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The Venture Bros.: Now Museum -- Now You Don't!

When Dr. Jonas Venture Jr. converts Spider Skull Island into a tribute museum for his late father's old group, the original "Team Venture", Jonas Jr. decides to invite friends and formal enemies of his late father for the inauguration ceremony of the museum.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x9
Production Number: 3-35
Airdate: Sunday July 27th, 2008

Guest Stars
James UrbaniakJames Urbaniak
voiced Dr. Jonas Venture Jr.
Christopher McCullochChristopher McCulloch
voiced Brainulo / Col. Gentleman / Pirate Captain / The Action Man / Ned / Prof. Impossible / Pete White / Additional Pirates
Christopher McCullochChristopher McCulloch
voiced Brainulo / Col. Gentleman / Pirate Captain / The Action Man / Ned / Prof. Impossible / Pete White / Additional Pirates
Doc HammerDoc Hammer
voiced Billy Quizboy / Extra Pirates
Doc HammerDoc Hammer
voiced Billy Quizboy / Extra Pirates
Paul BoocockPaul Boocock
voiced Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. / More Pirates
Paul BoocockPaul Boocock
voiced Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. / More Pirates
Stephen DeStefanoStephen DeStefano
voiced Dr. Entmann
Stephen DeStefanoStephen DeStefano
voiced Dr. Entmann
Toby HussToby Huss
voiced Scaramantula
Toby HussToby Huss
voiced Scaramantula
Mia BarronMia Barron
voiced Sally Impossible
Main Cast
James UrbaniakJames Urbaniak
voiced Dr. Thaddeus S. "Rusty" Venture
Michael SinterniklaasMichael Sinterniklaas
voiced Dean Venture
Michael SinterniklaasMichael Sinterniklaas
voiced Dean Venture
Christopher McCullochChristopher McCulloch
voiced Hank Venture / The Monarch
Christopher McCullochChristopher McCulloch
voiced Hank Venture / The Monarch
Patrick WarburtonPatrick Warburton
voiced Brock Samson


The episode starts off in Spider Skull Island in a flashback to the original Team Venture days. Inside the main building of Spider-Skull Island, a group of villains are reunited. Reading off a card, a man that has a spider scar for a nose and an Italian accent, Scaramantula, welcomes them to the island, and also welcomes them to what he calls the first ever “Fraternity of Torment." Scaramantula stops reading the card and motivates the few villains sitting on the table. He starts off with a man in a bull or “Minotaur” costume. The man with a spider scar nose tells the Manotaur that his size had made him an outcast amongst people, but now these people fear him for what he has become. Next, Scaramantula tries to tell a pink-skinned man with a large cranium, named Brainulo, about his deformity, but Brainulo interrupts him, saying that it is not a deformity. Scaramantula corrects himself and tries to continue, mentioning Brainulo’s addiction to plastic surgery, but Brainulo corrects him again and tells him that he was born like that a thousand years in the future. Scaramantula tries to continue and dismisses, sarcastically, what Brainulo was saying. Brainulo interrupts Scaramantula again, telling him that he came to the meeting inside a robot and that the only reason he came to this place is to ally himself with Scaramantula’s proposed group to “exact revenge” on Dr. Venture for stranding him in the past. Brainulo specifically dates the year he’s in, which is 1959 (1969?). Scaramantula tells Brainulo that they’ll talk about that later and that now he’s going to welcome their newest member. He introduces a man called “Dr. Fenadragon." Dr. Fenadragon is wearing typical green Chinese attire and is holding his eyes back as if he were squinting them. Scaramantula tells Dr. Fenadragon that his extranumerary nipple had made him a pariah in his village, ”Japananunwa." Dr. Fenadragon tells the group that this was the reason he hates Dr. Venture. Scaramantula tells him that they all do. Scaramantula notes Dr. Fenadragon’s unusually tall size, specifically saying that Dr. Fenadragon is “easily 6’2."..

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Episode Notes
During the credits, animation director Kimson Albert had a nickname added to his credit, which was a gag from the episode:"Ook-Ook". It reads, Kimson "Ook-Ook" Albert.

The episode had credited a "Special Thanks" to Vishal Roney & Jennifer Stephens.

Dr. Paul Entmann's adventurer name is revealed to be "Humongoloud"

This is the first episode that does not feature Stephen Colbert as the voice actor for Professor Impossible. Christopher McCulloch does the voice over instead.

Though already discussed about Stephen Colbert('s agent) refusing to reprise his role as Professor Impossible, Christopher McCulloch had stated that he "believed that he'd be able to get him (Colbert) later in the season".

Also, Professor Richard Impossible nickname used by Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. is revealed to be "Dickie".

Chronological wise, this episode takes place before the post-credits scene of "Tears of a Sea Cow".

Episode Quotes
Jonas Jr.: You’re late. And I told you it was black tie.
Dr. Venture: This is!
Jonas Jr.: That means formal evening dress. Not a Scooby-Doo purple suit with a clipon that just happens to be black.
Dr. Venture: Dean thought I looked nice.

Jonas Jr.: Practically everyone Dad ever worked with is here.
Dr. Venture: Great. I’m going to have to talk to the Harlem Globetrotters again.

Dr. Entman: Listen, do any of you need a roommate?
Action Man: What’s the matter? Ain’t there enough room for you at the Venture Compound?
Dr. Entman: The compound’s fine, but those kids, they keep trying to flush me down the *bleep* toilet. They think I’m the Tidy Bowl Man!
Action Man: Yeah, they’re not exactly the brightest bulbs on the old menorah.

The Action Man: I can't believe you slept with Killermanjaro!
Colonel Gentleman: Neither did he, till the day he tried to ambush me in the middle of a threesome Gore Vidal and Wally Schirra.

Dr. Venture: Wait, Brock, don’t. We have to go back.
Brock: What?
Dr. Venture: He’s family and he’s in trouble. He needs us.
Brock: Get the *bleep* out of here.
Dr. Venture: Hah hah. Had you going there for a moment, didn’t I? Huh
Brock: Yeah.
Dr. Venture: Had you going.
Brock: Yeah, yeah.

Episode Goofs
Prop. Displacement.

On the scene where At one Scaramantula was explaining to the "Fraternity of Torment" about his plan to destroy Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. He tells them about how he intends to capture him, he then shows them that he captured Dr. Jonas Venture Sr.'s Rusty. When the camera turns to Rusty and then back to Scaramantula, Scaramantula is now holding a glass of campaign.

This happens several times during this scene. Sometimes the desk where they where all sitting has an individual glasses for some of them, then they're all gone.

Another example: When Scaramantula introduces the Minotaur to the group, the Minotaur has a glass of campaign him. When the camera vie pans up, we see the entire table to be voided of any glasses.

Possible Continuity Error.

A possible continuity error that consists of two of the pirates that were shown to be killed by Brock in the season one episode "Ghosts of the Sargasso" are now shown to be still alive and well. Possible explanation for this is that they just didn't really die, and knocked unconscious...(Picture)

Character Displacement.

On the scene where Professor Impossible is about to jump the interior waterfall, Sally looks up at him from one part of the museum, and when the camera pans up to Professor Impossible again, and then back to Sally. Sally is in a totally different place closer to Professor Impossible, to which she couldn't have gotten to there even if she ran, which she apparently didn't.

Minor Continuity Error.

When Hank and Dean found Colonel Gentleman lying on his bed in the season two episode "Twenty Years to Midnight", Colonel Gentleman had his blanket covering his body. And it is shown in this episode that he wasn't covered a all when the Colonel fell into his diabetic coma. Also, another small continuity error containing to the boxes of Mallomars and Yoohoo drink bottles were also no where to be shown in "Twenty Years to Midnight". Colonel Gentleman is only shown to have been covered by blanket after Kiki found him in his diabetic coma, and proceeded to inject him with an insulin shot. The sheet colors don't even match. The sheets in Twenty Years to Midnight are red and the sheets on this episode are white. (Picture)

Cultural References
Brainulo's Robot.

Brainulo named his robot Futaro. The appearance it has resembles that of Gigantor, a Japanese manga series created by Mitsuteru Yokoyama in 1956.

Also, related to the series. It also has characteristics to Astrobase Go inc.'s mascot, Soul Bot.

Dr. Jonas Venture Jr: This is the real atomic secret Rosenbergs tried to sell the Russians.

Jonas Jr was referring to the incident involving Julius Rosenberg and Ethel Greenglass Rosenberg who where communist spies working for the Russians They where convicted and executed after being discovered passing information to Soviet Russia about the Atomic Bomb.

Dr. Jonas Venture Jr: That means formal evening dress Scooby-Doo purple suit with a clip-on that happens to be black.

Jonas Jr may have been referring to the Scooby-Doo character, Daphne Blake.Scooby-Doo is a popular and classic animated series created in 1969. The character Daphne Blake usually wears dress that is almost completely purple.

Dr. Rusty Venture: Great. I'm going to have to talk to the Harlem Globetrotters again.

This could be another direct reference to the Hanna-Barbera cartoon universe (to which the Venture Bros. is based). Harlem Globetrotters had a 3 year long cartoon with Hanna-Barbera that lasted from 1970 to 1973.
Though It could also be just a basic coincidence.

There was also a Scooby-Doo 'movie' featuring the Harlem Globetrotters, in the Scooby-Doo series called "The New Scooby-Doo Movies". The Venture Bros, as mentioned several times, is somewhat a spoof of Scooby-Doo.

The Harlem Globetrotters are a comedic basketball team who combine athleticism and comedy. they where formed in 1927 by Abe Saperstein in the United States.

Dr. Rusty Venture: Give me another double sidecar.

Dr. Venture was asking a bartender for a cocktail drink called a sidecar.
A sidecar is a cocktail drink which ingredients traditionally consist of Cognac, orange liqueur, and lemon juice.

Dr. Jonas Venture Jr: What? Who Richard? He was in the Boys' Brigade.

The Boys' Brigade is a uniformed youth organization formed in Glasgow in 1883 by William Alexander Smith.

The Action Man: Man, howdy you would of loved it. Friday night, we'd fly down to Cuba. Arch Castro for a couple of hours. Then swing up to the White House for debriefing. It's Jack's code for one of his legendary pool parties. For round two we'd jet over to Vegas in time to catch Frank's last show at the Sands. Then bingo-bango down to Coco Beach to whoop it up with the Mercury Guys.

- Cuba, of course, is a Caribbean island currently known to harbor a communist dictator known as Fidel Castro. Fidel Castro, with the aid of his revolutionary party and Che Guevara, came into power after a successful military coup in 1956.

- Sometime in October 1962, then US president John Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy made a speech regarding the documents containing areal photography taken by an American spy plane which revealed missile bases being built in Cuba. Which lead to one of the largest threats to the US in history. Cuban-American relations where never the same again. (President Kennedy was also shown inside the museum's photo gallery in a portrait of Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. give a hand shack to the president.)

- John Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States from January 20, 1961 – November 22, 1963. His term in office ended after an assassination attempt took his life. Jack was known to be a "play boy" in his time. He was also known by some to be philanthropist, cheating on his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy. (The Action Man was referring to this when he mentioned "Jack's famous pool parties")

- The White House, of course, is the residence and workplace of the President of the United States.

- (Las) Vegas, of course, is a city in Nevada that features legalized gambling, and is also known for their entertainment sectors such as singer's club, major resort city for the gaming industry, shopping, and other motives for tourism.

- Francis Albert "Frank" Sinatra was an singer who sang on multiple popular genres on time like: vocal Jazz, big band and swing. Frank had an album in 1956? named "Sinatra at the Sands", the "Sands" (aka "Sands Hotel and Casino ") is a resort where he use to perform shows regularly.
- Coco Beach is a beach located on the east coast of Florida.Somewhat of relative distance from the NASA Kennedy Center. The "Mercury Guys" the Action Man was referring to are members of the Mercury astronauts team, known as the "Mercury Seven". the team was formed in 1959 by NASA from orders of US President Dwight D. Eisenhower for missions related to the Mercury capsules, which where tight small cramped capsules that would only allow people of certain height in them.

Colonel Gentleman: Don't you try it, Prince Adam!

Prince Adam is a character of the "Masters of the Universe" cartoon/comics franchise. He turns into his alter ego, He-Man, after he says a magical line and raises his mystical sword.

Colonel Gentleman was referring to how Brock turns into a killing machine when altered.

Colonel Gentleman: So I buried my grief in an entire box of Mallomars with a Yoo-hoo chaser. While you boys must of happened upon me whilst I was in the throws of a diabetic coma.

- Mallomars are seasonally produced chocolate products, produced by Nabisco. And first introduced the public in 1913 Mallomars, like "Moon Pies" are a layer of marshmallow sandwiched in between two graham cracker and enrobed in dark chocolate that forms a hard shell.

- Yoo-hoo Is the name of a chocolate milkshake-like product, first produced in New Jersey in the 1920s.

- Eating many high-in sugar products causes a diabetic patient to go into a dangerous coma like state, known as diabetic coma. The shot inside the syringe Kiki gave him was most likely a shot of insulin. Diabetes is caused when the hormone "insulin" isn't being sufficiently produced naturally inside one's body. Diabetes is characterized by disordered metabolism resulting in abnormally high level of sugar in blood.
-- Diabetic coma is the medical emergency associated with people that live with diabetes. When suffering from this, the patient becomes in comatose (unconscious) state, due to one of the acute complications of diabetes.

The Action Man: I can't believe you slept with Killermanjaro!

The villain (?) Killermanjaro's name is a play on word on the set of three volcanic mountains named "Kilimanjaro" located north-eastern of Tanzania.

Colonel Gentleman: Neither did he, till the day he tried to ambush me in the middle of a threesome Gore Vidal and Wally Schirra.

Gore Vidal is an American author of novels, stage plays, screenplays, and essays, and an erstwhile political candidate, who was most noted for being one of the first authors to include openly homosexual characters inside his novels.

Walter Marty Schirra, Jr. was an American astronaut and was part of the Project Mercury. He was the only person on this project to fly in all of America's first three space programs which were the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions.

Also note that Wally Schirra was part of the Mercury Seven, as noted by the Action Man.

Colonel Gentleman: List Pot Noodle, we are the memory, OK? Now I saw your "suggested donation box" on the way in. So unless you're giving us a cut of the do, I suggest go roues Spider-Man and the Great Gazoo over there.

- Pot Noodle is the brand name of ramen-style instant noodle snack foods. It comes in a dehydrated microwavable cup container, and only needs to add hot water to make it cook.

- Spider-Man is a Marvel Comics superhero developed in 1962 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, and has abilities like a spider.

Colonel Gentleman was referring to how Scaramantula is consider by them to be a rip-off of Spider-Man in a way. Scaramantula has a scar on his nose that vaguely resembles a spider-man, but as he explained to Billy Quizboy, the scar is only part of his persona. He includes his eye brow and his mustache as his tartula persona. Also he has a harry hand with eight fingers on it.

- The Great Gazoo is a character from the Hanna-Barbera series, the Flintstonea. The Great Gazoo is an alien that was exiled to earth and was discovered by Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble. He often helps Fred and Barney from time to time, referring to them as "Dumb, Dumb" He is only visible to them and children.

Colonel Gentleman was referring to how Brainulo looks like. Like The Great Gazoo, Brainulo has a short size, a large cranium and a different skin color. The Great Gazoo is green, while Brainulo is pink.

Colonel Gentleman's Book and Book Cover.

Colonel Gentleman's, "Gentlemen Prefers Gentleman", is a spoof on the comic novel written by Anita Loos in 1925, "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes".

Colonel Gentleman's book cover has Colonel Gentleman wearing a tuxedo and drinking a martini. Clear reference to the Ian Flemming's character, James Bond, agent 007. Colonel Gentleman is part parodied to him. both are British have the same Scottish (Sean Connery) accent, and have daring jobs.This is also running gag in the series. There have been more references to his comparison with both James Bond and Sean Connery.

Brainulo: Kay Sang(?), 1970. You still hear the cries of the children as you burn their village.

Since the city or village Brainulo mentioned (Kay Sang ?) isn't eligible, it is easy to assume that he was referring to war crimes committed by the US government during the Vietnam War. February 7, 1968 another village by the name Ben Tre was purposely burnt to the ground and destroyed by U.S. An AP reporter by the name of "Peter Arnett" asked an unnamed soldier about this. To which he said:
"It became necessary to destroy the town to save it."

The Action Man: Jinkies, it's pirates!

Clear reference to the famous line from the Scooby-Doo character, Velma Dinkley. Who in occasion, she utters the word "Jinkies". Also, she even had said "Jinkies, it's pirates" on at least one occasion.

Talk show host (Dick): Uh, Dr. Venture. What would you say is your greatest adventure, and parenthetically what is your greatest invention?
Dr. Jonas Venture Sr.: Hmm, Well, Dick. Those are both excellent questions, but I'm afraid I only have one answer. My son.

The man interviewing Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. was most likely Richard Alva "Dick" Cavett from The Dick Cavett Show. His accent is almost identical that to Dick Cavett.
This man also resembles that of Ed Sullivan from the Ed Sullivan show.

Other possible connections, though most likely not the case, could be "Dick" Clark, or even Johnny Carson.

Fenadragon's background and third nipple.

Scaramantula: No doubt, your supernumerary nipple made you a prior in your childhood village of... Japananowa.

Japananowa is a play on words of Japan + Okinawa

Japan, of course, is the island nation located in East Asia. Located in the Pacific Ocean.

Okinawa is the largest of the Ryukyu Islands, and is home to Naha, the capital of Okinawa Prefecture. And is the scene of one of the most horrific battles of the second world war taking place in the Pacific Ocean.

- A supernumerary nipple is the birth abnormality that are often mistaken for moles, which is an additional nipple occurring in higher mammals, including humans. The rate that supernumerary nipples are diagnosed in humans are at 1 out of 18 births.

Dr. Fenedragon/Dr. Jonas Venture Sr.'s fake supernumerary nipple is located on the left side of his lower cheek.

This could also be reference to the James Bond film and the Ian Fleming's character shown in the Bond movie "The Man with the Golden Gun". In the movie, James bond had to go undercover as a man that had an supernumerary nipple located in his chest.

Subsequently, In another Bond Film, "You Only Live Twice", James Bond had to go undercover as a Japanese man.

Screams made by a Scaramantula henchman when Team Venture's tunneling machine busts into Spider Skull Island.

The scream heard after Team Venture's tunneling machine busts into Spider Skull Island was actually a pre-recorded reused production stock sound effect named the Wilhelm Scream.

Wilhelm scream was first used in the1951 film Distant Drums, and notably used in Star Wars: A New Hope and a big list of other films, video games, and television shows. The actor who is most likely the person who recorded this scream is Sheb Wooley.

Note: This is the third time this season that the Wilhelm scream is heard.
1) The Buddy System
2) What Goes Down, Must Come Up

Dr. Jonas Venture Jr.: Say Brock, my bartender whips up a Shirley Temple that's out of this world. Maybe you should take the boys?
Brock: Yeah yeah. Sure. Come on boys, lets go wet our non-alcoholic whistle.

A Shirley Temple, named after child actress "Shirley Temple", is a non-alcoholic mixed cocktail drink made with ginger ale, grenadine syrup, and orange juice and garnished with a maraschino cherry and a slice of lemon.

Professor Impossible: Sally! I did it all for you, Sally. (Professor Impossible jumps off the balcony)

This a parody to the scene to the 1976 (remake 2006) movie, The Omen. In the movie, Damien's nanny hangs herself as a gift to Damien on his fifth birthday party. He she jumps off a balcony and hangs herself

(1976 version) Her line goes as follows:
Nanny: Look at me Damien! It's all for you!

She then jumps off from the window, and hangs herself.

Dr. Jonas Venture Jr.'s Jet pack

The exhaust fumes coming out of resembles that of all the propelling devices shown in the Hanna-Barbera cartoon series, The Jetsons. It could as be a reference to Jetson's character Mr. Spacely who is equally small in height and frequents raveling in a anti gravity chair that has the same fumes coming off of it.

Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. doll: Watch out! Incoming frogmen!

This is a homage to the old Johny Quest cartoon series. to which the frogmen are recurring stock enemies on said show.


Scaramantula is mixture of characters, most notably his features include a scar on his nose resembling a spider with two legs. And as he explained it: "the mustache and the eye brows make eight" legs. He also has one hand covered in hair with the same hand having eight fingers on it. He could be based upon several Ian Fleming's characters like:
Francisco Scaramanga of the Bond movie "The Man with the Golden Gun". The who played Francisco Scaramanga actor is Christopher Lee, who at that time period resembles physically Scaramantula. Also in common is that both Scaramantula and Scaramanga lived in remote islands layers.

Ernst Blofeld the Bond movie "Blofeld of You Only" Live Twice, to which Ernst and Scaramantula have very similar villainous layers.

Scaramantula also resembles a creature from the cult classic movie "A Corpse Hangs in the Web" aka "Horrors of Spider Island". Apart from the movie title, which obviously is point in reference to Scaramantula's old headquarters, the monster in question use to be a man who got infected by a spider bite , and was slowly transforming into an inhuman spider monster covered in thick brown fur. It first spread all around his hands, then his entire body.

Brainulo's appearance.

Brainulo's appearance can be attributed to several DC Comics and Marvel Comics superheroes and villains with enlarged craniums. Most notably DC Comics supervillain Brainiac, who has a large head with mechanical diodes, or neural implants, attached to it. Brainulo's name also somewhat resembles that of Brainiac's name.

Another DC Comic's supervillain hat resembles Brainulo is Hector Hammond, which has a large-head who also possesses psychic powers.

A Marvel Comic's supervillain that resembles Brainulo could be Leader aka Samuel Sterns. Leader has a large cranium and a small body.

Dr. Entmann: The Compound's fine, but those kids keep trying to flush me down the fucking toilet. They think I'm the Ty-D-Bol man!

The Ty-D-Bol man is actually a commercial character for the bathroom toilet cleaning product, Ty-D-Bol.

The commercial can be seen here.

Otto Aquarius ability to communicate with sea animals.

it is revealed in this episode that Otto Aquarius has the ability to communicate with sea animals. In this case, piranhas. This is reference to one of the abilities DC Comic book superhero Aquaman has, to which Otto Aquarius' character is based on.

Dr. Entmann's Humongoloid persona's height, appearance and physical deformities.

Dr. Entmann, as Humongoloid, resembles famous old time wrestler André the Giant, who, like André, struggled with health problems related to his size, including shortness of breath, and heart restraint caused by his acromegaly. André was 7'4" and had the same style of hair Humongoloid had. They both also had a very deep voice. Though since André was not as tall as Humongoloid.

Episode References
Dr. Rusty Venture Sr.: Take 5, Humongoloud. You fought bravely.

In What Goes Down, Must Come Up, Dr. Paul Entmann reveals to Brock that he was once 15 feet tall. On this episode finally reveals this to be true. We also find out his adventure name was "Humongoloud".

Billy Quizboy's mechanical arm.

In The Buddy System, Billy lost his mechanical arm during a fight with a gorilla. Later on that episode, Pete asks Dr. Venture and Brock to keep an eye on Pete's arm. On this episode, Billy is shown to have his mechanical arm fully intact. Maybe an indication that Dr.Venture and co. found his arm or he could built another. Though the latter isn't most likely the case, seeing that he didn't even build his first one, as revealed in The Invisible Hand of Fate.

Note: This could very well be a goof and a continuity error.

Colonel Gentleman apparent death.

Back on the season two episode "20 Years to Midnight", Hank and Dean went to Colonel Gentleman house somewhere in India and thought they found him lying on his death bed. They even wrote a note to whomever found him stating "To whomever it may concern, pleas bury me. Hank and Dean Venture". Which same note reapers on this episode during Colonel Gentleman's flashback scene explaining to the boys that he didn't die, but was suffering from a diabetic coma.

Colonel Gentleman: That's for breaking my step daughter's heart!

During "Dr. Quymn, Medicine Woman", it is revealed that Colonel Horace Gentleman has a step daughter named Dr. Tara Quymn. Dr. Tara Quymn's mother, a Mz. Quymn, married Colonel Gentleman sometime in the past.

Dr. Tara Quymn was Dr. Rusty Venture's childhood friend, and crush. During "Dr. Quymn, Medicine Woman", both Rusty and Tara had coincidentally re-met. And both eventually started a brief romantic relationship, which ended after Tara had a seizure, and Rusty was disgusted by this.

H.E.L.P.eR.'s helicopter mode.

During the flashback scene, when the old Team Venture where battling inside Spider Skull island, Otto Aquarius hands young Rusty Venture to H.E.L.P.eR. after he had saved him from some ravenous piranhas. H.E.L.P.eR. then switches to helicopter mode and flies off. On the season two episode "I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills", it was revealed that H.E.L.P.eR has this ability.

Known characters attending the museum's ceremony.

All the following character were featured as background characters inside the the museum, located in Spider Skull Island:

All these characters had no speaking line, but where shown throughout the episode.
**With exception to Hector Molina and General Manhowers, to which they had interacted with some other characters in one way or another, but did not have any speaking lines.

Scaramantula: Gentlemen, welcome to Spider Skull Island, and to the first ever summit of the Fraternity of Torment.

The first time that the Fraternity of Torment was ever mentioned was in a brief intro scene to the second season episode "Fallen Arches" were Guild Operatives Watch and Ward (with the help of the Sovereign) were showcasing statistic against rival organizations via a pie chart.

Ned's hat.

Ned wore a New York Jets that he had been previously seen wearing in the season two episode "Twenty Years to Midnight".

Hover boots and hover Bike

The two recurring gadgets makes an appearance on the flashback scenes. These two gadgets are also revealed to be inventions of Dr. Jonas Venture Sr., and not what it was previously assumed to be Dr. Rusty Venture's. This is also a running gag on the show where inventions that seemed to be Dr. Rusty Venture's are in fact his father's.

Both gadgets where frequently used by Hank and Dean inside the Venture Compound.

Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. Death?

One of the running mysteries revolving around the series is what actually happened to Dr. Jonas Venture Sr.

For the most part, it has been repetitively stated that Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. is in fact dead. Though there are many doubts to this claim.

Dr. Rusty Venture hinted that Team Venture had a hand in his late father's death:
Dr. Rusty Venture: (Drunk) I just came by to say how glad I am you were all able to make it out gorge yourselves on free shrimp in my father's honor
Brock: OK doc.
Dr. Rusty Venture: It's too bad your old pal Colonel Gentleman couldn't be here to bask in the glory with you. Oh, or did you guys get him killed too?

Dr. Rusty Venture implies that the original Team Venture had a hand in his late father's death.

Two children attending the museum's inauguration.

Again we see two of the children, (Red haired kid, and dark skinned kid), who attended "Rusty’s Day Camp for Boy Adventure" ("The Buddy System" ). Who were then shown during a flashback scene under the Venture estate. They where described as orphans back then. ("What Goes Down, Must Come Up"). The later was an error, the animators reused stock characters for this flashback scene. In contrast to the error, the appearance of these two children roaming the museum with an elderly man is fully intentional. One of the even wears a new "Rusty Venture" T- shirt. (Picture)

Also note, the red haired kid has worn the same shorts on all three episode, and the shirt was only seen on two of them. (Nothing strange for a cartoon though.)

Kano speaks.

First episode to feature Kano speak, though he only speaks in unison with other characters and is inaudible. The event was when the original Team Venture were taking a picture and Dickie told them to say "Go Team Venture!". In the episodes to fallow, namely ORB, it is revealed that Kano took a vow of silence in respect after the death of Dr. Jonas Venture Sr.

More into his abilities is revealed, like he can some how summon or naturally breath out fire..

The Minotaur death.

Seemingly the Minotaur was a part of Scaramantula's "Fraternity of Torment".
As we learned in previous episodes, the Monarch made up a fake alter ego named "The Minotaur" to elude the Phantom Limb from finding out his true identity. It turns out that there was a real supervillain named just that. The Phantom Limb seeked out vengeance on The Minotaur and seemingly killed him earlier this season (Shadowman 9: In the Cradle of Destiny).

The reason that is supposed he didn't attend the Museum's opening seems thought that he truly had died by the hands of the Phantom Limb.

Other Episode Crew

Executive ProducerChristopher McCulloch  |  Steven S. H. Yoon
Supervising ProducerCharlie Miller (3)
ProducerRachel Simon
Production CoordinatorAlexandra Andrew
Supervising Sound EditorDave Paterson (1)
OtherDoc Hammer (Additional Graphics & Animation)  |  Tom Bayne (1) (Animatic Director & Animo Compositor)  |  Roger Mejia (Animation Checking)  |  Agatha Sarim Kim (Animation Coordinator)  |  Liz Artinian (Color Supervisor)
Storyboard ArtistRick Lacy  |  Danny Hynes  |  Jon Roscetti  |  Rafael Rosado  |  Tom Connor  |  Siobhan Mullen
Art DirectorStephen DeStefano
Character DesignerMatthew I. Jenkins  |  Martin Wittig  |  Danny Kimanyen
Background ArtistDenny Fincke  |  Chris Palesty  |  Ray Feldman  |  Deodato Pangandoyon  |  Chris Fisher (3)
Animation SupervisorNick DeMayo
Production ManagerPeeDee Shindell
Sound EditorGlenfield Payne
Animation DirectorIan Jones-Quartey  |  Jennifer Batinich
FoleyRachel Chancey
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