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The Venture Bros.: The Lepidopterists

Things get complicated for the Monarch after he begins his first attack on his latest arch-nemesis, Dr. Jonas Venture Jr., inside Spider Skull Island. The Monarch sends he best and brightest henchman, Numbers 21, 24 and a new operative, Number 1 to install a secret device on the Island for the intent to thwart his new arch’s plans. Both Numbers 21 and 24 warm the Monarch’s latest super-agent, Number 1, about how all of the his expert agents usually end up dieing. Meanwhile, Dr. Jonas Venture Jr. utilizes his island’s defenses in order to defeat the Monarch. Team Venture and three other O.S.I. agents, who include two amateur lepidopterists and an exterminator, help Jonas Jr. try to get rid of his new arch-nemesis.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x10
Production Number: 3-36
Airdate: Sunday August 03rd, 2008

Guest Stars
Christopher McCullochChristopher McCulloch
voiced The Monarch / Henchman 24 / Pirate Captain / Henchman 1 / Mr. Doe / Ned
Doc HammerDoc Hammer
voiced Dr. Mrs. The Monarch / Henchman 21 / Mr. Cardholder
James UrbaniakJames Urbaniak
voiced Dr. Jonas Venture Jr.
Mia BarronMia Barron
voiced Sally Impossible
Main Cast
Christopher McCullochChristopher McCulloch
voiced Hank Venture / The Monarch
Patrick WarburtonPatrick Warburton
voiced Brock Samson
Doc HammerDoc Hammer
voiced Dr. Girlfriend (Dr. Mrs. the Monarch)


The episode starts with the Monarch’s floating Cocoon fortress hovering toward Spider Skull Island. Inside the Cocoon, the Monarch orders his henchmen to make the Cocoon go slower, charge the Cocoon’s lighting canon, and go into their battle stations. The Monarch tells them on his order to attack, and that he will show Dr. Venture the “true power of the Cocoon."..

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Episode Notes
During the credits, animation director Kimson Albert had a nickname added to his credit, which was a gag from the episode:"No-No Word". It reads, Kimson "No-No Word" Albert.

The episode had credited a "Special Thanks" to Vishal Roney & Jennifer Stephens.

Earlier on on the season, scheduling guide had incorrectly listed this episode's name title as "Lepidopteriot", but the actual name was " Lepidopterists"

Hank, Dean, and their father, Dr. T. Rusty Venture, do not appear on this episode.

This is the fourth episode this season to contain an opening title sequence. And is also the third one to contain the regular/recurring sequence. The season opener had a special Monarch/ Dr. Mrs the Monarch opening title sequence, and the rest were small interlace scenes.

Chronologically, this episode takes place right after the events of "Tears of a Sea Cow", as shown on the last scene of said episode, which itself takes place after near after "Now Museum, Now You Don't".

The Lepidopterists, The episode's title, are people who catch and collect, studies, and/or simply observes all types of lepidopterans; butterflies, skipper butterflies, and moth-butterflies.

Episode Quotes
Jonas Jr.: Well, team, it looks like I’ve got myself a costumed arch-enemy. I’m not sure what the flying pine cone is about, but I’ll give Mr. Evergreen a run for his money.

The Monarch: What the *bleep* is that thing?
Dr. Mrs. the Monarch: I think it’s a giant robot with an ice cream cone for one of its arms. I think.

The Monarch: Ah, the lightning cannon sucks! Who loaded it with robot food?

Monarch: You have one minute to surrender your… big robot thing. You refuse, we will open fire.
Jonas Jr.:: How about this? I’ll give you 20 seconds to kiss your wife for the last time. Then I finish you off, Mr. Evergreen.
Monarch: Uhh, I’m the Monarch.
Jonas Jr.: Oh. So the flying pine cone’s a…
Monarch: Cocoon. Okay, I’ll be right back.

The Monarch: I’m your arch enemy! I’m not going to use “bumbling boobs” and “meddling kids,” it’s not my style!

Dr. Mrs. the Monarch: I, I gotta ask this. Is there a reason you always use 21 and 24?
The Monarch: I know it sounds crazy, but they both have that rare blend of expendable and invulnerable that makes for a perfect henchman.

Ward: The Guild of Calamitous Intent is antagonist relations only.
Jonas Jr.: Well who handles the good guys?
Watch: Whoa, I think the less-hurtful term is “protagonist.”
Jonas Jr.: Oh, yes. Sorry. Who handles the protagonists?
Ward: What, are you serious? OSI, duh!
Jonas Jr.: Can you patch me through?
Ward: Oh, sure, let me just get my red phone. The hot line.
Watch: Oh I’ll shine the OSI symbol.
Ward: No no no. If we really believe and click our heals, they’ll magically…
Jonas Jr.: Okay, okay, I get it.
Watch: Newbie.

Henchman 24: Wait, here. What's your name?
Henchman 1: Henchman 1!
Henchman 24: See, you are nameless.
Henchman 1: I'm Scott Hall! My name is Scott Hall, okay.
Henchman 24: Mmm…nope. Won't help.
Henchman 21: Now he's just Pathos. See you're all dyin' in my lap, and I'm all, "Scott! Scott, don't you quit on us! Don't you dare!
Henchman 24: You just made you're unavoidable death, more pathetic.
Henchman 21: *bleep* it. Nothin's gonna happen to me!
(Number 21 walks off and Number 24 follows.)
Henchman 24: Well?
(Number 1 walks toward them with his head held high when the alarm goes off.)
Henchman 1: Oh come on!

(about Jonas Jr.)
Watch: When you were a kid did you ever make G.I. Joe hug Rainbow Brite?
Ward : Yeah.
Watch: He’s what their kid would have looked like.

Mr. Doe: That's a joke.
Mr. Cardholder: Regular cutup?
Mr. Doe: We should give him a reality show.
Mr. Cardholder: I'd watch it.
Mr. Doe: I'd Watch it twice.
Mr. Cardholder: Even if Flavor Flav was in it.

Number 1: That tunnel down their leads to the main room. Take a deep breath, not sure how long it is.
Number 24: No way! I got freaked when I had to do that playing Tomb Raider.
Number 21: Ah, when she did that creepy drowning contortion thing. That was grizzly. Yeah, no way!

Henchman 1: This floor is laser-trip wired. We have to find an alternate route.
Henchman 24: Yeah, maybe over a shark tank or something.
Henchman 21: Yeah, you go off and meet your maker while 24 and I keep going this way.
Henchman 1: Okay, knock it off you guys. You're starting to get to me.
Henchman 21: You still don't get it. 24 and I have been on, like, a thousand missions. We've been shot at, dipped in acid…
Henchman 24: Brock Sampson hit me with a car! Drove right into my kidney. Here I am!
Henchman 21: We could walk across this floor and nothing would hit us. But then like this huge log would swing down and take your head off.

(appreciating a death ray)
Mr. Doe:: If it were a woman, I’d marry it.
Mr. Cardholder: And I’d jeopardize our friendship by nailing your hot wife.

Henchman Number 1:: Do one of you have an extra electro-patch?
Henchman Number 24: Eh, we don’t wear our utility belts.
Henchman Number 21: Yeah, they’re dorky. And they’re like fanny packs for henchmen. Plus they make me look fat.
Henchman Number 24: Blame it on the utility belt.

Brock: So I guess you want to shoot it yourself.
Jonas Jr.: Of course.
Brock: Well do you have any death ray experience? I mean, those things can kick.
Jonas Jr.: Is the great Brock Samson jealous of my super-sweet death ray?
Brock: Kinda.
Jonas Jr.: Tough tiddlywinks! Fire her up!

(Posing as cardboard cut outs as Brock arrives to see what set off the alarm and chases Number 1 away.)
Henchman 24: I've always wanted to try this, but the opportunity never comes up!
Henchman 21: Yeah, poor guy missed out on like the greatest cliché in deception. Yeah, but that getting killed by Brock is a glorious way for a henchman to go.

Cultural References
Dr. Jonas Venture Jr.: Venture Team! Assemble Ventronic!

Ventronic is a parody of Voltron.

Voltron is an anime cartoon show made popular in the 1960's. Main premise of the show was about a group of young adventurers fighting for the survival of their kingdom using the power of an ancient mecha robot.

Dr. Mrs. the Monarch: I think it's a giant robot with an ice cream cone for one of it's arms. I think.

Dr. Mrs. the Monarch may be referring to how Ned's vehicle resembles that of Friendly's iconic clown sundae "Cone Head".

Cone Head is a sundae consisting of "vanilla ice cream with a hot fudge-dipped sugar cone located on top of the ice cream and dish, with whipped topping, and Reese's Pieces candy.

Ward: Oh sure, just let me get my red phone, the hot line.
Watch: I'll shine the OSI signal.
Ward: No no no! If we really believe, we click are heals and magically...

The "red phone" occasionally means that it's of high importance, and clichédly used in many action shows as the "president's hot line"

Watch mentions shining the OSI signal is a direct reference to the Batman comic books. In the Batman comic books, Gotham City police, normal Commissioner Gordon, would use a light signal, the "Bat Signal", to communicate with Batman when there is a mystery that needs to be solved.

Batman is a fictional DC Comics superhero co-created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger in 1939.

Ward was mockingly referring to a plot device in one of the most well known movies (and literary work) of all time, The Wizard of Oz.

The movie version of The Wizard of Oz was premiered in 1939, and stared Judy Garland as the main protagonist, Dorthy Gail. In the movie, Dorthy had gotten lost after a tornado hit her home town, and mysteriously took her into a fantasy land. To get back, she found the help of a wizard and many other characters. In the end of the story, all Dorthy had to do was click her magic shoes (heals) three times and say "There's no place like home" also three times.

Watch: Oh my God, when you where a kid, did you ever make G.I. Joe hump Rainbow Brite?
Ward: Yeah?
Watch: He's what heir kid would have looked like.

G.I. Joe began as a line of military-themed "action figures" produced by the Hasbro and has evolved into several other lines of merchandising. G.I. Joe is mostly known for the 1982 cartoon series, named "G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero". The protagonist of the show, also named Joe, is the militant leader of the group.

Rainbow Brite was an animated cartoon television series introduced by Hallmark Cards in 1984. The main charecter of the show, also named Rainbow Brite, was the charismatic leader of a group of kids who waned to save their land.

Mr. Cardholder: Even if Flavor Flav was in it.

Flavor Flav, birth name "William Jonathan Drayton Jr.", is an American singer songwriter and hip hop artist, mostly known for his early works in the socially conscious rap group "Public Enemy". He was also the star of the hit VH1 reality show "Flavor of Love", a spin off to a previous show he stared in, "The Surreal Life", which lasted three seasons and began in early 2006. (The later of which, Flavor of Love, Mr. Cardholder was referring to.)

Number 21: Ah! My head is gonna explode. I can't hear squat.
Number 1: You should perform the Valsalva Maneuver.
Number 21: Alright look Mr "I'm the best henchmen ever" we'll get to bisness in a second. I'm trying to pop my ear.
(Number 1 sighs)
Number 1: The "Valsalva Maneuver" is when you adjust the presure in your middle ears, Silly. Swallow or yawn should do the trick.
Number 21: That has a trick?

Exactly what Number 1 explained it, the Valsalva Maneuver is a real technique that consists of a closing ones mouth and breathing in deeply though the nose, to increase pressure from the inside of the eardrum

This technique was named after Antonio Maria Valsalva. A 17th Century physician and anatomist from Bologna, who was primary focus in scientific and biological studies and work was the functions of the human ear.

Number 21: Yeah, they're dorky. Kind of like fanny packs for henchmen.

"Fanny Packs" are small bag like pouches worn at he waist by a strap around the hips. Made popular in the 1980's and early 1990's.

Number 21: Now it's just Pathos. You're dying on my lap, and I'm all "Scott! Scott don't you die on us! Don't you dare".

Pathos is a term commonly used by cinematographic critics for giving positive reference to the dramatic performances of actors.

Pathos consists of appealing to the audience's emotions.

Number 1: That tunnel down their leads to the main room. Take a deep breath, not sure how long it is.
Number 24: No way! I got freaked when I had to do that playing Tomb Raider.
Number 21: Ah, when she did that creepy drowning contortion thing. That was grizzly. Yeah, no way!

Tomb Raider is a video game developed by Core Design and published by Eidos Interactive. It was initially released for Sega Saturn video gaming platform in 1996 and latter followed for both the PC and he Sony PlayStation.

On most of the games of his series, the protagonist, Lara Croft, would face many obstacles and challenges including swimming across distances with a limited amount of oxygen. And certain levels required her to do just this for long periods of times.

Dr. Jonas Venture Jr.: What? Zapruder film's in the museum?

The Zapruder film is the silent 8 mm color film filmed by Abraham Zapruder whcih captured the assination of then US president John F. Kennedy in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963. The film stands to this day as the only visual recording of the assassination of President Kennedy.

Mr. Cardholder and Mr. Doe.

The manner in which Mr. Cardholder and Mr. Doe talk, act and dress resembles that of the dialogue between the two detectives in the movie "Barton Fink". (In the movie, Detective Mastrionotti is played by 'Richard Portnow', and Detective Deutsch is played by 'Christopher Murney')

(Though in a somewhat unrelated way, the same can be said about the Moppets, who also speak in the way Mr. Cardholder and Mr. Doe do.)

The Monarch: Reduce speed to impulse power.

In science fiction, and more related to Star Trek, to which the term was first coined, impulse power, or Impulse Drive, is a form of traveling in space in which a spacecraft can move in a relatively slow fashion in contrast to a ship's main drive, which can travel much faster than an impulse drive.

The Monarch: I'm your arch-enemy! I'm not going to use "bungling boobs" or "meddling kids", it's no my style.

"Meddling kids" is a common phrase heard in the several incarnations of the animated cartoon series "Scooby-Doo".

The Monarch: Alright! Engage the Capricorn device!

The Capricorn device the Monarch was referring to could be a reference to the film Capricorn One, which was about filming a fake landing on the surface of Mars. As in the movie the Monarch's entire scheme was to fake his death.

Mr. Cardholder and Mr. Doe names.

Both Mr. Cardholder and Mr. Doe's names are common names associated and related to credit card advertisement.

Episode References
Number 24: Let me tell you a story about a little henchman named Speedy.

Speedy is the name of the teen Monarch henchmen with a pimply face and blond hair, who wanted to earn his wings to become a full pledged henchman, but was caught by Brock in a fight, who brutally killed him, before he could earn this honor. (Episode: "Dia de los Dangerous"

Speedy, like Number 1, was another overenthusiastic henchman that had an untimely demise due to showing some sort of affection.

Pirate Captain's attitude.

The Pirate Captain seems to still be having some sort of anger issues towards his employment to Dr. Jonas Venture Jr. since the revaluation in "Now Museum, Now You Don't". This all could be explained by the unintentional use of tranquilizer darts acting as a sort of illegal drug in his body. Making him more aggressive.

Number 21 and Number 24's mortality.

This is the second episode in the season were Number 21 and Number 24 discuss their own mortality. The first time being shown in "Tears of a Sea Cow"", where they discuss being main characters and most likely not going to die because of this.

in this episode, Number 21 and Number 24 continue to expound on their own genre awareness by telling Number 1 about lesser known henchman's fates in the past.

Mr. Cardholder: The Monarch has killed.
Mr. Doe: As in cold blooded murder.
Mr. Cardholder: His last five arch-enemies.

The only time the Monarch was shown [presumbly] killing one of his new arch-enemies was in "Tears of a Sea Cow", where the Monarch was shown pressing a button to a large bazooka gun-like weapon to Dr. Dugong's head.

OSI's relationship to the Guild of Calamitous Intent.

Ward: We've done all we can. I'm sorry your placement isn't working out, but really, it's not our problem. The Guild of Calamitous Intent is antagonist relations only.
Dr. Jonas Venture Jr.: Well who handles the good guys?
Watch: Woah! I think the less hurtful term is 'protagonist'.
Dr. Jonas Venture Jr.: Oh, yes, sorry. Who handles the protagonists?
Ward: What are you, serious? OSI! Duh.

Though only hinted and not confirmed, it seems like OSI and Guild of Calamitous Intent have a sort of symbiotic relationship of sorts. To what extent isn't known, but in arching business, it seems like to keep both sides in check both organizations have here appropriate and unique ways of handling issues concerning "arching". This is the firs episode any character has reference the OSI being related to 'arching business'.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorChristopher McCulloch
Executive ProducerSteven S. H. Yoon  |  Christopher McCulloch  |  Michael Lazzo  |  Keith Crofford
Supervising ProducerCharlie Miller (3)
ProducerRachel Simon
EditorDoc Hammer
MusicJ.G. Thirlwell
Production CoordinatorAlexandra Andrew
Supervising Sound EditorDave Paterson (1)
Re-Recording MixerDave Paterson (1)
OtherDoc Hammer (Additional Graphics & Animation)  |  Tom Bayne (1) (Animatic Director & Animo Compositor)  |  Roger Mejia (Animation Checking)  |  Agatha Sarim Kim (Animation Coordinator)  |  Carly Monardo (Character & Prop Color Key)  |  Liz Artinian (Color Supervisor)
Storyboard ArtistMike Borkowski  |  Matthew Peters (2)  |  Lauren Monardo  |  Jon Roscetti  |  Danny Hynes  |  Siobhan Mullen
Art DirectorStephen DeStefano
Character DesignerDanny Kimanyen  |  Matthew I. Jenkins  |  Martin Wittig
Background ArtistRay Feldman  |  Denny Fincke  |  Chris Palesty  |  George Fort  |  Deodato Pangandoyon  |  Chris Fisher (3)
Animation SupervisorNick DeMayo
Production ManagerPeeDee Shindell
Sound EditorGlenfield Payne  |  Damian Volpe
Animation DirectorKimson Albert  |  Jennifer Batinich  |  Ian Jones-Quartey
FoleyRachel Chancey
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