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O.S.I. Love You - Recap

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Twelve Hours Ago

In the Indian Ocean, Monstroso is relaxing aboard his yacht with Molotov Cockteaase. Brock, Headshot, and Shoreleave are hovering overhead and Brock reminds everyone that their orders are to take Monstroso alive because of the information he has. The OSI strike force opens fire and soon captures their targets.


IA wants to know how Brock and the rest of OSI lost Molotov and Monstroso. Brock admits that it wasn't easy.

One Hour Ago

IA arrives at the OSI secret dry dock and tells Hunter Gathers that they want a full report and have to interview the key players. They start from the beginning.

Six Hours Ago

At the OSI Hover-Quarters, the team returns with their prisoners. The X-1 is aboard and Hatred is there to receive his nomolestol treatments and determine why it is interacting with the super-soldier serum he received back in 1988. Rusty, Hank, and Dean are there with Hatred to lend moral support, and Hank is still wearing the female SPHINX strength suit he acquired.

Brock checks on the team strip-searching Monstroso, but they admit that it's going to take them awhile. He then checks on Molotov, who he met when he was undercover at the 1986 Olympics looking for the Siberian Husky, a KGB assassin and Molotov's partner. Molotov managed to kill Brock's first partner while Brock killed her father.


The IA point out that Brock has been involved with Molotov in the past. And that Hunter was closer to her when he infiltrated her kill cadre posing as a woman. They suspect that Brock busted Molotov out and he assures them that he was in the interrogation room.

Four Hours Ago

Brock interrogates Monstroso, who assures him that he won't be staying long. Monstroso figures the Guilt will be coming to dispose of them and offers them everything that OSI wants to know. Brock wants information on the Sovereign, the real Sovereign rather than David Bowie. Monstroso also offers information about the Council of 13, the true masters of the Guild. He had pictures of them on a hidden camera in his ring but all of them were obscured. The only one Monstroso could identify was the Clue Clown. As they talk, the alarm goes off and Brock discovers that Molotov has broken out.

Amber checks out Molotov before leaving for a weekend trip with Headshot. Headshot finally comes by and discovers that Molotov had escaped, leaving Amber in her place.


Dean admits to IA that he let Molotov out and he isn't sorry. Once they give him a pop, Dean tells them everything.

Four Hours Ago

Rusty shows Dean the old SHED research lab where he worked when his father got him the internship. The scientist in charge, Dr. Volcano, has several primos--psychics with precognitive abilities--in storage. One of them gives a message that there will be an explosion and a golden lady escaping. Dean is shocked that they are trapped in the tanks. When the alarms go off, Dean takes advantage of the confusion to free them.


Disgusted, the IA tells Dean not to waste their time.

Three Hours Forty-Five Minutes Ago

Hunter briefs his people on Molotov's abilities, including her disguise skills. Shoreleave rips off Afterburner's helmet and makes sure that he's really Afterburner. As they run off, Hunter tells Hatred to lock up the Ventures rather than let them fly off during the lockdown.

Three Hours Thirty Minutes Ago

Per Hunter's orders, Brock stays with Monstroso and continues interrogating him about the Guild. The Investors break in, stun Brock, and attack Monstroso, shoving him through the wall so he falls to his death.

Shoreleave and his team confront Molotov only for her to escape. They find the psychics hiding in a closet, and Molotov knocks Shoreleave in there and closes the door. By the time he gets out, she's taken out the rest of his team. She sets off the explosives that she's planted around the hover-quarters and the floating base goes out of control.

Three Hours Fifteen Minutes Ago

The Ventures are in the base's safe room and don't notice anything going on. Hatred spots Molotov outside and Hank decides to try and stop her so he can fulfill his destiny. The bodyguard goes after her instead but runs out of ammo. As Molotov takes the kill shot, Hank pushes Hatred out of the way, saving his life but knocking him out. Hank confronts Molotov and Brock gets there just before a blast door slams down, separating them.

Three Hours Eleven Minutes Ago

Brock gets through the blast door and finds Hank, unconscious, on the floor without his armor. Molotov has taken it and is heading for the hangar, and Brock goes after her. She drops a jet on him and heads for the hangar doors as they close. As Hunter arrives, Brock gets in the jet and flies after her. He hits the door gets shot out through the door... and lands on the X-1 as H.E.L.P.er flies it back to the base after it fell off during the explosion. Brock snags Molotov with a grappling line and they end up on one of the hover rotors. After exchanging some banter, Brock prepares to do his duty.

Three Hours Ago

Hunter returns to the command center and watches as Brock and Molotov spar on the support. Brock subdues Molotov and throws her into the rotor.


The IA watches the video and, satisfied, tells Hunter that it doesn't look good. They warn him that they'll be watching them and leaves. Once they're gone, Hunter files Monstroso as Missing and looks at Brock to see what to do with Molotov.

Three Hours Five Minutes Ago

Hunter comes out and orders Brock to stand down as he prepares to throw Molotov into the rotor. He explains that it was a test and the only people she killed were double-agents within the OSI. Hunter paid Molotov more to do what needed to be done. He then goes back to the control center and they watch as Brock tosses the empty armor into the rotor.


Hunter files Molotov as Deceased, and Brock wonders what happened to Monstroso. The real IA team arrives and introduces themselves, while the Investors posing as the IA team dematerialize through the floor and make their escape.

Later, Hank undergoes physical therapy to recover the use of his atrophied limbs. Hunter admits that he'll never get over the loss of the suit's female breasts.