The Devil's Grip - Recap

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Dean wakes up and finds himself in the desert in Tangier with a note attached to his chest. It's from Sgt. Hatred, who explains that he drugged the brothers unconscious and sent them away for their own protection. Rusty is dead, crushed by a disco ball, and his corpse is in the hands of the Monarch. Hatred concludes by writing that their godfathers will brief them on the rest. Colonel Gentleman arrives and welcomes Dean to Tangier.

Hank is at Action Man's retirement home in Boca Raton. The hero gives Hank some clothes to put on and calls him "son." They go outside and bury Entmann, the first member of Team Venture to go when Action Man accidentally rocked on him when he was miniaturized. Action Man then pisses on the shoebox containing his departed comrade, and tells Hank to continue the tradition by defecating on him.

In Tangier, Gentleman takes Dean to get something to eat at a local café. As he instructs Dean on the customs, a mercenary hears them talking and assumes that Gentleman is either rebuilding Team Venture or has a new boy-toy. The mercenary insults him and Gentleman tells Dean to pick a song on the jukebox. Once Dean leaves, Gentleman says that he's only going to use a left thumb. The mercenary dares him to do it and Gentleman draws his sword cane and cuts off the man's left thumb.

Twenty-One is camping in the woods on the Venture grounds when Hatred finds him. The bodyguard asks for his help tracking down the Monarch and recovering Rusty's body, and Twenty-One agrees.

At home, the Monarch asks Dr. Girlfriend if she's ready. She tells him to finish and the Monarch work out more ways to torture Rusty. Meanwhile, Dr. Girlfriend is busy tending to Rusty's injuries since it's against Guild bylaws to torture a prisoner with an untended injury. Rusty figures that she's soft on him and figures that they won't do anything because they never do. Dr. Girlfriend tells him to play along and plead for his life no matter what the Monarch does. When Rusty wonders why, Dr. Girlfriend promises to slit his throat for real if he doesn't play along. Rusty suggests that she might give him a hand job and Dr. Girlfriend pops his dislocated hip back into place without anesthetic.

At the retirement home, Action Man has Hank prepare to play in the rec room and then goes over to talk to another resident, Rose. He says that his son is hooked on rock and roll, and Hank comes over as Action Man asks Rose to help him out. Rose tells Hank to fight the Devil with show tunes and he immediately admits that he's wrong about everything and tells Action Man that he's the best father in the whole world. Hank suggests that Rose have dinner with them and she accepts.

In Tangier, Gentleman has Dean tape episodes of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and dictate his memoirs.

Hatred and Twenty-One break into the Flying Cocoon and go to the former henchman's quarters to get weapons and an old costume for Hatred to wear. Twenty-One realizes that they're similar and wonders why they never bonded, and Hatred points out that he's a dork.

The Monarch and Girlfriend dress up in Asian costumes for the torture session and go into the prison cell. Unfortunately, Dr. Girlfriend has blindfolded Rusty so he can't see the Monarch's costume. Despite that, the villain carries on and lowers a giant bell over Rusty. Rusty can't hear the Monarch's boasting about how he will torture him with... The Bell.

Down the street, the Flying Squid complains that he's living in a gated community and has to put up with hippies ringing giant bells.

The Monarch raises... The Bell and Rusty admits that he grew up in a supersonic jet so loud noises don't bother him. Dr. Girlfriend secretly reminds him to play along and Rusty tries to claim that his kidneys are bursting. The Monarch crosses... The Bell off his list of torture implements.

Gentleman is describing his battle in the arenas of Brainulo to Dean when the doorbell rings. It's Gentleman's lover Kiki.

Action Man prepares his room for dinner with Rose and tells Hank that he can have anything he wants if he greases the gears. Hank wants $50, a bass, and a ride home, and Action Man agrees, swearing by Team Venture.

A henchman spots Hatred in costume and mistakes him for Twenty-One. Twenty-One knocks out the henchman from behind and Hatred is surprised and deeply touched. He wants to give Twenty-One a hug but Twenty-One tells him to hold off until later. They run off, unaware that the Moppets watched the entire thing on the henchman's communicator.

The Monarch tries to recreate the torture scene from Marathon Man but can't get close because of his bad breath.

Kiki is jealous of Dean, assuming he's Gentleman's new lover, and goes to his own new lover. Once he leaves, Gentleman insists on getting back to his list of things not to do, including dating much younger men. The elderly hero is depressed that Tangier isn't the paradise that it once is and that he's the only one to have survived among all of the great men.

Hatred gets to the jail cells only to find Kevin and two henchmen waiting for him. Kevin claims that Twenty-One set Hatred up while the Monarch tortures Dr. Venture. They toss Hatred out via the garbage chute.

Twenty-One reaches the control room and finds Tim-Tom waiting for him. Tim-Tom claims that Hatred sold Twenty-One out, but Twenty-One figures that the Moppets are preparing to take over the Cocoon. The henchmen come charging in and Twenty-One informs them that the Moppets have killed a fellow henchman, breaking their most sacred law. Tim-Tom insists that he's innocent but the henchman close in on him.

The Monarch doesn't have an extension cord for his buzz saw trap and finally gives up. He unties Rusty and admits that nobody responded to his ransom calls. They admit that they're both washed-up losers and the Monarch explains that his wife will soon be his new boss when she becomes a member of the Council of 13. They agree to tell Dr. Girlfriend that Rusty escaped on his own and the Monarch asks him to break a couple of things on the way out.

Action Man, Rose, and Hank have dinner, but Rose refuses to give Action Man a chance because he's a junkie and an adulterer. He insists that he isn't, while Hank finally recognizes Rose's voice and realizes that she sounds just like Billy Quizboy. Rose says that she hasn't seen her son Billy in years since he moved in with a man. Hank tells her that Billy is his neighbor and invites them to come home with him and have a nice reunion.

Rusty is walking home, trying to catch a ride. Hatred flies over in the hover tank, vowing to get revenge on Twenty-One for betraying him.

Dr. Girlfriend tells her husband that Rusty has escaped. He admits that he let Rusty go, saying that he broke his spirit and crushed him once and for all. Dr. Girlfriend says that she's turned on and asks him to take her. Twenty-One comes in and tells them that he's home, just as Hatred pulls up and accidentally fires on the Cocoon. He has second thoughts and tells Twenty-One to escape, just as the flaming Cocoon lands on the Monarch's house. Hatred sheepishly flies off

Later, the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend move into the house where the Monarch grew up. It's seen better days. Twenty-One helps them move in.

At Venture Industries, everyone gathers for Entmann's funeral. Hatred vows revenge on Twenty-One. Pete learns that Rose thinks he's gay, and is surprised that Billy said that he's handsome. Gentleman agrees to let Action Man move in with him. And Hank approaches Dean and asks why he's been so depressed for the last year. Dean finally tells him that they're clones and have died thirteen times. Hank figures that it's awesome and offers Dean the Venture gesture. And everyone pisses on Entmann's new resting place and then calls Dean over as the youngest to fertilize the grass in the traditional Team Venture manner.