Powerless in the Face of Death - Recap

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The season opener starts off with a brief dialog-less view, or montage, of what all of the Venture allies and foes have been up to 1 month after the incident that left the boys, Dean and Hank, dead. Doctor Venture has left off to “find himself”, traveling all over the globe, Brock goes in search for him and finally finds Dr. Venture in a nightclub. Dr. Venture is reluctant to cooperate, but Brock insists he must get over the boys death and come back with him home to pay his bills and get on with his life. Brock injects Dr. Venture with a relaxant and forces the doctor to come with him.

Later on, Dr. Venture and his newly found brother Jonas Venture Jr. discuss the bills and work. Jonas divides the work into two groups, he gets the sound that kills, and Dr. Venture gets to do the teleportation device. Doctor Venture, to his surprise, finds out he has a staff and a manufacturing wing.

Doctor Orpheus tells Brock he thinks he’s the one responsible for the boys’ death. Brock tries to talk to him and tells him it’s not his fault. Doctor Orpheus vows to bring the boys back to life. Dr. Orpheus later in the show travels celestially to purgatory and hell in search of Hank and Dean but finds nothing of importance.

Jonas introduces Dr. Venture to his staff, whom are working in the teleportation device. The staff claims that the machine is half done. Dr. Venture, after firing the two staff member, blindly tests this machine. Later we find out that he ends up dividing himself into several peaces in several different locations nearby.

The Monarch tries to form a scheme to escape form prison; he tries to communicate to the outside world, but fails.

Triana, Dr. Orpheus’ daughter, tries to talk her dad into not bringing Hank and Dean back from the dead; she thinks he might bring them back as zombies. Dr. Orpheus tells her it’s a simple procedure, they’ll come back like they were before, and that he’s done it several times before. He lifts his sword and recites a spell to show his daughter how he does it. Nearly instantaneously the doorbell knocks and a skinless Hank and Dean are there looking as if they were soulless zombies. [cuts to commercial] Dr. Orpheus goes to the Venture household and tells Dr. Venture about what he thinks he has done. Dr. Venture is reluctant to believe.

Meanwhile, the Monarch talks to several other inmates about his plan, the inmates agree to help him.

While in a small subplot, the former henchmen of the monarch are found in a small community group for formal henchmen alike talking about their previous jobs as henchmen and receiving counseling.

Dr. Orpheus still believes its his fault that he brought Dean and Hank back from the dead as soulless zombies, he senses their souls nearby inside of a machine in Dr. Venture's lab. Dr. Venture, later in the episode, explains to Dr. Orpheus that it's not religion or voodoo that brought back Hank and Dean. Rather, it was in fact Dr. Venture. He tells Orpheus that Hank and Dean have died several times in the past and this is the only way he could bring them back.

King Gorilla receives threats from the super villain guild not to help the Monarch escape, King Gorilla refuses to bid by the guild, but later is threaded to bid by their rules. Later on, while the Monarch tries to finally escape, he finds out he was betrayed by his fellow inmates, King Gorilla decides to help the Monarch in the name of love, and allowing The Monarch to escape.