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ORB - Recap

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The episode starts with Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. being tortured by a man with a body divided vertically: one half jackal, one half human. This man holds a gun to Dr. Jonas Venture Sr.’s head and tells him that he only wants “the plans." The man then laughs. Dr. Jonas Venture Sr., tied to a chair, badly beaten and blood all over his face, tells this villain, “Half-Jackal," that the plans he’s looking for are in his head. He tells him that he can continue torturing him if he wants to, but he will never get the plans. Behind a corner, Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. is being tortured, Colonel Gentleman, Kano and a young Rusty Venture are spying on Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. being tortured by Half-Jackal. Colonel Gentleman, covered in blood and with a bandage on his foot, tells Rusty Venture, who is on top of Kano holding a gun and aiming it at Half-Jackal’s body, to aim the gun toward Half-Jackal’s neck. Rusty Venture asks Colonel if he has to kill him. Colonel Gentleman tells him that he has to kill him quickly, and tells Kano to keep Rusty on his shoulders even if he pees his pants. Colonel Gentleman tells Kano that Rusty, one way or another, is going to see someone die, and that only Rusty will decide who it is. Rusty, shaking in horror, pulls the trigger and fires the gun.

As Rusty fires the gun, the screen is shown to be on “pause," then on rewind, and then put on frame-by-frame until it lands on a specific frame where the gun smoke from Rusty’s gun appears to form a few letters and numbers coming. Billy Quizboy, the person watching the recording of the old Rusty Venture cartoon inside his trailer, calls out to Pete White and tells him that he’s “done it." Pete White, disgusted over what Billy might be doing, comes in and congratulates Billy on finding out about pornography. Billy, who is wearing nothing but a robe, a sock, and his underwear, tells Pete to be quiet, because what he’s about to tell him is serious. Billy asks Pete at the TV screen. He asks him if he knows what is written on the gun smoke. He explains to him that the circumference and length described a cylinder. Pete tells Billy that he’s finally lost his mind. Billy tells him that he is in fact sane. He continues to say that it took him thirty years of researching the old Rusty Venture cartoon, and that all his patience and hard work have led him to this discovery. Billy holds up a cardboard roll from a toilet paper roll in Pete’s face. Pete looks at it and sarcastically tells Billy that he’s impressed. Billy explains to Pete that he found out that the clue was in fact a helical cipher. All he needed it to do was to wrap a piece of paper around the toilet paper tube and inscribe the markings he found on the cartoon. As Billy does this, he wraps the code onto the toilet paper container. When Billy finishes wrapping paper onto the container, he notices that spells another code. He tells Pete that the result from this experiment only ends up spelling out: “form type equals address." He then tells Pete that he was very close to his goal. Pete tells Billy that he knows that he's going to regret what he's about to tell him. He tells Billy that what was actually written on the cube was a URL address. Billy, slumped down on the couch, gets up surprised and asks him what he meant. Pete tells him that it's a website. Billy tells him that it's impossible, because the Rusty Venture cartoon was from the 70s. Moments later, Pete and Billy are on their computer. Billy is using his cipher and dictating to Pete. When Billy finishes dictating, he asked if he understood what he said. Pete tells him that he understood everything and presses Enter on his computer. Pete and Billy lean toward the computer, and they don't believe what they are looking at. Pete tells him that it’s a “Maplook map." Billy tells him that it’s a map of the Venture Compound. Pete is amazed over this discovery, and notes to Billy that he found a better route to go to the Venture Compound. He tells him that he could save 1.3 miles if he takes “Ridge Street." Billy looks away, and becomes annoyed over the unimportance of his discovery.

Later inside the Venture Compound, Billy Quizboy is showing the Venture family a slideshow of the old Rusty Venture cartoon in highlights. The first slide shows young Rusty Venture battling an old Mayan warrior on top of an old Mayan temple. Billy asked the Venture family if the bricks on the Mayan temple are actually random patterns or if they in fact they are Morse code. Billy tells them it's Morse code, and asks for the next slide. Dean is handling the projector machine while Hank sits next to him. Brock, Dr. Venture, and Pete are sitting at the couch looking at Billy's slideshow and listening to Billy as he explains why he called them. Billy continues his slideshow. As he goes toward the next slide, he asks them if giant spiders actually have as many eyes as the one shown on the cartoon. Billy tells them that they do, but the code is actually written in Braille. Billy again asks for the next slide. He notes something about a drunk albino on this slide. Pete tells him that this picture was taken in the spring break of 1994. Dr. Venture tells Billy that he understands what he’s getting at. He tells him to stop. Dr. Venture tells Billy that all he had just proved was that he's fascinated with cartoons. Dr. Venture complains about not seeing a dime of the DVD sales from his old cartoon show. Billy yells at Dr. Venture and tells him that he’s wrong in assuming he is acting delusional. Billy tells him that every one of the clues he’s found had lead him to a spot inside the Venture Compound. Billy asks for the next slide, which shows a diagram of the Venture Compound. Billy points to a specific part on the diagram, and tells them that the spot he’s pointing at is the spot of the final clue. Brock gets up from the couch and tells Billy that that spot is his herb garden. Brock then asks Dr. Venture if they can talk privately outside the room. Dr. Venture gives Brock permission to tell him what he was going to tell him privately out loud so that everyone can hear. Hank thinks Brock is going to swear. Dr. Venture tells Hank that he isn’t going to swear. Hank then assumes Brock is going to talk about “naked sex ladies." Dean covers his ears. Brock reluctantly tells them what he was going to tell Dr. Venture privately. As he begins to tell them about what he was going to tell Dr. Venture, he stutters and changes his approach after seeing Dean and Hank. He then tells them that when he first got assigned to bodyguard Dr. Venture, he had specific instructions from the OSI to watch over that specific location Billy pointed out. Brock also tells them that he planted his herb garden there as well. Once he finishes explaining this to them, he tells them that he’s not going to help them dig on that location. Brock then walks away. As Brock walks away, Dr. Venture tells him that he’s going to dig there without his approval or help. Billy then tells them that they have already lost one of the members of his team (referring to Brock), and then warns the rest that he doesn’t know who is going to get out of the group next. He indicates that any one of them could suddenly die or go crazy at any moment of their upcoming adventure. He continues to say that their “quest won’t be easy." Dr. Venture then rambles on about something about Billy letting him ride a Komodo Dragon, and that these Komodo Dragons have venous spit. (?) Dr. Venture then looks to everyone left in the room and sees they don’t get his joke. He tries to continue his explanation that the Komodo Dragons have infected mouths and have venous spit/saliva. He then tells everyone that no one is as hardworking as he is when it comes to the “adventuring world."

Later in the Venture Compound’s backyard, Dr. Venture is lying down drinking a tropical fruit drink, with Pete White and Billy Quizboy along with him. Dr. Venture tells Hank, who is shoveling on the spot that Billy had told them about, and who is wearing his shirt as a rag on his head, to hurry up with his digging. Hank tells him that he’s going as fast as he can, and tells his father to yell at Dean for once. Dr. Venture tells him that Dean is helping the grownups with other things. Dean walks in, also wearing his shirt as a rag on his head, carrying a tray and pitcher of some sort of beverage. Dean tells his father that he thinks he might have “heat stroke." Dr. Venture tells Dean that he has “lollygagger syndrome” instead. He then gives his glass to Dean to freshen his drink up. Dr. Venture then asks Pete if he wants some. Pete tells him that he could go for another “Fanta." Dr. Venture then asks Billy if he wants something to drink as well. Billy asks him what he’s drinking. Dr. Venture tells him that he is drinking a drink called “Red Moco Cooler” that consists of Kahlua, Hershey's syrup, and a dash of red Kool-Aid. After Dr. Venture tells him his recipe, Billy tells him what he had just described sounds awful. Hank, still digging, interrupts to tell them that he thinks he's found something. Billy reaches toward Hank to see what he had discovered. He peeks into the hole and is disappointed over what he found. Hank tells him that it’s a box full of old mops, while Billy corrects him and tells him it’s a dog’s corpse. Dr. Venture, still on his lawn chair, notes that they now know where Brock buried there old dog “Scamps” after he had died. Dean, who is still there with him, realizes that there old dog Scamps had died, and becomes emotionally upset over the discovery. He drops his tray and pitcher of Red Moco Cooler, and runs off screaming. Dr. Venture yells out to Dean and tells him to get a new pitcher of Red Moco Cooler with less ice this next time.

Inside Brock’s room, Brock is listening to music while he reads a magazine. He then notices someone making a large noise near his room. Moments later, Dr. Venture comes falling inside his room from the outside through the room’s window. A large pile of dirt follows him along with a small box. Brock complains to Dr. Venture. Dr. Venture tells him that he’s glad he’s there. Dr. Venture then grabs the box and tells him that he thinks it’s his. He gives him this box and starts to leave. As Dr. Venture starts to move away from Brock, he sarcastically and playfully tells him that the box came from the past. Billy comes along the dirt trail from which Dr. Venture came along, holding another small box. He tells Brock that what he has on his hands is exactly what they were looking for. Billy explains to him that he recognizes this clue from episode 209 “Talking Cave Mystery." As he walks toward Brock, he notices that he’s actually inside Brock’s room. Billy compliments Brock on how he likes his room. Brock tells all of them to get out of his room. Billy notices a dartboard on the wall of Brock’s room, and tells him that he has one exactly like it. He then asks him if he has ever turned it around to play “faceball.” Brock again tells them to leave his room. Pete White, wearing one shoe, gets inside Brock's room from the same dirt trail leading from his room’s window. Pete asks them if the room they are in is a “recreational room." He then asks them if they have “bumper-ball.” Brock once again tells everyone to leave of his room. Meanwhile, Hank and Dean come sliding inside the dirt trail. Hank tells everyone that he found even more treasure inside the hole. He says he found a mysteries card that says “ancient gear fist," and a coin he believes to be Indian money. He also finds a white shoe, which he calls it a “magic nerd show." Pete grabs the shoe and tells him that it’s actually his. Dean comes along and tells Hank that the card he found is actually his “Yu-Gi-Oh!” card, and the Indian coin he found is actually his “Slammer Pog." Dr. Venture then grabs Dean’s pog and card and asks him what he had taught him about gambling. Dean yells out “chip." Brock again, losing his temper, tells everyone to get out of his room.

Inside the kitchen in the Venture Compound, Dr. Venture, Hank, Dean, Pete While, and Billy Quizboy are sitting around a table discussing the discovery they found in the yard. Dr. Venture tells them that before they open the box, he tells them that if it is in fact gold or diamonds inside of it, he thinks it is clear that his late father wanted him to have them. Hank tells his father that if the box is actually filled with poisonous gas and kills them all, he wants to admit to him that he was the person responsible for carving Dean’s name inside the bathroom’s door. Dean thanks Hank for telling the truth about this. Hank tells Dean that he loves him. Dr. Venture tells Billy to open the box. The suspense builds as everyone looks toward the box. Billy opens it, and everyone inside the room is relieved that they didn’t die. Pete asks them if they were also expecting their heads to melt off after Billy opened it. Billy takes out a velvet bag out from the box and opens the bag up. Inside the velvet bag there's another cylindrical cipher. He unrolls the clue and tells his teammates that he can decipher the clue. He asks them to get him a roll of toilet paper. Hank and Dean rush to get Billy a roll of toilet paper. Dr. Venture yells out to his children to get him another round of Red Moco Cooler.

Inside Brock’s room, Brock is preparing to hear a cylinder recording of a message recorded from a long time ago. While trying to look at the contents of the small box Dr. Venture gave him, he finds the object he was looking for. Brock starts the recording. As the recording starts to play, he reads off from some of the pamphlets that were located inside the box along the cylinders. It reads “Orders Regarding Bodyguards – Termination Clause." The crackling voice of a man named Sandow introduces himself to the person listening to this recording (Brock). He tells the listener that he, Sandow, is now long dead if someone is hearing this recording. Sandow, the man in the recording, tells the listener that the voice he’s hearing is coming from the talking machine. Brock, smoking a cigarette as he listens to the recording, becomes a bit frustrated and skips the recording ahead. Sandow begins to describe an event taking place many decades ago where the narrator had failed to protect a special artifact. He tells the listener that he was the faithful and loyal bodyguard of Colonel Lloyd Venture.

[Flashback to long time ago, nearing the 1890-1900’s]. In a blimp/airship that is being attacked in the air with several bombs bursting near it. Sandow narrates in a clearer voice that he believed his mission to protect a mysterious object and Colonel Venture to be a myth. He then says that his opinion changed, and everything else changed as well. Inside the blimp, members of an elite society are gathered inside this blimp, alongside a group of soldier-like people. One man wearing as small mask covering his eyes, Fantomas, tells Lloyd [Venture] to look outside the window, because they are being attacked by members of their own Guild. Fantomas tells Lloyd that the only way to gain control now is to activate the device now at that very moment. Lloyd, a somewhat older man, tells Fantomas sarcastically that he didn’t know they were out of options. Fantomas sarcastically tells him that he’s sorry that he didn’t know it was sarcasm day. Lloyd tells Fatomas sarcastically that he wasn’t aware of his delicate constitution. Fatomas again tells Lloyd sarcastically that he’s sorry that he smells like spoiled fruit. An elderly man (Samuel Clemens) wearing a white suit and beard tells Lloyd that Fantomas has a point. Lloyd becomes annoyed with this man’s accusations. Lloyd tells him that he smells of freshly cut flowers. The elderly man wearing a white suit tells him that he wasn’t referring to his smell. He explains to Lloyd that all of them have devoted their lives to perfect and protect the Orb, and that they are also losing everything they’ve worked for. He also says he can’t even afford another suit, and that he’s been wearing the same one for the last five years. Lloyd identifies the man wearing a white suite as Samuel, and continues to tell him that the Orb is a source of untold power. Lloyd tells him that he must take their time to learn how to harness the power of the Orb for the benefit for the good of all mankind. Fantomas interrupts Lloyd and reminds him that the Orb is theirs. He continues by saying that the “Guild” will decide what is best for mankind. A man smoking a cigarette (Oscar Wilde) interrupts Fantomas and tells him that this so-called Guild was founded to protect and serve humanity's best interests, and that it’s not a kind of “Guild of Calamitous Intent." The rest of the people inside the blimp start to agree with this man. The man smoking a cigarette continues to say something about his “bumps," and further says that the Orb must be tested. Another man (Alastair Crowley) inside the blimp agreeing with the cigarette-smoking man tells them that he was the last man to give his knowledge to the Orb and that he will prove them to be worthy of its power. Saying, in his own words that he will: “prove the mighty art of Hermetic.." This man, who identifies himself as Alastair Crowley, then goes toward the Orb, which was located on the center of the table they were near at, and grabs it. Just as Alastair has it on his hands, Sandow, the body builder inside the this group, leaps up and does an acrobatic move and grabs the Orb from Alistair’s hand. He then throws it to Lloyd who catches it. As Sandow goes toward Alastair, Alastair is startled over Sandow’s actions. When Lloyd grabs the Orb, Lloyd tells Sandow to escort Alastair out of the blimp. Fantomas jokingly tells them to see if this “chubby wizard” can fly. Sandow grabs Alastair and lifts him up. Alastair tells him that he gets their point and that Sandow has no need to get rough on him. As Sandow takes Alastair away, Alastair threatens them by saying that he will come down on them like a storm in the future, and that he’ll have his revenge. Fantomas tells them that Alastair’s actions prove his point, and that it’s the appropriate time to harness the power of the Orb. Just as Fantomas leans toward Lloyd to grab the Orb, a large explosion knocks everyone to the ground. Sandow comes along and tells Lloyd that a man named “Tesla” has surrounded their blimp alongside with the “Avon Ladies." Oscar Wilde, the man that was smoking a cigarette earlier, tells them to get to the gliders. Sandow goes toward Colonel Venture, who is still on the floor, holding the Orb on his hands and looking at it. Sandow pleads to him not to use the Orb. Colonel Lloyd Venture tells his loyal bodyguard that the times they are in are desperate. The scene ends with Sandow narrating something with Sandow’s face on the background. He narrates that Sandow knew what he had to do.

[Back to present day, inside Brock’s room listening to the old recording] Sandow continues narrating via the recording, what he knew what he had to do. He continues to say something about men like himself make oaths, and that these oaths make them pawns. He tries to come up with something else to say about pawns and horses but gets mixed up in the middle of his speech. He notices the recording is about to finish and tries to tell the listener that he will pick up where he left off on the next cylinder. The recording ends. As Brock was listening to this part of the recording, he reads off the same pamphlets that were located inside the box. It reads the “Orders Regarding Bodyguards – Termination Claus” again. As the recording ends, Brock hears Sandow telling the listener that he will continue his narration on the next cylinder. Brock grabs the box the cylinder was located in and notices that there was only one cylinder inside the box, and that there is only a groove where the other cylinder should have been located in is empty. Brock says “Ah, great” after he notices it not being there.

Somewhere inside the Venture Compound, Dr. Venture, Hank and Dean are located near an old computer. Dr. Venture asks Hank, who is sitting nearest to the computer, to read what he has been reading of from the computer one more time. Hank reads the following: “In Minuit's bargain sits house that coke built. In a loud room of quiet whistlers, behind the wild gray gentleman sits the 2 2 1 2 1 0." Pete, who is in the same room with them and also Billy, is using his laptop computer to search these terms Hank read. He searches the terms on the Internet (Google) using his laptop. Pete tells them that he Googled “Minuit” and found out that this is the man bought Manhattan Island from the Indians with beads as a bargaining chip. Billy interprets Pete’s research as being “Minuit's bargain” being deciphered as “New York City." Pete tells Billy that that was obviously the answer. He continues to say that the person who came up with these clues didn’t take in that they would have the aid of the Internet to help them in the future. Pete then asks Hank what the next line was. Hank reads “sits house that coke built." Pete then search the Internet using Google, he reads out that he thinks that the clue means “Studio 54, New York City." Billy gets up, and becomes happy as he tells Dr. Venture that he thinks it’s like in the old show. Dr. Venture doesn’t seem all too happy about Billy’s reasoning.

Just as Billy tells Dr. Venture this, a montage-opening scene to the old Rusty Venture Cartoon show begins. The intro contains many similarities to the actual Venture Bros. intro scene, also has some similarities with the old Johnny Quest ones as well. In the intro, Rusty Venture is being chased around by giant apes, robots and all sorts of other things. The intro finishes off by introducing the main characters of the show, which were “Rusty Venture, Dr. Jonas Venture, Kano, Hector, and H.E.L.P.eR. When the intro finishes, an announcer tells the audience that the show is sponsored by “Smoking."

Just as the intro to the old Rusty Venture cartoon finishes, the Venture Jet is seen flying in the air, after the sponsor announces his product. The scene turns into the present and it is shown that where the old cartoon jet use to be, now the original Venture Jet is located at the same position. Inside the Jet, H.E.L.P.eR. is piloting while Dr. Venture and Billy are sitting on their seats. Billy becomes exited over sitting inside the Venture Jet. He asks Dr. Venture if he’s sitting on his old seat. Dr. Venture tells him he doesn’t remember. Billy then tells Dr. Venture that it’s time to put on their costumes. Dr. Venture asks him what he means by costumes. Billy corrects himself and tells him it’s time to put on their disguises.

Back inside the Venture Compound, Brock walks in and asks Dean, Hank and Pete White if they’ve seen a small cylindrical tube while they were digging up his garden. Dean asks him if he’s referring to the roll they found, because he says his father and Billy took it to New York City. Brock, not surprised over Dr. Venture’s actions, asks Pete to look over Hank and Dean because he’s leaving to do something. Pete agrees and asks Brock if they have a bedtime or any dietary concerns. Pete tells him that he’s asking this because he’s noticed Hank likes to eat many products with refined sugars. Hank is then shown eating something. Brock, annoyed, tells Pete that he’ll ask Dr. Orpheus to look over them instead.

Dr. Venture and Billy are walking on a New York City corner wearing different costumes. Billy is wearing some sort of Quizboy costume, while Dr. Venture is wearing his old Rusty Venture costume. Dr. Venture complains to Billy that he can’t believe he made him wear his old costume. Billy tells him to relax because they are in New York City, the fashion capital of the world. He asks Dr. Venture to trust him because he’s sure they will blend in. Billy then tells him, as he grabs Dr. Venture’s pants, that he wouldn’t be surprised if next season everyone is wearing male Capris.

As Brock rides off to look for Dr. Venture, Brock opens his glove compartment revealing some sort of spy gadget computer. This gadget asks Brock to input his voice identification. Brock tells it his name. The computer confirms his voice. Brock asks the computer to tell him what his active assignment is. The computer asks Brock to give him the level eight-confirmation clearance code. Brock tells it “John Bonham Rocks." The computer again confirms Brock’s password. The computer then tells Brock what his assignment is, which was “Operation Rusty's Blanket." Brock asks the computer to sub-search the assignment with “orders regarding the bodyguard termination clause." The computer tells Brock that it requires identification number clearance level ten. Brock asks the computer to wait, as he gets something out of his jacket. The computer interprets his statement as a response and tells Brock that it was the incorrect identification. Brock tries to tell it that it wasn't a number. But Brock is again interrupted by the computer. The computer again tells Brock that he’s said the incorrect identification. Brock becomes angry with the computer and tells it to “knock it off." The computer once again tells Brock that he’s inputted the wrong identification number. Brock attempts to read off from the book he's carrying and gives the computer the correct identification code, which was “two delta nine Romeo tango eight.” The computer tells Brock that it initiated the car’s autopilot and locks the doors, it then tells Brock that it has terminated agent Brock Samson. Brock, annoyed, asks the computer if it had just fired him or killed him. The car then runs off at a great speed. Brock calls the car and computer a “piece of shit." Brock tries to hit the brakes but the car isn’t taking Brock's controls. Brock tries to kick open his car’s window, and finally breaks it open. Brock then jumps out of the window landing on a grassy field.

Inside a strip club, Brock meets with his mentor, Colonel Hunter Gathers. Brock tells Colonel Hunter Gathers that he knows they shouldn’t be seen together but he had previously saw him feature dance at the strip club a week ago. Colonel Hunter Gathers asks him what he thought of his performance. He then asks him if he liked the part where he danced with a fan. Colonel Hunter Gathers tells him to never mind what he had just asked him, and begins to change the subject. Colonel Hunter Gathers tells Brock that his boss is looking over toward him and tells Brock that he’d better buy him a drink. Brock asks him what he’s drinking. Colonel Hunter Gathers tells him that the bartender very well knows what he’s drinking. He then looks toward the bartender and yells at him. After he yells at him he calls the bartender a “cretin." Colonel Hunter Gathers asks Brock why he came looking for him. Brock takes out the notes he found inside the box that was underneath the Compound’s yard, and shows it to him. Brock then asks him to tell him what these documents mean. Colonel Hunter Gathers seems surprised Dr. Venture actually found those papers. Brock asks him what he means and Colonel Hunter Gathers tells him that he doesn’t really know. He then asks Brock if he wants the bad news or the good news first. Brock tells him that he doesn’t really care, and asks for the good news first. Colonel Hunter Gathers yells at his face and tells him that there is no good news and that there is only bad news and weird news. He tells Brock to come close to him and then tells him that he was never assigned to protect young Dr. Rusty Venture, and that he was assigned to protect something else, or to protect them from something else. Brock then lights Colonel Hunter Gathers’ cigarette. He asks Colonel Hunter Gathers what he means by “protecting them from something else." Colonel Hunter Gathers tells him that the man he was assigned to protect is a “Godless idiot," and that his father had hidden some sort of evil device from him. Colonel Gathers continues to say that if Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. knew that his son had the intelligence to find this artifact, Dr. Venture would know what to do with it. Colonel Hunter Gathers tells Brock that he thinks Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. was wrong about his assertion. Colonel Hunter Gathers blows some smoke unto Brock’s face after he tells him that Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. was wrong. Brock tells him that he is exactly right. Colonel Gathers then tells Brock what he had just explained to him was the weird news, and that the bad news is that if Dr. Venture tries to activate the device, Brock is the only person that has to “take him out” (kill him). Brock asks him if this means before the OSI takes him out. Colonel Hunter Gathers sarcastically asks him if he wants a moment to cry over spilt life, he tells him that he’s a pawn in all this. Brock then asks him what this device is, and then asks him how he will be able to know what it is when he sees it. Colonel Gathers tells him that he should have known this already. Colonel Hunter Gathers then takes out a pen and circles the first letters of the Brock’s mission (Operation Rusty’s Blanket), which are the same as Sandow’s pamphlet (Orders Regarding Bodyguard). The letters spell out “O.R.B.." Colonel Gathers tells Brock that that is all he knows about Brock’s true mission, and that if he wants to know more, he has to ask another Venture bodyguard. Brock tells him that he can’t because Dr. Venture took the second cylinder to New York. Colonel Hunter Gathers tells him that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and that he doesn’t really care. Colonel Gathers then takes out a wad of cash out from his breasts and gives it to Brock. He tells Brock to take this money and do whatever he has to do with it. He then tells Brock not to ask him what he had to do to get this money.

Back inside the Venture Compound, Dr. Byron Orpheus inspects the box Dr. Venture found in his backyard. He tells them that he doesn’t find it reasonable to assume that the clue leads them to Studio 54. He tells them that the box is from the Victorian era. Pete asks Dr. Orpheus what he thinks the clue is. Dr. Orpheus tells him that deciphering clues isn’t his “forte," but he knows a “cipher master” who knows all about the 19th century. Dr. Orpheus then tells them that he’ll be right back. Dr. Orpheus freezes himself and begins to astro-project himself to his friend’s location. Hank thinks Dr. Orpheus’ astro-projection is cool, and tells Dean that he knows what to do next.

Back to Brock’s quest, he is shown walking inside a room, being indicated via his communicator watch where to go. His communicator watch beeps even faster when he approaches a large closed wooden drawer. Brock looks up at this drawer and a large man breaks through the drawer and begins to choke Brock. This man, Kano, attempts to crush Brock’s windpipe. Brock reverse attacks this man and knocks him down to the ground using his feet, causing Kano to fall down on himself. Brock angrily yells out to Kano asking him what he eats. Kano moves away from Brock and Brock gets up. He goes toward Kano’s body and tries to wake him up. Kano, with blood coming off from his nose and face, wakes up and tells Brock that he’s been waiting half his life for this moment. Kano continues that he never thought it was going to be Brock they sent to kill him. Brock tells him that no one sent him. Brock then realizes Kano can speak. He tells him that he thought he was a mute. Kano tells him that his silence was a choice. He continues to say that he has taken from this world a “great man," and his silence is his penance for that. He asks Brock to end his suffering, calling him an OSI man. Brock tells him he’s not there to kill him and that he’s only here looking for Kano because Dr. Venture is out looking for the ORB. Kano, amused by what Brock had told him, is surprised that Dr. Venture found out about the ORB. He asks Brock, sarcastically, if Dr. Venture found it under the couch after looking for some spare change. Brock tells him that not only is he looking for the ORB, but also he can’t even find his second gramophone cylinder. He continues to say that he doesn’t even have a clue on what’s going on. Kano gets up and asks Brock to wait for him because he has something for him. As Kano leaves, he tells Brock that he feels great to be able to talk again. Kano tells Brock from a distance that he’s been holding so many things back because of his bow of silence. He asks him if he’s ever watched the television show “Top Chef." Brock tells him that he does, but he doesn’t like another show called “Top Design." Kano once again tells Brock that it feels great to be talking again. Kano comes back holding his old gramophone and invites Brock to go out for Karaoke afterwards. He tells him that he wants to sing the “Humpty Dance." Brock, confused or not interested, awkwardly pauses. Kano tells him that he knows what Brock is implying that that they’ll go later. Kano gives Brock his gramophone and tells him that he should first listen to it. Brock asks Kano if that thing in his hands is his other cylinder. Brock then asks what the thing Dr. Venture has is. Kano tells him that knowing Rusty, it could be a roll of toilet paper.

In a bathroom stall in New York City, Dr. Venture and Billy Quizboy are looking for the next clue. Dr. Venture reads off the clue again and reads the following part from the clue: “In Minuit's bargain." Billy then interrupts him and tells him that that phrase means “Manhattan." Dr. Venture continues to read off from the clue “sits house that coke built." Billy again interrupts him and tells him that that phrase means “Studio 54." Dr. Venture again continues to read from the clue “sits in a loud room of quiet whistlers." And Billy interprets this to be “backstage in the bathroom." Dr. Venture continues reciting the code, and tells Billy the final line that goes “behind the wild gray gentleman." Billy points to an elderly man with grey hair, a bathroom attendant. Dr. Venture finishes reading the code, which says: “sits the 2 2 1 2 1 0." Billy points to a foldaway changing table, and tells him that he bets he already knows the model number of said table.

The Alchemist transports himself to the Venture Compound, and Dr. Orpheus regains his corporeal form. As he appears inside the Compound, he tells everyone that teleporting is always fun to do. The Alchemist laughs as he notices Dr. Orpheus covered in toilet paper. Dean and Hank also start to laugh. The Alchemist tells Dr. Orpheus that Hank and Dean TP’d his corporeal form, and that it’s hilarious to them. Dr. Orpheus, less than amused, sarcastically tells them that it is funny. The Alchemist gets to business and asks Hank and Dean why they had summoned him. Dean tells him that he called him to solve a mystery. Hank continues to explain that he wants him to solve the mysterious box they found on Brock’s garden. The Alchemist tells them to give him the clues and he’ll get to work.

Back to the flashback inside the blimp/airship where Colonel Lloyd Venture and Eugene Sandow where located inside of. Lloyd is seated near a table where he is contemplating and staring at the Orb, while Sandow is standing behind him. Sandow tells Lloyd that he doesn’t believe it to be a wise idea to use the Orb. Lloyd tells him that his fellow Guild members are dying battling to protect the Orb. Sandow asks Lloyd what this Orb thing is. Lloyd tells him that it’s the Orb, and continues to explain to him that Archimedes began the construction with little more than a mirror alignment to it. da Vinci added the gearings to it, Newton the lenses, Galileo the prisms, and how a line of great poets, painters, scientists, alchemists and philosophers had it in their hands. Sandow again asks Lloyd what this Orb is. Lloyd Venture tells him that some people say that it’s a weapon of catastrophic proportions. Lloyd then tells him that he thinks it’s a type of self-sustaining engine of endless power. Lloyd tells Sandow that he believes this Orb to be what he described it because he is a man of hope. Sandow pleads with Lloyd not to activate the Orb. Lloyd tells Sandow that he has to use it, for the good of humanity. Sandow tells Lloyd in a low voice, that he regrettably must do what he has to do as well. Sandow begins to position his hands on Colonel Lloyd Venture’s head. The camera pans away and only revealing a shadowy figure of Sandow killing Lloyd, by manners of either choking him to death, breaking his spinal cord, or crushing his skull. A loud fleshy snapping sound is also heard. Sandow begins to cry after he commits this act. [Flashback ends]

[Back inside Kano’s house, where Brock and Kano where seated listening to Sandow’s recording] Kano ends the recording and tells Brock that that was basically the end of the recording. Kano tells him that Sandow continued to recite some chocolate recipes, and that this was the reason he kept the recording with him, instead of putting it back in the chest, because he likes to bake. Brock asks Kano discreetly if he had to “do it” as well, meaning that if he had to kill Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. as well. Brock clears his question to Kano, asking him once again if he had killed the late great Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. Kano goes silent and doesn’t respond to Brock’s question. Brock sarcastically accuses Kano of being a mute again. Brock gets up and tells Kano that at least now they won’t have to sing karaoke afterwards. Brock walks away and leaves. Kano asks him politely if they can do the karaoke thing later.

Inside the Venture Compound, Hank and Dean show the Alchemist their findings on their computer. The Alchemist reads off from the screen “Studio 54 and the house that coke built’. He tells them that they went “crazy” from everything from deciphering the part about “that guy who sold Manhattan." Pete gloats that he was the one who deciphered that part. The Alchemist tells them that it’s time to start deciphering the same clue again. He asks Pete to get him a dictionary. Pete tells him that they have something better, the Internet. The Alchemist tells Pete that he doesn’t want to play World of Warcraft, and tells him again to get him a regular dictionary. Pete gets up and walks away to get him a dictionary. The Alchemist rants about the Internet. He talks aloud that the Internet is only good for figuring out that one’s boyfriend {or girlfriend) is sleeping around with other people. He then condemns “MySpace.com” after his rant. He then rhetorically talks aloud that if he isn’t supposed to read his boyfriend’s comments, because they are located on the front page of that site. He calls this hardly snooping. Pete comes back and tells The Alchemist that he has his “antique” with him, referring to the dictionary. The Alchemist walks toward Pete and asks him to look for the word “coke” and to give him the first definition of it. Pete opens the dictionary and asks the Alchemist to “hold on” as he looks it up. Pete finds it and tells him that Coke means the following: “noun. The residue of coal left after destructive distillation and used as fuel." When Pete finishes reading the definition, he tells them that he had never heard of that before. The Alchemist tells the rest of the group that they need a “coal magnate with a map of Manhattan.” After he says this, he does a clichéd expression about a basketball 2 point shot gag.

Back inside the New York City restroom inside of Studio 54, Billy is digging behind the foldaway changing table and finds many disco-related objects inside. Dr. Venture tells him that it could be something small like an “IBM stock," or something of that nature. Dr. Venture asks him to keep looking inside the hole he made. A police officer comes walking inside the bathroom asking Dr. Venture if they have are having a problem. Dr. Venture tells him that he has no problem, and that he’s only changing his “son." The police officer, falling for Dr. Venture’s deception, compliments Dr. Venture’s so-called son by telling him that he looks like he has a “mighty big boy," and tells him that he bets he’s going to be a football star one day. The police officer then pats Dr. Venture on the back. He then backs off and tells Dr. Venture that he won’t let them disturb him, and tells him to carry on changing Billy. Dr. Venture, not wanting to be arrested, asks Billy to assume the position, and to lift his “little fanny up." He tells this to Billy in a caring way. He then tells him that “daddy is going to change you now." He then grabs Billy by the feet and tries to open Billy’s pants. Billy gets up and tells Dr. Venture that this is the same exact way they had lost George Michaels. As Billy tries to talk Dr. Venture out of it, Dr. Venture receives a communication from his watch. It's Pete telling him that Studio 54 isn’t the “coke house” they were looking for. He tells them to head toward the Frick Museum located somewhere else in New York City. Dr. Venture realizes that what Pete was saying sounded more incriminating then helpful and sticks his hand back into his pocket in an attempt to hide the message from the police officer. The police officer asks Dr. Venture what this is all about. Billy tells him in a pseudo-baby voice that the device on Dr. Venture’s wrist is actually his “Gameboy DS Lite."

Back inside the Venture Compound, the Alchemist, sure of his discovery, tells Hank to “Butter” him because he’s on a roll. Hank tells him he will, but then asks him how. The Alchemist gets back to subject and asks Hank how “wild” in “the wild gray gentleman” is spelled. Hank responds by telling him that he thinks it’s on the “ye old-e fashioned way." The Alchemist, confused, asks him what he means. Hank tells him that “wild” is spelled with an “e." He then asks him if he understood him. The Alchemist tells him that that isn’t' old-e fashioned' because that’s a not a surname. He tells Hank that he meant it as in “Oscar Ding-Dong Wilde." The Alchemist then asks them to give him some time to think about the clue. Hank receives a communication signal from Brock. He asks Brock what his location is. Brock, in a crowded airport, tells him that it’s him and asks Hank where his father is. Hank tells him that they sort have lost contact with him, but also tells him that Dr. Venture and Billy should be going to the “Frick Museum." Brock asks Hank to book him to the next flight to LaGuardia. Hank asks Brock how to do this. Brock tells Hank to ask Pete to do it instead. Just as Brock tells this Hank, the Alchemist celebrates and tells them that he has solved the next clue. He asks the group to keep up with him as he attempts to interpret the clue. The Alchemist explains that “In a loud room of whistlers” means the “Whistler” wing located in the Frick Museum. He continues to explain that behind the “Wilde Gray gentleman” refers to “Whistler's painting of Robert de Montesquiou," which is the guy who was the model for “Dorian Gray." The Alchemist then asks them who wrote “The Picture of Dorian Gray." Hank responds saying “Edgar Allen Poe." The Alchemist tells him that he isn’t even close. He continues to say it was Oscar Wilde. He concludes that all this means is that “behind the Wilde Gray gentleman” in the earlier clue means “behind the portrait of Montesquiou." Dean, unsure, tells him that he almost understood him. The Alchemist tells him that it doesn’t really matters if he understood it or not, and asks him to call his father.

Inside the Frick Museum, Billy Quizboy and Dr .Venture sneak inside. Billy uses some sort of grappling gun to climb over to a painting on the wall. Dr. Venture, walking toward the same painting, asks Billy to stops doing his dramatization, because he almost hit the painting with his arrow. Billy tells him that he’s sure Dr. Venture had the same fantasy as he did when he saw the movie the “Pink Panther." Dr. Venture, gets back to the subject, asks Billy if it’s actually behind the paining he’s pointing at. Billy tells Dr. Venture to prepare to tear it down. Dr. Venture tells Billy that they should at least first check out the room behind the painting before they destroy a priceless work of art. Billy happily tells Dr. Venture that “Rusty is back." Dr. Venture, happy, tells him that he’s feeling the old stuff coming back to him. As they begin to walk toward behind the painting’s wall, on the other room, the camera pans back toward the ceiling from where Billy and Dr. Venture came from. A shadowy figure of a man comes along from the same rope they used. It is Brock, who when he lands on the museum’s ground, takes out his knife and looks around.

On the other side of the Picture, inside an office room, Dr. Venture sits on a desk reading off from the clue they found. He reads: “behind the Wilde Gray gentleman sits the 2 2 1 2 1 0." Billy, who is at a bookcase, tells Dr. Venture that his reasoning is “super." Dr. Venture then tells him that he thinks he got something from the clue. He puts his hand on his mouth and starts to say something about what the twenty-second letter is. Dr. Venture, who is happy, yells out to Billy that he finally truly solved the riddle. Billy tells Dr. Venture to keep his voice down, seeing that they are located illegally inside a museum after hours. He asks him if he’s trying to get them caught. Dr. Venture tells him that he’s sorry. Dr. Venture then tells him that he’s cracked the final code. Camera pans out toward the office’s opening, it is revealed that Brock is listening in to Dr. Venture and Billy’s conversation. He grips his knife after he hears Dr. Venture mention he had cracked the code. The camera slowly pans up on Brock. As this happens, Dr. Venture reveals to Billy that the code was actually a simple substitution. He continues to tell Billy that they are looking for an “Orb." As Dr. Venture says this, Brock is shown grinning. Back inside the office, Billy tells an amazed Dr. Venture, that he is really getting back to his game. He continues to say that he can’t believe that he's with Rusty Venture and solving mysteries together. Dr. Venture pats Billy on the back and tells him that they haven’t found what they are looking for yet. He tells him to “keep his pants on." Billy sarcastically asks Dr. Venture if he’s planning to take them off again. Dr. Venture, sitting on the desk's chair and looking at the cipher in his hand as his other hand covers his mouth in amazement of his discovery. He turns his chair around and notices a small crystal like ball, which is in fact the Orb. Dr. Venture goes toward it and thinks it’s being used as a paperweight. He grabs the Orb and says to Billy: “Like my dad used to say, you want to hide something, leave it where everybody can see it." Brock is gripping his knife again as he prepares to attack Dr. Venture. Inside the office, Dr. Venture calls the Orb gorgeous. Billy asks Dr. Venture if he can see. Dr. Venture refuses because he tells him that they don’t know what it is yet, and that it could be dangerous. Billy, annoyed, tells Dr. Venture that he has to know what it is. He tells Dr. Venture that he’s been looking for this thing for thirty years of his life. Dr. Venture asks Billy not to be such a dick about this. Billy calls Dr. Venture's actions “poop." Dr. Venture tells him that the thing, the Orb, isn’t an invention and that it’s more of a responsibility. Dr. Venture tells him that they have to study this artifact. Dr. Venture continues to say that if this artifact will help mankind move peacefully forward then they will share its teachings, because they are not only men of science but also men of hope. Billy joins in while Dr. Venture was talking. He finishes the final lines of what Dr. Venture was saying. Dr. Venture asks Billy how he knew what he was about to say. Billy tells him that Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. used to say that line on the ending of every episode from the old Rusty Venture cartoon. Dr. Venture tells Billy that his father was right about this. He corrects himself and tells him that his father was always right. Dr. Venture tells Billy that his father hid the Orb for a reason and they have to respect his late father’s wishes. He continues to say that his late father was a crappy father but admits he was a great scientist. As Dr. Venture says this to Billy, the camera pans toward Brock again, and Brock lowers his knife. He is relieved that he isn’t going to have to kill Dr. Venture. Brock then slowly starts to leave the room, still undetected by Dr. Venture or Billy. As Dr. Venture admits to Billy what his thoughts about his late father are, Billy rushes in and shows Dr. Venture the old “Go Team Venture” V sign. Dr. Venture tells Billy that he doesn’t want to do this. Billy begs Dr. Venture to comply with him and do the old Go Team Venture salute with him. Dr. Venture, supposedly reluctant about doing this, but with a smile on his face, tells him that he’ll do it just his once, but he also warns him no to tell anyone about this. Both Billy and Dr. Venture do the “Go Team Venture” salute.


Back inside the Venture Compound, Dr. Venture hides the Orb inside the Compound’s lounge room on safe behind a wall. Hank walks in waling wearing his Aquaman underoos (pajamas), he says hello to his father and asks him what the treasure was that they had found. Dr. Venture tells him that it was nothing in particular only a note from his father. Dr. Venture changes his mode and asks Hank if he knows where Brock is. He tells Hank that he wants him to start fixing his room, because it’s a big mess inside of there. Hank tells him that he thought Brock was with him. Just as Hank finishes telling his father about Brock’s whereabouts, the scene changes toward the Venture Compound’s hanger bay. The camera pans toward the family jet. Inside the luggage compartment of the Venture family’s jet, the X-1, Brock comes out and tries to realign his spine. Brock’s car suddenly appears and turns on by itself. It is located near the hanger’s doorway. The car speeds toward an unsuspecting Brock. Brock becomes shocked to see this and the episode finishes with Brock’s uncertain fate.