Dr. Quymn, Medicine Woman - Recap

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The episode starts off with Dr. Venture running through a jungle with natives chasing after him. As he runs he takes a small box out of his pocket and opens it. The box contains a few pills. Dr. Venture puts the box to his mouth and swallows down all of the pills. Dr. Venture comes out of a clearing carrying some sort of his golden snake statue artifact. He calls out to Brock for help. The natives stop chasing him, and a few of them blow poisonous darts at Dr. Venture. A few of these darts hit Dr. Venture’s back. Dr. Venture continues to run holding up his golden snake statue artifact. The natives continue to blow poisonous darts at him. Dr. Venture begins to slow down. As he stars to slow down, he drops his artifact, and walks directly into a trap, which he had triggered by stepping on it. The trap pulls Dr. Venture up to a tree. As Dr. Venture dangles upside down on the tree, he attempts to escape from it. The natives catch up to him and they point their spears at his head. Before the natives can kill Dr. Venture, a woman from a tree calls out to these natives talking in their language. She seemingly tells them to stop what they're doing. She then jumps off of the tree and walks toward where Dr. Venture is dangling from. This lady is shown as a shadowy figure. As the lady sees who the natives captured, she immediately recognizes who he is.

In a flashback scene, inside the Venture compound, Dr. Venture Sr. hosts a swinger's party. Many people attending like the Action Man and Kano. Someone rings the doorbell. Dr. Venture Sr. goes to see who it is. As he goes, he dances all the way toward the door. When he opens it, it’s a younger Colonel Gentleman wearing a monocle and a suit. Colonel Gentleman introduces himself and tells Dr. Venture Sr. that “Colonel Fun has arrived." As he walks in, he puts his hat on H.E.L.P.eR.’s head and grabs Dr. Venture Sr.’s drink. He then tells him that he had read his mind (referring to the drink). Colonel Gentleman continues to say that he needed a hard drink after the car ride he had to endure. Behind Colonel Gentleman is his date (or perhaps wife), a Ms. Quymn. As Colonel Gentleman tells Dr. Venture Sr. about his car ride, Ms. Quymn interrupts him and asks him if she was too fast for him in the car. As Ms. Quymn tells this to Colonel Gentleman she takes off her white fur coat to reveal what she was wearing. Ms. Quymn is wearing a rather unusual outfit consisting of a tight grey/metallic jumpsuit and pink hair. She throws her coat to H.E.L.P.eR. and H.E.L.P.eR. rides away. Colonel Gentleman tells Dr. Venture Sr. to never let a woman ride a car for them, because, for example, he tells him that Ms. Quymn handles a car like she handles herpes. Ms. Quymn, grabbing Colonel Gentleman’s drink, tells him that she doesn’t know if what Colonel Gentleman said about her driving a car is true, because she says that since Colonel Gentleman has taken his car to several strange garages he had parked it in the past. Ms. Quymn then says hello to Dr. Venture Sr. Dr. Venture Sr. takes her hand and kisses it. He then says hello, referring to her as “Ms. Quymn." Colonel Gentleman makes a comment about her name. Colonel Gentleman tells him that it’s more like “Ms. Bullock-buster” because she refuses to take the Colonel’s name. He then says that she might as well take a “smack at her smart mouth” because of this. Colonel Gentleman raises his hand like he was going to smack Ms. Quymn. Ms. Quymn dares him to do it. Colonel Gentleman, with his hand already up, grabs her chin and kisses her on the cheek. A little girl calls out to her mother. This little girl asks her mother, Ms. Quymn, if she and Horace (Colonel Gentleman) are arguing again. Ms. Quymn, dismissively, tells the girl, Tara, that they aren’t fighting. Dr. Venture Sr. goes toward Tara and kneels at the floor, he then says hello to her. He playfully puts his hand on her noise and tells her that he grabbed her nose. Dr. Venture Sr. and Tara then laugh a bit. Dr. Venture Sr. then calls out for Kano. Kano comes by and Dr. Venture Sr. tells him to take Tara downstairs. As Kano reaches down to grab Tara, Tara screams since she is scared of Kano. Ms. Quymn, as she eats a cherry off of her drink, tells her daughter to go with him. Dr. Venture Sr. gets off from the floor and walks toward Colonel Gentleman. Colonel Gentleman, struggling to come up with the appropriate words, asks Dr. Venture Sr. where he can put his car keys at. Dr. Venture Sr. calls out for H.E.L.P.eR. before Colonel Gentleman could finish asking his question. H.E.L.P.eR. comes along holding a fishbowl filled with several car keys. H.E.L.P.eR. holds up the fishbowl to Colonel Gentleman and the Colonel puts his keys inside of it. Colonel Gentleman then looks toward the bar area of the room and sees a young man drinking a martini. Colonel Gentleman starts figuratively drooling at him from a distance. Behind Colonel Gentleman, Dr. Venture Sr. and Ms. Quymn stand near each other. Dr. Venture Sr. making a discreet gesture as he's about to put his own car keys inside fishbowl, and gives them to Ms. Quymn instead.

Downstairs inside the Venture compound, a young Dr. Venture Jr., Rusty Venture as he’s known at that age, plays as an explorer with Kano, H.E.L.P.eR. and young Tara Quymn. Kano and Rusty Venture are walking along a small planted tree. Rusty, holding a small kitchen knife, rips through the trees’ leaves and tells Kano, who is playing along with him, that they’re almost at the “Lost City of Gold." Tara calls out to Rusty to save her. Tara is shown inside a large cooking pot alongside H.E.L.P.eR. who has a spear on his hand and is acting as though he were to stab her. Just at that moment, someone calls out to Kano and tells him that they are out of ice. Kano gives Rusty a sign gesture indicating a goodbye and leaves the room. As Kano leaves the room, Tara grabs Rusty’s jungle explorer’s hat and puts it on her head. She tells him that it’s her turn to “save him from the savages”

[Cuts back to present day] Dr. Venture wakes up and the first thing he sees is Dr. Tara Quymn all grown up cleaning him with a cloth. As he realizes this, he reintroduces himself and tries to get up. Dr. Venture is shirtless only wearing his pants and the turtleneck part of a sweater. Dr. Tara Quymn tells him to stay steady because she had sucked all the poison out of him and that he’s dehydrated because of it. She asks him what exactly he was thinking when he decided to go out wearing a polyester suite. Dr. Venture responds by saying that his father had taught him that he shouldn’t have wrinkles on his clothes and that there was no excuse for it. Dr. Tara Quymn tells him that it was a shame that Dr. Venture’s father never taught him to avoid stealing specific fertility items from headhunters. The snake statue Dr. Venture was carrying earlier is laying on his bed. Dr. Venture explains to Tara that he was researching alternative cures for male impotence. He tells her that it isn’t specifically for himself but for a client of his. She asks him if he has ever tried Viagra. He tells her that Viagra gives his customers “headaches, nausea, dyspepsia, and/or diarrhea." Dr. Venture quickly changes the subject and asks her how she’s been, and also asks her why she’s out in the jungle. Tara explains to Dr. Venture that she’s out there trying to find a cure for cancer. She continues to tell him that there are a few obstacles preventing her to find the cure. At that moment, two young blonde twin girls enter the hut where Tara and Dr. Venture were talking in. The twins, calling out for their mother, Tara, asks her if her friend is all right. Tara responds and tells them that he is. She then calls the twin girls to meet Dr. Venture. Tara then introduces her two daughters to him, and tells him that one is named Nancy and the other Drew. The two sisters tell Dr. Venture that they are pleased to meet him. Dr. Venture says hello to them. Dr. Venture asks Tara who the father is. Before he can finish asking her, an older more “butch” woman enters the hut, weaning a tank top, shorts and a bloody machete. She tells the crowd that she’s back and that she caught the huge snake that was sneaking around the campsite. She throws down the head of the snake inside the hut. Tara and the two girls see the head and are disgusted by it. Tara introduces this lady to Dr. Venture, she tells him that her name is Ginny, and that she’s her bodyguard and “right hand man." Dr. Venture gives his hand to great Ginny. Ginny grabs his hand and grips it. As Ginny shakes Dr. Venture’s hand, the twins tell Dr. Venture that Ginny is a “Yank” just like him. Ginny tells them that he isn’t like her. As Ginny let’s go of Dr. Venture’s hand, Dr. Venture tells the group that he should be getting back to his camp. As he tells this to them, he reaches out to grab his shoes, he notices and is startled by an enormous centipede inside one of his shoes. The enormous bug crawls out of it and is squashed by Ginny and her boot. Dr. Venture gets up grabs his shoes and tells the group that he’ll just be carrying the shoes instead. Dr. Tara asks him if he’s sure he can’t stay with them for a while longer. Ginny tells her that he said that he has to go, while the twins try to persuade him to stay. Dr. Venture sees the twins and tells Tara that the girls remind him of his own children, because they are also excited about everything like they are.

At the Venture campsite in the jungle, Hank and Brock train an orangutan to box inside a makeshift boxing ring. The orangutan is wearing boxing gloves and a diaper. Hank tells the orangutan to do something, while Brock tells Hank to be quiet. Brock tells him that they are supposed to teach the orangutan boxing, and not any tricks. Brock asks Dean if he’s ready to fight. Dean, who is on the other side of the ring, and wearing boxing gloves and shorts, also shirtless, tells Brock that he isn’t ready. Dean tells Brock that he thinks what they are doing to the orangutan is the “saddest thing ever." Hank says something to upset Brock. Brock tells Hank to stop what he was doing. Brock then tells Dean that he agrees with him, but explains to him that they are short on money and that the entire purpose of what they are doing to the orangutan is to earn some more money. Brock then grabs a pot and a wooden spoon and bangs on it. He tells Dean to start the fight. Dean walks toward the orangutan, and Hank tells the orangutan to “Bang, Clyde." The orangutan reacts to Hank’s words and starts to attack him. Ginny arrives at the Venture camp, telling the Venture group to stay still. She is holding a shotgun while she accuses them of being animal poachers, because they have in their possession a wild orangutan. Brock tells Ginny to stay calm. Dr. Venture and Tara are inside Tara’s jeep. Dr. Venture gets out the jeep and tells Ginny to keep cool because they are with him. Ginny then explains to Dr. Tara that her new friend, Dr. Venture, seemingly has ties with the animal black market. Dr. Tara then tells Dr. Venture that she’s disappointed in him. Dr. Venture tries to come up with a lie to try to defend himself. He tells her that it isn’t how it looks. Dean interrupts him tells him that it is exactly how it looks. Tara’s twin daughters get off from the Jeep and call out their mother. They ask Tara what is going on, and who the other people in the camp are. Hank looks deeply at the two twin girls and is fascinated by them. While Hank is observing the two young girls, Dr. Venture rambles something about being in Thailand the other week and that he had found the orangutan Brock was training inside a cage in a boxing parlor. Dean tries to snap his brother out of the trance he was in, and asks him if he’s all right. He asks him if his skin is tingling. Dean thinks his brother is having the first symptoms of malaria. Just as Dean finishes his prognosis, Nancy and Drew stare at Dean the same way Hank stared at them. After Nancy and Drew look at him they start to giggle. Just then, Dr. Venture stops his rambling and asks Brock, as he winks to him, what he thought of his explanation. Brock, who wasn’t paying attention, tells Dr. Venture that he agrees with him. He then lift up a rope from the boxing ring and lets the orangutan go free. Hank, still in a hypnotized state, is hit by the freed orangutan. Brock runs to help Hank. Dr. Venture tells Dr. Tara that the orangutan’s animal instincts have already come back to him, and that he is now cured.

On the topside of Dr. Tara Quymn’s jeep, Dr. Venture and Brock have a discussion while the jeep is running through the jungle. Dr. Venture explains to Brock that he and Dr. Tara had a romantic relationship in the past. He tells him that Dr. Tara is the type of woman that wants to save the world. Brock asks Dr. Venture if this now means that they won’t have to teach “chimps to box” anymore. Brock then sarcastically thanks Dr. Venture for the “new personal low” he had made him do. Dr. Venture tells him that he likes to “mix it up” and to keep Brock on his toes. Dr. Venture then tells Brock that he’s giving him a new mission. He wants Brock to help him “get lucky” with Dr. Tara Quymn. He needs him to keep Dr. Tara’s bodyguard, Ginny, occupied enough so that he could spend some time with Tara alone. However, Dr. Venture has some trouble remembering Ginny’s name.

Inside Dr. Tara Quymn’s Jeep, where Nancy, Drew, Hank, Dean Dr. Tara Quymn and Ginny are sitting, Nancy, Drew, Hank and Dean are having a get-to-know discussion. Dean asks Nancy and Drew if they are identical twins. Both girls tell him that they are semi-identical and that their own mother can’t tell them apart most of the times. Both Nancy and Drew start to giggle afterward. Dean tells them that his dad is the same way with him and his brother. Hank asks the girls what they do for fun. Nancy and Drew tell Hank that they like to solve mysteries when they are back home. Dean tells them that they also like to solve mysteries too. Hank tells them that he’s more of the adventuring type. Nancy and Drew tell them that they also go out on adventures as well. They tell them that they’ve fought mummies. Nancy and Drew then tell them that “since mysteries lead to museums, and museums leads to mummies and that leads to something else." Hank, trying to impress the girls, saying that he can bench-press.

Back on the topside of Dr. Tara Quymn’s jeep, Dr, Venture tells Brock that he believes someone has feelings for someone else, and that that person is a “wet blanket." He tells Brock that the only “wet blankets” he’s interested are the kind when they are having sex in. Brock tries to interrupt Dr. Venture’s train of thought throughout Dr. Venture’s ramblings, because he tells him that he doesn’t want to hear about Dr. Venture’s sex life or fantasies.

Back inside the jeep, Ginny, who was driving the jeep, yells out “son of a bitch” as she sees natives ahead and stops the car. As Ginny slams the brakes, Dr. Venture, who is sitting on the topside of the jeep, roles off of it to the ground.

As the Quymn and Venture groups being escorted by the natives to their village, Ginny tells all of them to stay close to each other because these natives are really suspicious of outsiders. Ginny blames the IKEA store that opened up near the native’s village. Dr. Tara Quymn blames the logging companies that are attempting to drive them off their lands. As the Quymn and Venture groups approaches the head native, Dr. Tara Quymn talks to the native’s chief in their native language. The head native responds to her in his native language. Dr. Quymn, translating the chief’s words, tells Dr. Venture that something had attacked the native’s village again the previous night. The head native continues to speak to Tara. Dr. Tara translates the head native’s words and tells Dr. Venture that the thing that tormented them was the “wereodile." As Dr. Tara mentions the wereodile’s name, Dean and Hank become surprise. Nancy and Drew explain to them that in local folklore “wereodiles” are a half-man half-crocodile that are covered with hair. The head native continues to explain to Dr. Tara, in his native language, that the wereodile had torn the head off from their strongest warrior. Nancy and Drew tell Hank and Dean that the wereodile is a man by day and it becomes a beast when the full moon is shown, and it also seeks vengeance. The head native explains to Dr. Quymn that it’s Dr. Venture’s fault that the wereodile came seeking vengeance for stealing their fertility idol.

Inside Dean and Hank’s tent, Hank tells Dean that it’s great that Nancy and Drew are both identical twins, because they don’t have to flip a coin to choose one of them for each other. Dean, while he writes down something on his notebook, corrects him and tells him that they are semi-identical, because they are "mono-zygotic but have developed differently." Hank tells Dean to lighten up and to stop being a nerd about things. Dean tells him that Nancy has a freckle on her nose, and that that’s how you can tell them apart. Hank tells him to lighten up again and tells him that if he tells this to the girls they’re going to think he’s some sort of weird obsessed stocker who writes down pictures of them inside his notebook. Dean tells Hank that the pictures and notes are for his “Venture Home Paper," and that pictures increase the circulation of the newspaper. Hank tells Dean that the girls would think he does weird things to those pictures. Dean asks him where he gets ideas like these. Hank tells him he got it from “CSI." Dean tells him that isn’t interested in doing anything romantic with them, he tells him that he likes them but he’s not in love with them. Hank tells him that he does. Dean asks him which one them likes. Hank tells him that he doesn’t know, and that either one is all right. Ginny, sneaking up on Hank and Dean’s tent, hears their conversation.

Inside Nancy and Drew’s hut, one of the two sisters tells the other that she likes Dean, because he has the body of “Iggy Pop” but with a “Weezer” style. The other sister calls her a “scammer-jammer,” and that she had told her that she liked Dean. She asks her to go to Hank instead. The other sister responds and tells her she doesn’t like Hank, because she finds him boring. Ginny walks in and tells the two girls to stay clear of Hank and Dean. She continues to say that they can have their adventures with them but not to get too close to them. She also tells them that if she notices them getting too close to them, she's going to “tan their hides." Ginny asks them if they understand. Nancy and Drew tell her that they do. Ginny then asks the two girls for a hug. They all hug. After they hug, Ginny starts to leave the hut. As Ginny leaves, one of the two girls asks Ginny why she hates men. Ginny tells her that she doesn’t hate men but it’s because she has never meat a real one.

Outside Nancy and Drew’s hut, Brock, shirtless, puts up his tent. Ginny walks by and tells Brock that he’s a “pretty one." Brock, who didn’t see her coming, introduces himself. Brock extends his hand. Ginny grabs his hand and shakes. Ginny starts to apply pressure, to which Brock does the same. Ginny takes her hand back and in a friendly manner calls him a “tough guy." Ginny then asks him what he drives. Brock tells her that he drives a “69 Charger." Ginny dismisses his car, and calls it a “penis substitute." Ginny then notices Dr. Venture at Dr. Tara Quymn’s hut. Ginny then moves toward her jeep and tells Brock that all of the horsepower in Brock’s car doesn’t mean a thing inside the jungle. As she continues to showcase her jeep to Brock, she turns around and shakes her butt indicating she’s interested in him. Brock tries to tell her that he isn’t interested, but Ginny continues to seduce him. Ginny walks up to Brock and asks him if thinks it’s hot in the jungle. She then touches Brock’s face and pulls down his bandana. Brock tells her that it is hot in the jungle. Ginny invites him to take a dip or swim in the river. She corrects herself and asks him if he would like to go out for a “skinny dip” in the river. Brock reluctantly says yes. Ginny notices Dr. Venture leaving Dr. Tara’s hut and is coming by. She seemingly changes her mind and tells Brock to take it slow. She walks off and Brock, who is confused by her actions, says “What the hell” to himself. Dr. Venture walks by and gives Brock and “OK” hand gesture. Dr. Venture then goes inside his tent. Day turns to night, and Brock goes inside his tent. When he does, the wereodile howls from a distance. The wereodile has white fur around its body and has the form of a man and a crocodile same as previously described by the Quymn twins.

A series of mini montage-like scenes follow:
The next day, we see Dr. Venture and Dr. Tara Quymn doing some Yoga on top of a pillar in the jungle.
Dr. Venture returns the native’s fertility idol back to them. As Dr. Venture gives their statue back to them, the head native laugh at Dr. Venture’s penis and points to it. Dr. Venture turns around and some of the female natives put a necklace of flowers on him.
In another scene, we see Dr. Tara Quymn jumping off from a waterfall followed by Dr. Venture doing the dog paddle in a river When Dr. Tara comes back to the surface, Dr. Venture notices her.
In another mini scene we see Dr. Venture and Dr. Tara walking around the jungle, they both seem to be talking about something while a bug lands on Dr. Venture’s shoulder. Dr. Venture flickers it off, and they both laugh about it.

At sunset, Dr. Quymn and Dr. Venture are getting themselves on top of a branch of a large tree. Dr. Tara Quymn does an acrobatic move to get to this branch, while Dr. Venture, who is covered in leaves, bugs and leaches, struggles to get to its top. Dr. Quymn tells Dr. Venture that he should stop smoking. Dr. Venture, as he’s out of breath, tells her that he doesn’t smoke. Dr. Quymn tells him that then he should get more exercise. As she tells this to him, he continues to tell her that Brock is the one who smokes and that it must be second hand smoking that is killing him. Dr. Quymn changes the subject, and asks Dr. Venture if he thinks the climb was worth the view of the forest. She continues to say that she wants to show him something even more special. Dr. Quymn then crawls to the side of the branch. Dr. Venture notices her butt. Dr. Venture, still out of breath, thinks she’s going to do something romantic to him. Dr. Quymn reaches for a fruit that’s coming off from a branch. She explains to Dr. Venture that the name of the fruit is called “Solomon’s Heart” and that the valley they are in is the only place in the world it grows. She continues to explain to him that the fruit only blossom on mature trees that are over forty years old. Dr. Quymn takes out a knife and cuts the fruit in half. The cut fruit’s inside forms a heart shape. She asks him if he notices this. Dr. Venture tells her that he does. She asks him if he realizes what the valley means to her. Dr. Venture assumes it has something to do with hearts. Dr. Tara Quymn tells him that it has to do with protecting the valley because this fruit she had shown him contains the seeds that can cure cancer. She continues to say that there could be other benefits that are currently unknown to them. Dr. Venture says something while she was talking, he says “loneliness." Dr. Quymn notices what Dr. Venture said and asks him what he meant. Dr. Venture then kisses her. She then backs off and tells him that she doesn’t want to get “hurt." As she backs off she pulls out a leech that was on Dr. Venture’s face and that since the kiss has gotten on her face. She tells Dr. Venture that they should be getting back to camp now, since it’s getting late and that she has to get to camp before moonrise. Dr. Quymn then jumps off from the tree leaving Dr. Venture alone. Dr. Venture realizes that he’s stuck on the tree alone and asks himself how he’s going to get off of it. He then falls and dangles from his harness buckles that were mounted to him.

At the bottom of the tree, Dr. Quymn runs off to her campsite and a dangling Dr. Venture still on the tree. Ginny lurks about the place. Brock who is fulfilling Dr. Venture’s orders to keep in an eye on Ginny, is in a bush looking at Ginny. Dean takes notes of the events and Hank takes a leak behind some bushes. The wereodile screams. Hank and Dean drop what they were doing and accidentally run into each other. They accuse each other of being the wereodile. In the commotion Hank tells Dean that they could possibly be both a wereodile since they are brothers. Hank adds that they are twins. Dean stops getting panicked over this and thinks about if they are really twins or not. He tells Hank that it doesn’t make sense since because they have different hair. Hank, agreeing with his brother, tells him that he has a huskier build. Hank also tells Dean that he has barely any armpit hair. Dean tells him that he also has little hair there as well. The wereodile screams again. Dean tells Hank to run away. As they run toward the campsite, Brock says that “he caught him." Brock comes by the camp holding one of his hunting knives and carrying Dr. Venture on his shoulder. Dean asks Brock if he’s alight. He tells him that he found Dr. Venture lying upside down, and that all of Dr. Venture’s blood had rushed down to his penis. Dr. Quymn walks by and sees Dr. Venture’s state and becomes surprised by it. Hank asks Brock who had done this to his father, and that if it was the wereodile. Dean asks Brock if he had seen him. Brock tells them that he didn’t see one of them but two wereodiles. Dr. Quymn is supervised by this and asks Brock if he’s sure about what he saw. Nancy and Drew come by and ask their mother what is going on. Hank and Dr. Quymn both at the same time thank God for Nancy and Drew’s safety. Hank runs off to them and hugs them. Both sisters throw Hank’s hands off of them and tell him that they are both okay. Hank again grabs the two sisters and hugs them. He tells them that they are both in shock and that they need to get warm. Hank starts to rub his hands on Nancy and Drew’s shoulders. Ginny then comes out from the bushes and tells everyone that there won’t be any more “screwing around," and that the camp is on full “wereodile alert." Ginny tells everyone to get inside each other’s tent. Dr. Venture tries to go to Dr. Tara Quymn’s hut, but is stopped by Ginny. Ginny tells Dr. Venture to go to his own tent. As Ginny goes to her quarters, she tells Brock to take first watch. Brock seems confused by her actions.

Inside Dr. Tara Quymn’s hut, Ginny complains to Dr. Quymn about the Venture group staying with them. She tells her that she wants them to leave. She tells her that the Venture group is bringing brad vibes to the jungle. Dr. Quymn tells her to relax and that the wereodile threat is probably nothing other than the “logging company” trying to scare them and the natives away. Dr. Tara then tells Ginny to ask Dr. Venture how those things are, seeing as Dr. Venture used to be a boy adventurer. Ginny tells her that she isn’t going to ask anything of him because she doesn’t like him. Dr. Quymn tells Ginny that her feelings toward Dr. Venture are unfortunate for her because she plans to ask him to be her “lab assistant." Ginny reacts badly to this news. Dr. Quymn tells her that she looks jealous over this. She reassures Ginny that she wouldn’t ever replace her. Dr. Quymn tells Ginny that she has “needs she isn’t capable of fulfilling." Ginny tells her if she gives her time she might be gentle enough for her. Dr. Quymn tells her that Dr. Venture is a trained scientist and that he could help her in many ways she can’t. Ginny gives an example to Dr. Quymn about what Dr. Venture can do that she herself can’t do. She tells her that Dr. Venture can take her pants off. Dr. Quymn becomes outraged over what Ginny had just told her. She tells Ginny that she has forgotten her place and that what she said was uncalled for. Ginny tells her that “her place” is watching over the security of the Quymn family. Dr. Quymn orders her to remove her belongs from her hut and move them elsewhere. Ginny tells her that she isn’t going to clean up her mess every time a man gets between her. Dr. Quymn orders her to get out of the hut. Ginny then walks away. As the arguments ends, Dean, outside in his tent, writes in his notebook about the argument he’s just heard. Ginny is then shown walking away from Dr. Quymn’s hut and nearing were Brock is smoking a cigarette. She sees Brock and tells him to stop looking at her ass. Brock wasn’t looking at her at all but just smoking his cigarette. He continues to smoke as she walks away.

Dean, who sneaks up to see what Dr. Quymn is up to, looks into her hut. Dr. Quymn is at a corner of her hut sitting next to a make-up drawer, whispering to herself to “not let the demon out." Dean moves away from the window to write down what he just heard Dr. Quymn say. As he’s thinking out loud, he says that Dr. Quymn has a demon that she’s afraid to let out, and that Dr. Quymn calls Ginny a monster. He continues to say that both Ginny and Dr. Quymn were in the woods when Brock saw the wereodiles. He asks himself, as he sneaks to a corner, where were Nancy and Drew at that same time Brock had seen the wereodiles. He continues to think to himself and says that it was likely that both Nancy and Drew were inside their hut. He continues to say that it is possible someone, or likely more than one person in the camp, are the wereodiles. As he says all this he walks toward his tent. As Dean gets to his tent, he sees Hank playing around with his guitar. Dean tells Hank to keep his music playing down. Hank tells him that he’s trying to make a song for the girls. Dean tells Hank that he needs to “get with the program” and that they have a mystery to solve. Hank suggests that they should team up with the girls. Dean tells him that they can’t because they are suspects. Hank tells Dean that he should solve the mystery tomorrow, and asks him what his hurry is. Dean, now enraged with Hank’s attitude, gets up and starts to tell Hank that he’s gone “soft” on him, and that he’s bringing shame to the Venture family name. Dean starts to become sad as he tells this to him this. Dean then tells his brother that their theme used to be “Go Team Venture” but now, as Dean put it, it’s “Go Team Boobies." Dean gets up off from the tent and walks away.

Back inside Dr. Tara Quymn’s tent, she looks into her mirror. As she does this, she grabs hold of her necklace. Then the scene shifts back into a flashback. The flashback scene is back inside the Venture estate inside one of Dr. Venture Sr.’s recreational rooms, on the same night as Dr. Venture Sr.’s swinger’s party. Inside the small play hut a young Dr. Venture grabs a younger Dr. Quymn. Rusty, playing his explorer game, telling Tara that the natives are getting restless and that they aren’t long for this world. Tara, playing along, tells Rusty that before the angry natives torture and kill them, she asks Rusty to kiss her. As Rusty and Tara are about to kiss one another, Dr. Venture Sr. and Ms. Quymn Sr. walk in inside the recreational room hugging and kissing each other. Dr. Venture Sr. falls on the cardboard box where Rusty and Tara where inside causing them to be crushed. Rusty comes out of the box yelling and crying. On the background, two naked people make love inside the pool: Colonel Gentlemen and the person he was looking at early on in the party. The flashback ends and back inside Dr. Tara Quymn’s tent. Dr. Tara Quymn, still holding her necklace, looks outside.

Inside Dr. Venture’s tent, Dr. Venture is hugging his pillow while he sleeps. Dr. Tara Quymn comes along and wakes up Dr. Venture. She invited him to join her inside her “jungle fort” and asks him if she wants to play inside of it.

Dr. Quymn escorts Dr. Venture to her hut. As they walk inside it, Dean walks along having a serious looking face on. Nancy and Drew are wearing nightgowns and asking each other if they are ready.

Inside a lookout post, Brock looks out over the camp. He hears someone approaching him, he thinks its Hank, but in fact it’s Dean. Brock, without looking, tells Hank that he’s supposed to be back at his tent. Dean says hello to Brock, he then realizes that it’s Dean and not Hank. Dean tells him that it’s up to them to find out the mystery of the wereodile, seeing that everyone else has “girls on the brain." Ginny comes up the ladder, bringing a six-pack of beer with her. She tells Brock that he shouldn’t make her regret this. Dean assumes that Brock and Ginny were about to have relations. Dean asks Brock if he too has “girls on the brain” as well. Dean, ashamed of Brock, runs off and leaves the two alone. Before he leaves, Dean tells both Ginny and Brock that they have “Jungle Fever." When Dean finally leaves, Ginny takes off her bra, which she had on at this time for the special occasion, and tells Brock that Dean ruined the mood for her. Ginny leaves as well.

Inside Hank’s tent, Hank is practicing his guitar. A pink note flies inside his tent inviting him to go out somewhere. Hank opens the note, and it reads as follows: “Meet me in the clearing in ten minutes." The note also has a lipstick kiss stain on it. He laughs a bit and looks at his watch. At the moment he hears Dean, who is outside of the tent peaking inside, telling him to find some dynamite and a big cargo net and to meet him outside the camp in ten minutes. Hank tries to explain to Dean, but Dean interrupts him and tells him that there are no excuses. He reminds Hank to do this in ten minutes. As Dean walks back into the forest he tells Hank to quiet down and that they are going to solve the mystery of the wereodile. As Dean walks back, one of the two twin sisters taps on Dean’s shoulders. Dean becomes frightened, seeing as he was walking backwards. The girl tells him that it’s her and asks Dean what he was doing walking backward through the jungle. Dean tells her that he doesn’t know and that he’d like to chat but he doesn’t have the time. As he tells this to her, the other Quymn sister comes up behind him and startles him again. The other twin sister tells Dean that it is her, and she also tells him to be quiet. She tells Dean that they have solved the mystery of the wereodile. Dean is happy over this news and asks her who it was. One of the Quymn sisters tell him that they can’t tell him there, but invites him to go to their hut and that they’ll show him there.

Inside Hank’s hut, Hank grabs a few things from within his hut. He gets up and leaves with his guitar and a picnic basket.

Near the campfire, Ginny, as she sharpens her machete, is rambling on about a storm coming near them.

Inside Dr. Tara Quymn’s hut, Dr. Quymn and Dr. Venture are kissing and hugging as they enter the hut. Dr. Quymn throws Dr. Venture on her bed and takes off one of her shirts and her belt. As she does this Dr. Venture tells her that he thinks he found his cure for impotence after all. He then jokingly says that if he finds a way to bottle Dr. Quymn’s ass, he’ll be a multimillionaire. Dr. Quymn then throws Dr. Venture back on her bed again.

Inside Nancy and Drew’s hut, Nancy and Drew drink something from a canteen. They pass it to Dean. Dean drinks off of it and spits it out. He asks them what it was. They tell him that it’s a native potion to ward off the wereodile. Dean then asks them, after they stop giggling, where Hank is. He tells them that they’d told him that he’d be there. One of the girls tells Dean not to worry, and that he won’t bother them. The other Quymn sister tells Dean to relax. They position Dean on one of their beds and lay him down. Dean’s head is on one of the girl’s lap, while the other girl positions herself on top of Dean. As they do this, they tell him that they’ll show him everything. The Quymn sisters start to giggle again.

Back inside the Dr. Quymn’s hut, Dr. Quymn is lying on top of Dr. Venture while she kisses him. Dr. Venture starts to sweat and breathe in rapidly. He seems to be trying to control himself. Dr. Quymn tells Dr. Venture that he has no idea how long it’s been since she’s done it with another person. Dr. Venture tells her specifically when the last time he’s done it. He says it’s been “19 years, 12 months and 4 days”

Back inside the Quymn sisters’ hut, as they continue to seduce Dean, Dean tries to struggle his way out. He asks the sisters what they are doing to him. The sister’s blow kisses and licks Dean’s ear. Dean, who is panicking, tells them that they need to go stop the wereodile. As one of the sisters gets closer to Dean’s groin, this sister takes off her clothes down to her underwear. Dean cries out for help. The same girl tells Dean to enjoy what they’re doing to him. She then takes off her top. Two rolled up pieces of newspaper come falling off from it, and they fall on Dean’s chest. Dean, as he panics even more, then yells out that they are in fact the wereodiles. Dean again yells out, in a louder tone, for help.

Back inside Dr. Quymn’s hut, Ginny comes barging inside the hut telling a half-naked Dr. Venture to get his hands off of her. (We then briefly see inside the Quymn sisters’ hut at the same moment Ginny yells at Dr. Venture. Both sisters become scared. Dean asks them what that noise was. He gets up from one of the sister's laps and the rolled up newspaper that were on his chest rolls off.) Dr. Quymn is surprised at Ginny’s sudden outburst. Ginny tells Dr. Venture that she isn’t going to let him break Dr. Quymn’s heart again and also not going to let him “put his seed inside of her again." Dr. Venture calls out for Brock as Ginny grabs his hand. Ginny then slams Dr. Venture into a wall.

Back inside the lookout post where Brock is stationed, Brock hears Dr. Venture’s screams and runs to help him.

Back at Dr. Quymn’s hut, Ginny continues to attack Dr. Venture. She slams him around the hut for a while. Ginny tells Dr. Venture that Dr. Quymn isn’t the same “liquored up” teenage girl he used to date. Dr. Venture tells her that he hasn’t seen her since he was ten years old. Ginny passionately tells Dr. Venture, as she holds up her machete to his head, that she doesn’t need Dr. Venture or shock therapy, and that she herself was the person who had ”fixed her’. Dr. Venture then crawls outside the hut as she’s distracted. Brock, taking advantage of Ginny's distraction, grabs a hold of her. He throws her to the bed. As he does this he accidentally breaks a lit kerosene lamp that causes the hut to go up in flames. Ginny pushes Brock away. Brock comments on how strong Ginny is. Both Ginny and Brock continue to fight. Dr. Quymn tells the two that they are acting crazy, but before she finishes talking she drops to the floor and starts to convulse. Dean runs into the hut, and asks everyone what’s going on. He sees Dr. Quymn shaking on the floor and deduces that she’s a wereodile starting to transform. Dr. Venture realizes that he almost had sexual relations with a wereodile. Dean tells Dr. Venture that he has to stop Dr. Quymn transformation before she kills them all. Dean grabs a chair and starts hitting Dr. Quymn. As Dean hits Dr. Quymn, he chants “The power of Christ compels you." Ginny breaks loose from Brock’s grip, and jumps toward Dean. She throws Dean to the floor, and tells him to stop hitting her. Ginny explains to them that she isn’t a wereodile but an epileptic. As Dr. Venture hears this, he becomes disgusted by it. Everyone that was inside the hut then leave because the flames are increasing. Ginny, who was carrying Dr. Quymn, tells Dr. Quymn that she’s all right, and that she’s with her now. Dr. Quymn asks for her amulet. Ginny tells her that it’s all right and she can use it just for this occasion. Ginny grabs her necklace and takes out a cigarette that was hidden inside of it. Ginny asks the Venture group if they have a lighter for her.

Inside the jungle forest, Hank is waiting for his host. He sees someone coming toward him. He thinks it’s the Quymn sisters, but in actuality it’s a wereodile. Hank starts running off and trips on a trap. He then dangles from a tree. As the wereodile approaches Hank, the orangutan that Brock and Hank were training comes up and saves him. As the orangutan comes to help Hank a trail of fire comes from the camp toward the jungle. The orangutan, still wearing his boxing gloves, hits the wereodile on the head.

The next morning, the Quymn’s and Venture’s jets are parked near where the devastated rainforest / jungle burnt down. Brock and Ginny are trying to help load boxes to each jet. The Quymn sisters tell Dean that they never believed that there was an actual wereodile. They continue to tell him that they are sorry for what they made Hank do and that they think he’s a real hero for defeating the wereodile. Dean tells the Quymn sisters that the native’s chief already gave thanks to his brother, and that they made him an honorary worrier and also gave him a circumcision. The Quymn sisters seem a bit disgusted about the last detail Dean gave them, and asks him if this means he isn’t circumcised himself. Dr. Tara Quymn, who is in a bad mood, comes along and tells her daughters not to talk to Dean. Dr. Quymn then calls out for Ginny and tells her that they are about to leave. As she calls out for Ginny, she moves her daughters toward her jet.

Inside the Venture Jet, Brock comes into the cockpit where Hank and Dr. Venture where at. Brock asks Hank, who is crying and wearing the natives' ritual clothes and a bush for pants, how he’s holding up. Brock then asks him if he can get something for him. Dr. Venture interrupts and asks Brock if he could get some cocoa or something stronger for him. Brock moves toward the pilot’s seat and prepares to take off. Both Hank and Dr. Venture seem to be emotionally disturbed over the events that have transpired in the last few days.

We then see the two ships taking off at the same time from a distance. When the two jets are at a high altitude, they turn to different directions and take off on opposite directions. As they take off. Dr. Venture is heard saying that “he doesn’t want to feel anything anymore” to Brock. Dr. Venture then finally says “Love hurts."


Back inside the native’s village, a wereodile comes inside the village in mid daylight. This wereodile heads toward a specific hut. As he enters the hut, he seems to be speaking in the natives' language. This hut is filled with modern furniture and it even has a LCD television set. This wereodile then takes off his head revealing a native wearing a wereodile. Another native sits inside the hut wearing a wereodile costume without its headpiece on. The native, who just came in, asks the other one, who is annoyed, where he was. And that he couldn’t believe both Quymn and Venture camps took so long to leave. The other native, who is sitting down reading a magazine, tells him that he was down by the river putting fake blood on things. This native then asks the other one where he was. The first native wearing a wereodile costume tells him that he was in the jungle getting beaten up by an orangutan.