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Momma's Boys - Recap

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Night at the Venture compound, and Rusty checks on Hank. Hank and Dermott are playing dress-up, and Rusty agrees to let Dermott stay over if he takes out the garbage. Hank is happy someone else is taking out the garbage. Rusty then checks on Dean, who is burning vanilla candles in his attic room, and tells him to get to bed and stay off the phone in ten minutes because he's expecting a call.

Hank takes Dermott out and assures his friend that it will work.

Dean calls someone and insists that they love them. He realizes that Rusty is on the phone and complains, and Rusty gives him three more minutes.

Hank sets up a talking teddy bear, hooks it to a Bluetooth, and calls Rusty. Rusty is expecting the call from "Ted," and the teddy bear stats talking in recorded phrases about By-Golly Gulch and Grumpy Bandersnatch. Hank explains that his father never listens to anyone, he just talks at them, and leaves off with Dermott to check out some bars.

The next day, Hank, Dermott, and H.E.L.P.er are practicing when Rusty tries to call them. He's going through teddy withdrawal and needs to talk to them, and Hank wants to tell him the truth. Dermott doesn't and Hank wonders how far Rusty can take it.

Rusty has Hatred tracing the calls to Teddy but discovers that they were made through a prepaid cellphone. As he searches his bedroom, Rusty worries that Teddy is in trouble and finds a cable leading to Hatred's tracing gear. He goes to check Hank's room while Hatred checks out Dean's. Hank and Dermott come in, arguing about Shallow Gravy, and discover that Rusty has found Teddy in Hank's room. He blames himself after finding the tape in the teddy bear, and figures that the evil Grumpy Bundersnatch is responsible. Rusty tells them that he'll handle it.

Dean comes in and finds Hatred going through his diary. He yanks it away and orders Hatred out, but Hatred is worried that Dean is suffering from anorexia. Meanwhile, a girl calls and Hank picks up. He calls to Dean, who picks it up after shoving Hatred out of his room and assures her that he'll see her tomorrow.

That night, Rusty locks down the compound until he saves By-Golly Gulch. Dermott wants Hank to come out with him and wonders how Rusty can believe what's going on. Hank points out that strange things happen at the Venture Compound, and points out Twenty-One hiding in the bushes. Dermott figures that they should work things out, and Twenty-One offers to help.

Rusty creates a war room and plots an attack on By-Golly Gulch. They're unable to find it on the map and Hatred looks it up on his vPhone.

Twenty-One has learned that the real Teddy who did the voice is in Dunwich Asylum for the Criminally Obsessive, and they'll need to rescue him for Rusty's sake. Dermott agrees to help and makes the Venture triumph gesture with Twenty-One, but Hank thinks that it's too watered-down to participate.

The next day, Hank, Dermott, Twenty-One, and H.E.L.P.er break into a bank using a drilling machine, and rob it posing as the Viceroy, Flying Sidekick, Enrique Matassa, and Crimerobot.

Hatred and Rusty follow the vPhone directions in the hover tank. They stop at a rest stop to park and proceed in their jeep.

The police quickly arrest Hank and the others, who demand that the police take them to Dunwich Asylum per Guild rules. The police take Twenty-One and Hank in, but don't believe that Dermott and H.E.L.P.er are obsessed criminals and haul them off to regular jail.

Dean goes to see his mother Myra is prison. However, one of the guards knocks out the other one and reveals that he's a "momma's boy." Myra then tells Dean to take off his clothing and shows her what a handsome boy he is.

Twenty-One and Hank meet with psychiatrists and undergo evaluation.

Myra and the guard haul out Dean and the dead guard, with Myra disguised as a guard and Dean disguised as Myra. They claim they're heading for the infirmary and take the elevator. Once they're alone, Myra tells Dean that she couldn't bear to say goodbye to him anymore

The police inform the imprisoned Dermott that there's no record of The Flying Sidekick as a boy assistant to any villain. Dermott explains that Sidekick refers to a karate sidekick and they take off the ball and chain to keep him from flying.

Rusty and Hatred arrive in a desolate forest and Rusty realizes that the vPhone gave them directions to Bygone Valley, not By-Golly Gulch. They drive through a "bridge out" sign and plummet into a gully.

Hank meets up with Twenty-One in the rec room and wonder why they're making hearts. Two of the prisoners speak up and say that they're Momma Boys and it's Mother's Day. Hank recognizes one of them as Teddy but the man denies it. Another prisoner mentions that it's five o'clock and the prisoners attack the guards.

Hatred and Rusty wake up, upside down and wedged into the side of the gully. Rusty calls Hatred for help, and Hatred points out that he's trapped with him.

Dermott refuses to call his mother to come bail him out and asks H.E.L.P.er if he knows anyone who can help them. The robot has one suggestion and suggests that Dermott send a psychic message. Dr. Orpheus comes running and knocks out the guards, and wonders why it felt like a Venture brother was contacting him. The best he can do is take Dermott's arrest record off of the police computer and drive him home.

The prisoners chant for Mother and the other prisoners bring her in on a platform. Dean is tied up and Myra tells all of the prisoners that they are finally a family and they are all free to be themselves. She then tells Maybe Man and Big Time to return her to the day when Dean was born so she can finally give birth to him. Picking up on the fact that Myra said "finally give birth," Hank yells that Myra isn't his mother. Teddy realizes that he's not her son either, and the other prisoners seize on the fact that she's not her mother. A riot breaks out and the prisoners escape through the window, and Twenty-One runs to get Dean.

Rusty confesses to Hatred that he let her believe Myra was the boys' mother. Hatred gives his death confession that his women's breasts turn him on, and Rusty tries to top him by explaining that Dermott is his illegitimate son. His bodyguard admits that Rusty wins. In the distance, they hear the sirens from Dunwich Asylum.

As Hank and Dean leave the asylum, Dean realizes that he doesn't get good things so naturally it turned out that Myra wasn't their mom. His brother points out that the fact he wasn't forced to relive his birth isn't really a good thing and Dean is forced to agree. Twenty-One finds them and says that he lost Teddy in the confusion. Hank figures that they'll just tell Rusty that they came there to rescue Dean, and they run off as the Guild wasps arrive.

Rusty figures that they're tuned into each other but admits that Teddy has to grow up. Before Hatred can tell him the truth, Teddy lowers them a branch to pull them and Rusty realizes that Ted has come to rescue them.

As he drives Dermott home, Orpheus explains that he felt the mind of a Venture boy. However, he warns that magic rarely gives clear answers. Dermott asks if he can have Triana's number.

Once Teddy pulls Rusty and Hatred to safety, he says that he has to return to By-Golly Gulch. Hatred decides not to tell Rusty the truth.

The next day at the compound, Rusty tells Hank, Dermott, and a sleeping Dean what happened. Hank says that they were saving Dean from Myra, and Rusty explains that he made a mistake but needed her for the free daycare. Dermott takes off for work and calls Rusty "Dad," much to Hank and Dean's surprise.