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Spanakopita - Recap

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Team Venture is partying off the coast of Greece, enjoying themselves before the wedding of Jackie O. They finally head out, leaving Rusty behind to play with H.E.L.P.er and study his Greek classics.


Rusty invites Billy and Pete to a wonderful three-day vacation on the island of Spanakos during the festival of Spanakopita, off the coast of Greece. Hank and Dean don't want to go, so Rusty has two openings. Billy is eager to go but Pete doesn't want to because as an albino, he doesn't get along well with the sun. As they discuss the issue, a robot owl watches them from outside the window.

Rusty arrives on the X-1 with Hatred, Billy, and a heavily-robed Pete. No one is there to greet them, but the X-2 is parked nearby. Rusty assumes that Jonas is already there. They to the nearby village while Rusty explains that he washed up there when he was a boy when he was lost at sea. The villagers start greeting them on cue while Billy complains that he wasn't able to find anything about the island online. They arrive at the inn and the owner, Giorgos, greets them all to Spanakopita. However, he doesn't have Rusty's room available because a rich American bought it up. However, he does have the Imperial Suite for another $200.

As they go up to the room, they run into Augustus St. Cloud, Billy's arch-enemy. He is the rich American and wishes Billy a happy Spanakopita and reveals that it was his mechanical robot owl, the original Bubo, that was watching them. St. Cloud boasts that he has bought the original X-2 and restored it to its former glory. Billy points out that it's not the original but St. Cloud insists that he will soon destroy Billy's reputation along with his eBay top seller rating.

Hatred brings the bags up to the Imperial Suite and discovers Rusty tied and gagged, surrounded by Greek men. He attacks them until Rusty tells him that they're the Spanakopita welcoming committee. Despite the beating, they carry him out to celebrate while St. Cloud pays Giorgos for the full chair package.

Rusty continues drinking and dancing. Pete and Billy are surprised that he's happy for once. St. Cloud sidles up to them in, wearing an original costume from the movie Goldfinger. Meanwhile, Hatred sits alone and notices two locals with a gun. Giorgos comes over and Hatred asks him about the festival, and Giorgos quickly says that it's about the harvest. When Hatred points out that nothing grows on the island, Giorgos holds up the crown and tells everyone that the game begin the next day. St. Cloud immediately tries to buy it, but Giorgos insists that it must be won. Rusty offers a wager and St. Cloud agrees to it: one million dollars against the X-1. They agree and St. Cloud warns that he plans to buy the island.

The next day, the islanders start with the traditional running of the goats. The winner gets a bag of drachma, and the person with the most drachma at the end of the games wins. All the visitors and St. Cloud takes an early lead because Pei Wie, his trusty albino sidekick, carries him. Rusty ducks down an alleyway and gets ahead, but St. Cloud uses a set of pan pipes to call the goats back and run over Rusty. He paid for the goats and trained them, and easily walks past Rusty to the finish line.

Back at his room, Rusty complains that St. Cloud is ruining his vacation. He tells Pete and Billy to do something about it because St. Cloud is Billy's archenemy. Dr. Venture can't do anything because St. Cloud is one of his best customers. Meanwhile, he waves around a large piece of pumice for the pumice-carving competition. As they talk, Bubo watches from outside and relays everything back to St. Cloud.

The next day, Hatred stays behind at the X-1 while Giorgos gets in the boat with Rusty, St. Cloud, Billy, and Pete. Once they leave, Hatred calls Brock at OSI HQ and asks him about Spanakopita. The bodyguard figures that it must be some kind of terrorist base. However, Brock tells him to let it go as long as Rusty is having a good time. Meanwhile, two Greek women come over with children with suspiciously blonde hair like Brock's. When Brock sees them on the TV wrist monitor, he quickly signs off when they call to him.

Out in the ocean, Giorgos announces that they will be diving for sponges, and the person who brings up the most in five minutes wins. Rusty, St. Cloud, and Billy dive down and Rusty comes up with four. St. Cloud has had Pei Wie gather a bag full and takes them up to the surface, winning the contest. Billy gets a lungful of water and passes out, and dreams that Team Venture is the Olympians and that they've unleashed the Kraken. As he dreams of a giant St. Cloud Kraken terrorizing the island, Billy rides to the rescue on Pete. Pete panics and rides up into the sky and they melt. When Billy wakes up, he realizes how they can beat St. Cloud.

As everyone else sleeps, Hatred wakes up and hears gunshots in the distance. He gets his gun and goes to investigate. Meanwhile, Billy and Pete row out in a boat and Billy explains that they need to take away St. Cloud's money to strip him of his power. The islanders only take cash, so they only have to find St. Cloud's secret stash of money and steal it. They row out to his yacht and find his safe, but there's nothing in there. Pei Wie attacks them using the clown from F/X 2, but they manage to defeat him. However, St. Cloud is there and uses the dart-shooting wall from Raiders of the Lost Ark to knock them out.

Hatred enters the village and follows the gunshots into a cellar. When he comes up, he finds them counting money and playing video games. Giorgos tells Hatred the same thing he told Brock when Brock was suspicious. In 1968, the islanders were having a bad year while just off shore, the rich gathered for the wedding of Jackie O. The islanders snuck onboard to steal, and accidentally abducted Rusty. They considered holding him for ransom, but Dr. Venture never answered since he was busy with Team Venture saving Jackie O. The islanders took pity on Rusty and made up a fake festival, Spanakopita, to cheer him up. Twenty years later, Rusty showed up to celebrate his favorite childhood memory and the islanders played along. Giorgos shows Hatred Rusty, out carving pumice for the competition, and asks if the bodyguard would break a young boy's heart.

Pete and Billy wake up chained to a rock near the ocean. The sun is coming up and Pete is in great danger. All looks grim until Bubo flies down and frees Billy. Pei Wie is controlling the robot and Pete realizes that his fellow albino is saving him in honor of the Albino Code. Billy frees Pete just in time and they get away.

Giorgos inspects the pumice statues and crowns St. Cloud the winner after he buys a statue from George Lucas. They count up the drachmas but Pei Wie reveals that all of St. Cloud's are gone. Billy staggered up, carrying a heavily-robed Pete over his shoulders. He holds up the bag of drachmas that he stole from St. Cloud and Giorgos declares him the winner. St. Cloud is still triumphant and shows up the deed to Spanakos. As he walks off, Giorgos tells Rusty that he may have bought the island, but he didn't buy Spanakopita. Rusty tells Billy that he isn't mad at him for taking his crown, and vows to be back next year. The others heartily refuse.


Giorgos and the other islanders return Rusty to Dr. Venture and explain that it was all a misunderstanding. Dr. Venture has Rusty taken outside and then proceeds to beat up all of the fine residents of Spanakos. Once they're done, Giorgos vows revenge.


Giorgos counts his money in satisfaction.