred to keep an eye on Hank before he gets in over his head.

Three former SPHINX agents--Wind Song, Diamond Backdraft, and the Commander-- read the ads and figure that it's their chance. The Commander is busy stalking his ex-girlfriend, the Countess Theresa. The neighbor complains, and Theresa comes out and tells him to stop.

The Monarch sees the article and doesn't believe Dr. Girlfriend's explanation that Twenty-One wrote it. The two of them put on bio-plastique masks so that they can sneak into the Venture compound and plant explosives, and the Monarch looks for something to wear other than spandex butterfly costumes.

While Hunter Gathers greets his new OSI recruits, Twenty-One greets his new SPHINX recruits. He tries to explain what SPHINX now does and have everyone pick new fun code names. Hank takes the name Destiny and they soon head out to fight the good fight.

A disguised Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend show up at the Venture compound with the Monarch wearing a gag t-shirt from his bachelor party. As a result they claim be beaver inspectors and Rusty finally lets them in rather than argue.

Hatred tells Twenty-One to shut down his organization, figuring that he's still a bad guy. Twenty-One finally convinces Hatred that he's sincere, but things get confusing when Twenty-One explains that Hank is ready to enter destiny. Hatred figures that the whole thing is perverse and demands to meet Destiny. Hank and the other new recruits leap in, wearing power armor that they found in the command-gear hold. Since Hank is wearing a woman's suit of power armor and doesn't speak, Hatred doesn't recognize him and assumes that the "woman" is Hank's new girlfriend. When Hatred refuses to leave, everyone draws on him and orders him out.

Brock and Shoreleave make their report to Hunter Gathers, who demands to know why Twenty-One isn't dead. They explain that Twenty-One thinks that he's a crimefighter, but Hunter Gathers tells them to put a stop to his activities as SPHINX.

Twenty-One tries to get his new team organized, and even offers personal pan pizzas. They hastily claim that they're ex-OSI, know the controls, and prepare to summon the Mighty Khafra and begin their first mission.

Rusty takes Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend into the tunnels and try to convince him that they're looking for beavers. The Monarch plants explosives and claims that they're beaver detectors.

Hatred barges into Dean's room and asks for his help. He thinks that Dean is cutting himself and threatens to hug him despite the court order. However, the SPHINX flying platform takes off and Hatred grabs Dean and drags him along.

Aboard the flying platform, the team argues about who is in command. Twenty-One finally realizes that they're old team SPHINX. The Commander flirts with Hank, his new "countess."

As they head through the sewers, Hatred talks to Dean about his obsessive behavior. Dean insists that he isn't obsessed and Hatred figures that he's in denial. They find the explosives and Hatred realizes that they belong to the Monarch, and mistakenly assumes that Twenty-One planted them.

Brock and Shoreleave take off in a jet to take out Twenty-One. Hunter Gathers calls to inform them that SPHINX is attacking them and orders them back.

Rusty takes the Monarch up to his den and shows him photos of his life. Hatred storms in and asks to talk to Rusty privately. Rusty goes out with him and Dr. Girlfriend tells the Monarch that Hatred found the explosives.

The SPHINX agents lock up Twenty-One and Hank. One of them, Wind Song, explains that they were hardcore and had cyanide chips put in their head. Since they only have a year until they go off, they've decided to go out fighting. When Wind Song points out that Commander is cracking up because Hank is wearing the Countess' strength suit, Hank remembers that it is a strength suit, busts out, and takes out the SPHINX agent. Twenty-One sends Hank to the bridge while he finds the engine room.

After they gather the explosives, Hatred tries to find out what is bothering Dean, but Dean simply says that he knows too much. The sergeant assures him that he's the best Dean there is, and Dean admits it almost helps. They leave the explosives off at SPHINX headquarters.

The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend return to the Cocoon. While Dr. Girlfriend takes command, the Monarch is shocked to discover that one of Rusty's photos show him and his parents together with the Ventures. He doesn't remember any of it.

Brock and Shoreleave return to base and tell Hunter Gathers to give them ten minutes to deal with Twenty-One on their own.

Hank gets to the bridge and orders the Commander to surrender. The Commander still believes that Hank is the Countess and says that they can be together. Meanwhile, Twenty-one finds Shoreleave as he subdues the other SPHINX agent and explains what's happening.

Brock gets to the bridge and finds Hank, still unrecognizable in the Countess' strength suit, perched on the Commander's lap. Hank finally speaks up and explains that the suit is frozen because it's programmed to never hurt the Commander. Brock tells Hank to close his eyes and then shoots the Commander.

As OSI cleans up the ship, Shoreleave realizes that Twenty-One is suffering enough. Brock takes pity on him and gives Twenty-One the crossbow back

Later, Hunter Gathers prepares to destroy the abandoned SPHINX flying platform. Meanwhile, the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend plan to detonate their explosives. Rusty and Hatred watch as the Cocoon hovers over the compound. The explosives go off, destroying the SPHINX base at the back of the compound. Meanwhile, Hunter Gathers destroys the floating platform as Brock gives Twenty-One a comforting pat on the shoulder.