The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together. Part One - Recap

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[Bonus Scene / Original Opening Scene]

The episode starts with the Monarch causing havoc inside Dr. Venture’s lab. Hank and Dean open a door and see that the Monarch is attacking their house. Dean yells out that it’s the Monarch who’s causing the chaos inside the lab, and also says that the Monarch is his father’s most feared enemy. Hank calls out to Brock via his communicator watch. He tells Brock that the Monarch is in the lab and tells him to come quick. As Hank calls out to Brock, Tim-Tom and Kevin leap out from behind Hank and Dean and threaten to kill them by pointing daggers at their necks. Tim-Tom points the dagger at Hank’s neck and tells him that if he says anything else to Brock, he’s going to pull his tongue out through his neck. Hank points out that that move is called a “Colombian Neck Tie”. Kevin, tells Hank that that counts as two times, and also tells Tim-Tom that “it’s time to operate”. Dean complains to him about Kevin’s reasoning, he tells him that Hank was merely naming the cut he was to do on him. Kevin tells him that since Dean is talking now, he wants a taste from his blade as well. Dean corrects Kevin and tells him that he can’t taste from his neck. Dean suggests to Kevin that he should give him a “Brazilian smile” instead. Tim-Tom asks Hank what a Brazilian smile is. Hank tells him that it’s when someone cuts someone’s mouth to make it wider. Tim-Tom tells him that he likes that cutting style. The Monarch complains to Dr. Mrs. the Monarch about the Moppets style of henching. Dr. Mrs. the Monarch, who is wearing her old Dr. Girlfriend costume, tells him that he understands his point. Dr. Mrs. the Monarch calls out to her two Moppets to take the two Venture siblings to the cocoon to interrogate them. The Monarch corrects her choice of words, he tells her to use the word “torture” instead of “interrogate”. She then corrects herself and tells her two Moppets to torture them for information. Just as Dr. Mrs. the Monarch finishes ordering her two Moppets, Brock’s voice is heard from the ceiling of the burning lab. He calls out to the Monarch, calling him a pansy for ordering his small goons on innocent children. He implies this move as a new low for him. Brock jumps off from the catwalk near the ceiling and grabs a hold of crane that was dangling near him. He then moves towards where the two Moppets are holding Hank and Dean at knifepoint, and grabs the two Moppets by their heads. As Brock does this, Dr. Mrs. the Monarch notices that Brock has her two Moppets. She calls out to her Moppets calling them her “babies”. She tells Brock to let them go. The Monarch tells her that the way she’s acting is embarrassing and asks her to let him handle the situation. The Monarch yells out to Brock and tells him to let go of his wife’s “little freaks”, and tells him to fight him instead. Brock throws the two Moppets to the ground and takes out his knife from its holster. Brock begins to run towards the Monarch in a rage. The Scene slows down, the Monarch puts his fist up, and then when Brock is nears him, the Monarch bows down causing Brock’s head to get caught up on the Monarch’s razor sharp wings, beheading him instantaneously. As Hank and Dean notice this happen, they gasp and hold their mouths shut. As Number 21 brings Dr. Venture into the lab, Brock’s head falls off and lands near Dr. Venture’s feet. Number 21 forcibly makes Dr. Venture kneel. Number 21 tells the Monarch that he caught Dr. Venture as he was trying leave through the ventilation shaft. Dr. Venture tells Number 21 that he was trying to fix the heater, and asks them if they are cold, because he says it’s freezing inside the room. Number 21 tells Dr. Venture to silence, calling him a prisoner. He also tells Dr. Venture that he has to speak only when spoken to. The Monarch approaches Dr. Venture and tells him that he only has one question for him. He leans down and asks him how he wasn’t to die. Dr. Mrs. the Monarch yells out to “Number 21” in celebration that he’s done it. She walks towards him and tells him that she cannot be as “turned on” as she currently is. She then asks Number 21 to kiss him. Number 21 and Dr. Mrs. the Monarch hug and then kiss one another. The Monarch looks in awe and anger. Meanwhile another Dr. Mrs. the Monarch comes up walking asks them aloud in an outraged tone of voice what is going on. The simulation ends and the Monarch asks Number 21 what he was doing. Number 21 is then shown kissing a faceless robot, and suddenly stops as he realizes the simulation was over. He reasons with the Monarch and tells him that the simulation went out of control like in an old movie, and that they could have all died. The Monarch orders Number 21 to put the manikin he’s holding down. Number 21 tells him that he’s glad that the simulations revolted only against him. The Monarch tells Number 21 again to put the manikin down. Number 21 puts the manikin down. As the simulation ended Number 24 comes inside the “holodeck” carrying some sort of large weapon. The Monarch calls out to his fellow loyal companions, telling them that they all did a great job, with exceptions. Both Moppets come along and hug Dr. Mrs. the Monarch. Dr. Mrs. the Monarch then hugs the Monarch as The Monarch continues to say that the night they are in is the night they’ve all been waiting for. The Monarch finishes his rant and yells out that that night is the night they will storm the Venture Compound.

[Bonus Scene Ends]

Inside the Venture Compound, strange grunting and emotionally frustrated noises are heard coming from the Compounds jet hanger bay. Brock, inside the hanger, is shown dismantling his beloved car. Brock, covered in blood, hits his car with a big monkey wrench as he cries on the car. Parts of the car are all over the hanger bay’s floor. Dean and Hank walk in wearing their pajamas and see Brock doing this to his car. Hank tells him to stop doing that to his car. He asks him why he killed the “Mayhem Mobile”. Brock yells out that the car’s name was named “Adrian”. Brock, sweating and full of emotions, tells them that it was either the car or him. Dean tells Brock that he thought he use to call the car “danger hawk”. Dr. Venture walks in and tells them that he calls it a mess. Dr. Venture asks Brock if he’s going to clean up his mess after he’s done. Brock yells out to everyone to give him some time to sort some things through, because he has to think. Brock walks towards the X-1 and starts brief in heavily. Dean calls out to Brock. Brock lifts his hand up indicating to him to give him some time. Dr. Venture tells Dean to give Brock some more time, because thinking is new to him. Brock finishes thinking and tells them the plan. He tells everyone that he wants them to get dressed and to get on the X-1 in under two minutes. Hank asks him why, and what’s happening. Dr. Venture complains to him telling him that he just got out of close and onto his pajamas. Brock tells him that he’ll explain later. Brock then calls out to H.E.L.P.eR. and tells him to prepare the X-1 for takeoff. H.E.L.P.eR. reacts negatively towards Brock’s command. His self-defense machinery kicks in. Brock asks aloud what happened to H.E.L.P.eR all of a sudden. Dean tells him that H.E.L.P.eR thinks he’s next on Brock’s kill list seeing on how he dismantled his beloved car. Hank tells Brock that H.E.L.P.eR often talks about the upcoming war between man and the brotherhood of the machine. Brock notices that he is holding a giant wrench on his hand that could be considered a threat to H.E.L.P.eR. He puts the wrench down and backs off. H.E.L.P.eR.’s defense mechanism disengages, and he goes towards Brock to give him a hug. Brock, relived, tells H.E.L.P.eR. that he wants him to go inside the X-1 and plot a course for Spider Skull Island. H.E.L.P.eR. moves away. Dr. Venture hears Brock’s course and is less than pleased over Brocks choice of safe heaven. He complains about going to his brother’s place. Brock tells him that if what he thinks is about to happen to them, he has to get them all somewhere safe. He warns Dr. Venture that dangerous men might already be on their way towards the Compound. Dr. Venture tells Brock that he should just turn on the electric fence and go to bed. Dr. Venture then asks him why he’s so paranoid all of a sudden. He tells Brock that people have been trying to kill him since he learned to pee standing up. Brock tells Dr. Venture that they aren’t coming for him or for his children, but are coming for himself (Brock). The Compound’s hanger bay lights suddenly turn off after Brock says this. A large helicopter peeks in betweens the hanger’s windows. Brock disillusioned about them already being at the Compound, tells everyone to take cover. Hank and Dean run off, while Dr. Venture remains where he was, undeterred. A group of female assassins comes off from the roof. A silhouette of another woman approaches Brock and Dr. Venture. It is revealed that it was Molotov Cocktease. As she walks towards them, she notices Brock’s car dismantled in pieces on the hanger’s floor. She asks Brock if he’s having car trouble.


After the opening credits, the Monarch’s motorcade heads towards the Venture Compound. The two moppets, wearing their pupil twins costumes, are riding ahead of the Monarch, using their moped scooters (or possibly small motorcycles). Their rides are also fashioned with the Monarch’s butterfly theme. Behind them, inside the Monarch Mobile, the Monarch complains to his two favorite henchmen about them asking him to stop the car so that they can take a rest room break. He tells them that they are going to storm the Venture Compound, and he refuses to stop. He also tells them that they should have thought about going to the bathroom before they left. Number 21, who is on the back seat with Number24, tells him that he didn’t have to pee back then. The Monarch hands Number 21 a Styrofoam coffee cup, he tells him to urinate on it. Number 21, still complaining, tells the Monarch the cup still has some drink inside of it. He then asks him politely to pull over. Dr. Mrs. the Monarch, who is driving the car, informs the Monarch that there is a gestation coming up ahead, and that she could just pull over. Number 24, who is in the backseat using his cell phone, tells them that he could go for a slushy. He continues to say that he has to change first. Number 21 continues Number 24 reasoning on why he has to change, he tells the Monarch that he also has to change because the store clerks always asks them what band they play on when they see them wearing their Monarch henchmen costumes. The Monarch reminds both Number 24 and Number 24 that they are about to storm the Venture Compound, and tells them that they aren’t driving to their grandmothers house. The Monarch again demands Number 21 to urinate in the cup. Number 21 reluctantly obeys the Monarch’s wishes and attempts to urinate on the cup he handed him. He tells them not to look as he does this. The Monarch tells him that he doesn’t even want to think about it. The Monarch then turns to his wife and tells her that he hates his henchmen. Dr. Mrs. the Monarch reminds him that it was his idea to take the car, and that she wanted to take the cocoon instead of the Monarch Mobile. The Monarch tells her that that was what Dr. Venture would have been expecting them to do. He tells her that Dr. Venture won’t expect them to do what they are currently doing, which is Dr. Mrs. the Monarch taking her two best men, the two Moppets, and him taking his two men, Numbers 21 and 24, and raid the Venture Compound. He continues to say that it’s best to take it simple with elite force. Dr. Mrs. the Monarch sarcastically tells him that she thinks it’s a great idea. She continues to say that one of his so-called “elite forces” is playing Tetris on his cell phone (Number 24), while the other is peeing into a “grande chai latte”. Number 21 interrupts her, and tells her that he wishes that cup was a cup of “grande chai latte”, because as he says that he also mentions that the drink inside the cub feels like if there was “vice” on his “wingding”. He then tells them that they have to stop talking, so that he can urinate in peace, or as he puts it “get in the zone”. After Number 21 finishes talking, Sgt. Hatred’s floating tank rushes by the Monarch and his Monarch Mobile. Everyone in the car notices this, and the Monarch becomes agitated and annoyed of Sgt Hatred seemingly going to attack Dr. Venture the same day as he was. He says he won’t let Sgt. Hatred get the better of him. The Monarch shakes his wife a bit and tells her to make the Monarch Mobile run faster.

Back inside the Venture Compound, inside the Hanger bay, Brock attempts to play out Molotov Cocktease so that they leave them alone, while Dean and Hank hide somewhere inside the hanger bay doing some silly imitation of their favorite superheroes. Brock, as he loads the X-1 with luggage, tells Molotov Cocktease that he’d love to stay and catch up with her, but then tells her that he’s sure that the OSI is coming over to “terminate” him. He continues to tell her that he also thinks that the OSI isn’t “pretty found” of her as well. Molotov Cocktease mentions the OSI and laughs, she then asks him who he thinks sent her to kill him. As she finishes talking, Brock instantly grabs Molotov and takes out his knife. He then puts his knife towards her neck. Molotov Cocktease’s band of female assigns, who are all wearing similar outfits that look like Molotov’s one, all take their weapons out and point them towards Brock. Brock tells her that he thinks she got all her assassins mad. Molotov tells him not to get cute with her, and demands him to release her or if he doesn’t she’s going to release her “Black Harts”, the group of female assassins, to cut him into pieces. Brock sarcastically asks her if they were with her. Molotov overpowers Brock and throws him to the ground. After she does this, she tells him that she never said she actually took the assignment. Brock asks her why she didn’t, and then asks her if she loves him that much. Molotov tells him that she might be too jealous to share him. Molotov takes out sheets of paper that have a few people’s profiles on them. She tells Brock that his formal employees at the OSI have already hired three other assassins. [Small cut scene that profiles these three assigns commences] A tall blonde man wearing a long sleeve black overcoat walks out of a plain and unto the airport. Molotov tells Brock the name of this assassin, which is “Heinrich Triggermensch” codename “Herr Trigger”. She continues to say that Herr Trigger was a former member of the East German Olympic biathlon team and is currently number one on Interpol’s top wanted list. She also tells him that killing is just a job for this man. When Herr Trigger gets to the migration stand inside the airport, the migration officer asks him if he’s in the US for biasness or pleasure. Herr Trigger breaths in deeply as the officer mentions his name, and utters out he’s there for “ecstasy”. Molotov begins to describe the second assassin. The second assassin also walks out unto an airport. This man is wearing a grey sweater and holding a fishing basket along with something on his back. Molotov describes his name as “Russell Sturgeon” and his codename as “Go-Fish”. Molotov tells Brock that there is little known about this man, other than that he specializes in maritime assassinations. As Go-Fish arrives at the claims office at the airport, the claims officer asks him how long he’s going to stay in the US. Go-Fish tells him that he’ll be staying “until he can land himself a two hundred and fifty pounder”. And finally, Molotov describes the third and last assassin’s name as “Jean Claude Le Tueur” and has no codename due to having a huge ego, but has name abbreviated with only “Le Tueur”. This man also walks out unto an airport wearing a dirty white style tuxedo, well groomed, wearing stylish sunglasses, and carrying a briefcase. Molotov tells Brock that this man was a rich bored game hunter that turned towards hunting human targets for sport. She also describes this man as being an avid collector of exotic weapons and also of “silver age comic books”. Molotov also mentions that she doesn’t know what these comics are. As this man arrives at the claims office, the claims officer asks him if he has anything to declare. Le Tueur, in a European accent, only yells out “excelsior”.

Brock goes back to meet his mentor Colonel Hunter Gathers at his strip club. Colonel Hunter Gathers tells Brock that Molotov is telling him the truth for once in her entire “commie loving life”. He continues to say that his moles inside the OSI have confirmed her investigation, and that OSI is throwing him to the wolves. Colonel Gathers then welcomes Brock to his new life. Brock asks him if he will help him or not. Just then, Dr. Venture comes along and notices Colonel Gathers talking to Brock. He doesn’t know or realize that Colonel Gathers is actually man that had a full body sex change. Dr. Venture asks Brock if he’s going to introduce him to his friend. Colonel Gathers hits Dr. Venture on his throat and tells him to “piss off”, calling him a “horrible buzzard”. Brock tells Dr. Venture that he’s going to only be a minute and asks him to wait out in the X-1 with Hank and Dean. Dr. Venture, holding his throat, walks away. Colonel Gathers asks Brock if he actually came in a plane. He then scolds Brock for landing a plane next to a “titty bar”. He sarcastically remarks in an angry tone that parking the plane there isn’t inconspicuous. Colonel Gathers then asks Brock, in angry tone, where he was taught to spy, calling him “Gallagher” (?) afterwards. After Colonel Gathers scolds him, the bar’s manager yells out to Colonel Gathers asking him if he’s working, or if he’s just talking. Colonel Gathers tells him not to yell at him because he’s trying to break the ice with Brock.

Outside the strip bar, Dr. Venture, walks towards the X-1, coughs and struggles to breathe he also whines about Brock’s bad job being a bodyguard. From a distance, a man comes along and stops his motorcycle. He smiles and licks his lips as he notices that he found what he was looking for.

Back inside the strip club, Colonel Gathers is giving Brock a lap dance. He asks Brock what he needs. He also asks him if he needs money. Brock tells him that he still has the wad he gave him last time. Colonel Gathers tells him that that is great. He then asks him to tip him. Gathers turns to his back so that Brock can slip some money down his pants. Brock takes out a twenty dollar bill and puts it on Colonel Gather’s pants. As Brock takes his hand out of his pants, he also takes out a passport and some other papers. Colonel Gathers tells him that what he took out are a passport, a driver’s license and a MasterCard. He then tells Brock that his new name is “Jesus Tralfaz”. And that his new identify requires him to know that he now supposedly lives in Pueblo Colorado, sells aluminum siding, and he also loves the History Channel. After Colonel Gather’s tells Brock of his new life and identity, he turns around and tells Brock to quickly feel his breasts. Brock reluctantly touches Colonel Gather’s breasts, and is quickly slapped in the face by Colonel Gathers. He tells him that that isn’t permitted inside the club. Colonel Gathers then turns around and tells his boss (or manager) named Jimmy that he can handle it. Brock opens and flips through a small address book Colonel Gathers gave him, and Colonel Gathers tells him that the book he’s holding is a small list of contacts he can contact, whom all of which were also all ex-OSI agents that have gone into hiding like Brock and he himself have. Brock then tells Gathers that he’s going to need a car. Colonel Gathers tells him that he can take his, but he isn’t going to like having to look for the keys. Just then, Colonel Gathers lifts up his pants and gets on top of Brock.

The Monarch and his group arrives at the Venture Compound. Inside the front door, Number 21 and 24 are covered in some sort of orange liquid. Number 21 complains about not knowing about the front door being unlocked, and them having to look for an alternate way in. Number 24, sarcastically optimistic, tells Number 21 that at least they now have the Venture Compound’s septic system mapped out. The Monarch, a few feet ahead of his two henchmen, looks around the Compound. He tells his henchmen to stop talking because it’s time to start arching. He continues to tell them that they all know their roles and asks them to “huddle up”. Everyone in their group, the two Moppets, Henchmen Number 21 and 24, and Dr. Mrs. the Monarch, comes closer together (ie they huddle up.) The Monarch tells them that he’s going to review their play. He first calls for the Moppets. Tim-Tom tells him that they are first going to locate the Venture boys. Kevin continues to tell him that then they are going to kill them when they finally find them. The Monarch tells him that they have to “subdue” them, not kill them. Tim-Tom continues saying that they are going to cut their bellies. The Monarch again tells them that they have to “subdue” them. He then calls for his wife. She tells them that she’s going to locate and “seduce” Brock Samson. The Monarch corrects her and tells her that she needs to “subdue” Brock. Dr. Mrs. the Monarch bites her lip after getting mixed up. The Monarch then asks Number 24 what he has to do. Number 24 tells him that he has to located their robot, H.E.L.P.eR., and “subdue” it. The Monarch tells him that he can kill the robot, because it’s only a robot. The Monarch then asks Number 21 to tell him his job for the night. Number 21, crossing his legs, tells the Monarch that he has to go pee real bad, and that it’s backing up all the way back into his kidneys. The Monarch tells him that he got his mission wrong, and tells him that he has to keep an eye out for Sgt. Hatred, while he looks for Dr. Venture. Everyone watched while Number 21, still needing to go urinate, crosses his legs again. The Monarch tells him to forget his mission, and tells him to go to the bathroom first. They disassemble their huddling positions, and the Monarch tells his “Alpha Team” that they have trained on every aspect of this mission/maneuver. Number21 corrects him by saying that they trained for everything but the electric fence. The Monarch acknowledges this. Dr. Mrs. the Monarch tells him that they could have avoided it if they would have brought the floating cocoon instead. The Monarch walks off and tells his teammates to make history alongside him.

Back outside the strip club, Herr Trigger looks abroad while he touches his sniper rifle in a creepy fashion. Herr Trigger opens the scope’s lens and looks throw it as he holds up his riffle. He moves the riffle as he looks through the scope. He first sees the strip club’s sign, and then he moves the riffle away and sees Brock coming up to him, and is about to hit him. Brock punches Herr Trigger to the ground. Herr Trigger tries to get up, but as he does he sees Brock again, and falls back down. Brock tells Hank Dean and Dr. Venture to get inside the X-1 quickly. He then tells Dr. Venture to go to Spider Skull Island to meet up with his brother. Dr. Venture yells out to Brock and says his goodbyes, he then tells him that they’ll call him when he lands. As Dr. Venture was saying this to Brock, Herr Trigger attempts to get back up but Brock hits him with his own gun. Herr Trigger falls back to the ground. Brock yells out to Dr. Venture, and tells him to maintain radio silence, and that if they don’t hear from him in forty eight over they should begin searching for a new bodyguard. Hank, who is next to Dean and still going inside the X-1, yells out to Brock that they won’t leave without him. Brock tells him that they have to do what he says. As Brock tells this to Hank, Herr Trigger gets back up but Brock again hits him with his own riffle causing the riffle to break and Herr Trigger to fall back down to the ground. Brock continues to tell them that “the farther away from him they are, the safer they’ll all be”. Dean tells Brock that they are a family and that families have to stick together “through thick and thin”, and the most difficult of challenges. Brock tells them that they are the family, and he’s only the guy they hired to protect them. As Brock tells this to them, Herr Trigger gets back up, but this time Brock throws his knife at him stabbing him on the chest, causing him to fall back down. Hank continues to plead with Brock telling him that they all love each other. Brock tells them that he doesn’t love them, and explains to them that it was only a job. Brock continues to say since now his career ended, they will only get in his way. Both Hank and Dean begin to tear up. Brock then yells at them and commands them to get inside the X-1. Both Hank and Dean walk into the X-1 with their heads down. The X-1 door closes as they walk inside it and the jet begins to take off. Brock begins to get sad as they part ways.

Just as the X-1 leaves, and Brock turns around, Herr Trigger fires at Brock. Brock dodges the bullets and ducks for cover. Brock notices his knife lying on the ground. Herr Trigger fires at Brock again. Brock grabs his knife and runs towards the car Colonel Gathers had just given him. He enters his new car and begins to drive off. Herr Trigger is seen reloading his guns from a distance. Inside Brock’s car, Brock looks through his rear-view mirror and notices Hank inside the backseat. Hank begins to talk to Brock. He tells Brock that it was a close call back at the strip club. Brock, surprised to see Hank inside the car with him, asks him what is going on. Hank tells him that didn’t fall for Brock’s “Lassie trick”, and then rhetorically asks him if he was born yesterday. After Hank says this, Herr Trigger, following them in his motorcycle, begins to shoot at them from the car’s side. Brock moves off, accelerating his car. As Brock does this, Herr Trigger smells the gunpowder from his gun, and then begins to accelerate. Back inside Brock’s new car, Hank gets into the front passenger seat. Brock complains to Hank and tells him that if they live through this situation he’s going to kill him personally. Hank tells him that he isn’t going to because due to the fact Brock doesn’t have license to kill anymore. Brock then rams his car unto Herr Trigger’s motorcycle. Hank looses balance. Herr Trigger dodges the oncoming cars that almost hit him frontally. He even jumps through a car, completely hitting his mark. Back inside Brock’s car, Brock calls Dr. Venture via his communicator wrest watch. Dr. Venture answers Brock’s call and says hello to him, sarcastically remarking how Brock specifically told him not to break radio silence. Dean also yells out to Brock, saying hello to him. Dr. Venture asks him if he’s missed him already. [Cuts to inside the X-1] inside the X-1, Dr. Venture is piloting his plane, while Dean is sitting on a passenger seat. Brock tells him via communicator watch to look around the cockpit and asks him if he forgot something. Dr. Venture, confused, asks him if he’s referring to “travel bingo”. Brock tells he’s missing his son. Brock tells him that Dean’s inside the cockpit with him. Before Dr. Venture could even finish his sentence, Brock interrupts him and tells him that he’s missing Hank. [Cuts back to inside Brock’s new car] Brock calls Dr. Venture an ass for not remembering. He then asks him why his son is inside the car with him. Dr. Venture tells him that Hank idolizes him, and that he very well knows that. Brock tells him to turn the X-1 back around to get Hank. Hank sighs in disappointment. Brock tells Hank to put on his seat belt. Hank refuses to put it on. Brock then asks him if he wants to end up like Gary Busey. He uses Gary Busey as threat to make Hank put on his seat belt. Hank becomes startled and immediately puts on his seat belt. Hank then turns around looks behind him. He tells Brock that the guy that was following them is behind them. Brock tells him that he sees him. Brock then asks aloud what they could throw at him to make him slow down. Brock presses one of the many buttons located on the car’s dashboard. When he presses this specific button, the car’s headlights move from their regular position to upwards, and gun torrents come up from where the lights where located. The guns begin to fire automatically to the car that’s in front of them. Brock realizes he pressed a wrong button and turns the gun torrents off. He drives towards the car he just accidently shot at and rolls down his window. He tells these two people who are seated in the front seats that he’s sorry for what he accidently did. As this car moves back, Brock puts his head out the window and tells them, once more he’s sorry. Herr Trigger takes his opportunity to shoot at Brock. Brock puts his head back into the car. Herr Trigger is then shown “licking his gun” in a strange way. Back inside of Brock’s car, Dr. Venture calls him via his communicator watch. Dr. Venture tells him that he doesn’t see him, and asks him to turn on his high beams, or to do something so that he knows where they are. As Dr. Venture requested this, Brock was thinking of which button to press next (that or trying to remember what each button does). Hank asks Brock if he could press a button. Before he can finish his request, Brock tells no to Hank. Brock then asks everyone, Including Dr. Venture, to be quiet for a moment. Brock then presses another button from the dashboard. This time he hit an oil slick button, making oil come out of the car’s rear taillights. Brock moves his car in a zigzag fashion to cause Herr Trigger to crash and fall, but Herr Trigger masterfully dodges Brock’s attempts to cause him to slip. Herr Trigger then takes out his cigarette he was smoking and throws it to the ground, knowingly making the oil burst into flames. These flames fallow Brock’s car. Meanwhile inside the X-1, Dr. Venture notices Brock’s car on the road nearing the flames. Dr. Venture tells Brock, via his communicator watch that he found him, he also thanks him for the signal. Back inside the car, Hank, looking behind himself, tells Brock that his oil slick trick didn’t work. Brock tells him twice that he knows. Brock then asks him to make it stop. Hank then looks at a button and asks him if it’s the one he’s pointing at, but before Brock can say yes or not, Hank presses the Bottom. Brock attempted to stop Hank but it was too late. Hank accidently ejects himself out of the car. Hank is shown flying out of the car. Inside the car, Brock sees Hank in the sky. He then hits the car’s breaks, causing the car to stop. The flames catches up to him and surrounds the car. As he does this, he turns the car around, and turns on another one of the car’s extra feature. He notices Herr Trigger coming near him. He turns on a watering mechanism that puts the flames on the car’s front side out. Brock, with a grin on his face, then begins to accelerate his car directly towards Herr Trigger. Herr Trigger also heads towards Brock, knowing of Brock’s actions. Brock then hits his breaks just before he was about to collide with Herr Trigger. Brock’s car hits Herr Trigger’s motorcycle. Herr Trigger flies throw the air, as when Hank is falling back to the ground. Hank lands back inside the car, safe and sound. Outside the car, on the other hand, Herr Trigger lands on the ground right next to a puddle of oil. Flames then catch up to Herr Trigger’s location, and surround him. Herr Trigger screams in agony. The X-1 is the shown coming out from the sky landing near Brock’s car. The X-1’s rear side cargo door opens, with H.E.L.P.eR. there to meet them. Brock reverses his car inside of it. The X-1 then takes off. Meanwhile, Herr Trigger seems to be safe as well. Herr Trigger then takes out a missile launcher (or bazooka gun?) and shoots up into the air, aiming it near to the X-1. Apparently, this missile has heat-tracking capabilities. The missile follows the X-1. When Herr Trigger successfully shoots his missile, he touches the gun in yet another awkward way and laughs in an even more awkward manner.

Inside the X-1, Hank and Brock get back inside the cockpit. Brock attempts to tell them that they are going to split up again once they get to safety. Brock lifts up Dr. Venture from the pilot’s seat and attempts to sit on this seat, but the missile Herr Trigger had just fired hits the X-1. Brock yells out “Busey” and everyone in the cockpit puts their seatbelts on. Hank, complaining, tells them that they had won the car chase. He calls their current situation unfair. Brock, on the pilot’s seat, tells them that their star born engine is dead, and that they have to put the X-1 down fast. Brock then tells them even more bad news, he says that their landing gear is gone as well. Meanwhile, on top of the X-1, H.E.L.P.eR. hears Brock’s complaints and gets out of his spot on the X-1. He climbs down off from the top of the plain, and heads towards the landing gear. Back inside the X-1, Brock is doing his best to steer their plane, and to land it. Back outside the X-1 H.E.L.P.eR. continues to climb down the X-1, he gets to where the landing gear use to be. He positions himself as the main landing wheel. The X-1 swoops down to a deserted road. One of the X-1’s wings is shown to be blazing in flames. As the X-1 lands, H.E.L.P.eR.’s wheels start to spark. The plain is coming down extremely fast for H.E.L.P.eR. to take. H.E.L.P.eR. yells out in agony as this is happens. The X-1 dodges a few cars on the not-so-deserted road. The extreme forces applied to H.E.L.P.eR.’s lower part of his body causes his legs to break off. Now H.E.L.P.eR. is stopping the plane with his own upper part of his body. The X-1 finally stops, and H.E.L.P.eR. seems to be somewhat alright. (Beeps where heard coming off from H.E.L.P.eR.) Herr Trigger, from a great distance away, sees flames coming from where the X-1 landed, which was somewhere in the desert. He begins to laugh again. He then takes out a hand pistol and heads towards where Team Venture landed. Just as he took out his gun, the ejected cockpit of the X-1 lands directly on top of Herr Trigger. (H.E.L.P.eR. did all that work for nothing).

Inside the Venture Compound, the Monarch storms inside Dr. Venture’s lab. The Monarch notices that the lab is empty, no one inside of it.

Inside Dean and Hank’s room, the two Moppets, are cutting their way through one of the two boy’s sleeping chambers. Tim-Tom cuts through it while Kevin, holding a switchblade knife, tells Tim-Tom that it’s time to “subdue”. Kevin opens his switchblade and jumps into the bedchamber. He begins to stab whatever is inside of it, and make struggling noises. Kevin gets back up holding one of Dean’s stuffed animals and asks Tim-Tom what a teenager would be doing with a stuffed animal. (The stuffed animal in question is Dean’s beloved giraffe) Tim-Tom tells him that they would be doing the same thing that they were used to do with their old stuff animals, (which is hinted doing perverted stuff to it). Kevin, repulsed, tells him that he can’t believe he touched it. He then drops the stuffed giraffe.

Somewhere else inside the Venture Compound, the Monarch runs down a flight of stairs. When he gets to the bottom of the stairs, he makes the gesture as though he was about to shoot from one of his darts from his wrist band. He then notices that the place is also empty, and that there is no one in sight.

Inside Brock’s room, Dr. Mrs. the Monarch is lying on Brock’s bed. She fixes her hair a bit. She then notices a smudge on her boot. She then looks at her dress, which was stretched out. She then attempts to fix it, along with her cleavage. She then moves into another pose as she waits for Brock.

Inside Dr. Venture’s room, the Monarch again storms into the room and makes the hand gesture as though he was going to shoot a dart off from his wrist gun. He again notices that the place is empty. But he then goes inside Dr. Venture closet and blindly shoots darts from his wrist, yelling out “die Dr. Venture!”. He again notices that this place, the closet inside Dr. Venture’s room, is empty.

In a hallway inside the Venture Compound, Number 21 runs towards a bathroom. He attempts to open the bathroom’s door, but he realizes that the door is locked. As he tries to knock the door open, Sgt. Hatred’s voice is heard from inside the bathroom sarcastically telling the person on the other side, which was Number 21, to knock the door down while he’s at it. Number 21, not initially realizing that it’s actually Sgt. Hatred that told him this, tells the man he’s sorry. Sgt. Hared tells him that the bathroom is occupied. Number 21 tells him that he thought the door was stuck. He then realizes that it’s actually Sgt. Hatred on the other end of the door. He heads towards the door and takes both his communicator device and his dart gun out. He calls out to his “alpha team”, and tells them that they have a “27 6 inside the master bedroom”. Number 24 responds and tells him that he has no idea what the numbers Number 21 just mentioned mean. Number 21, annoyed, tells him to get up there quickly.

Inside the Venture Compound’s hanger bay, the Monarch notices Brock’s car totally dismantled. He then looks around and yells out: “Where the fuck are you!”

In a harbor, Team Venture walks towards a boat. Dr. Venture asks Brock who the person they’re going to meet is. Brock tells him that it’s an old OSI friend of his. Dr. Venture sarcastically tells Brock that he has a good plan leading them straight towards their enemy. He tells him that he’s handing them straight towards the people who are trying to kill them. Brock corrects him telling him that they are only trying to kill him and not the rest of them. He continues to explain to Dr. Venture that this friend of his is also an ex-OSI agent that got kicked out off from the OSI a few years ago on account of the OSI’s policy of “Don’t ask don’t tell”. Dean adds that they know this person can keep a secret, because of this “Don’t ask don’t tell” policy mentioned. On the ship closest to them, the agent known as Shore Leave appears on this ship. He notices Brock and his group approaching his ship and yells out them a hello. He tells Brock the clichéd expression “look what the cat dragged in”. Brock says hello to him, telling him: “Shore Leave, long time no see”. As Brock extends his hand and walks towards him, Shore Leave tells him not to call him that. Shore Leave, who was wearing a marine green Speedo, a jacket and a sailor’s hat, begins to take off his jacket, revealing a tattooed green cross, which was part of an anchor tattoo, across his chest. He explains to Brock that these days he’s known as “Holly Diver”. Another shirtless man comes out of the ship’s deck, he notices Brock and says hello to him. Brock tells him that he remembers him, and continues to describe where they met. Brock says that this man is called “Mile High”. The man, Mile High, tells him that he isn’t called that anymore. He tells him that his name is now known as “Sky Pilot”. He continues to explain that ever since he found Jesus, who “flew out there demons of homosexuality”, he has been named that. Mile High then fist bumps Holly Diver’s fist. Dr. Venture notices these two men and makes a surprised remark. Hank and Dean arrive at the ship’s deck. Brock asks them what they are now. Holly Diver tells him that they are now “partners” in the fastest growing youth ministry in southern California. Holly Diver points to the ship’s sign which reads “The Action Bible School”. The sign has a rainbow and a sky printed on it, and the word “action” has multi-color-like rainbow colors to it. Mile High asks Brock if they are there to enroll Hank and Dean to their “extreme Christian out reached program”. Hank looks at his father and says “no”, while Dean looks at his father and says “fun”. Brock explains to them that he just wanted to charter their boat to take the Venture family to Spider Skull Island, while he deals with his with his own problems. Holly Diver tells Brock that he can’t help him with this because they have a “Bible dive” scheduled for noon that day. Sky Pilot tells them that they also have “parasailing through Corinthians” at 2 to 3 O’clock. Brock asks them if they could at least hook him up with some supplies, like C-4, trip wire, or a spear gun. As Brock mentions the things he needs, Holly Diver tells him no to each one. Also, as they say this, Go-Fish looks at them via binoculars on his small boot. He takes out his binoculars from his eyes and puts his finger in and out of his mouth then puts his finger on the air to calculate the breeze. Back inside Holly Diver’s ship, Holly Diver tells Brock that they aren’t in the killing business anymore, because they are in the saving business. Sky Pilot tells Brock that they have the only weapon they’ll ever need. Sky Pilot then hands Brock a Bible. Brock tells his group that they should leave now. As Brock walks away, Go-Fish throws a grenade on Holly Diver’s ship via his fishing pole. Go-Fish retracts his fishing line causing the grenade to detonate. Brock flies off towards the port and lands there. Go-Fish puts on another fishing lure on his fishing pole; he throws his line towards Brock. The lure is revealed to be a type of mechanical frog that hopes towards Brock. Brock notices this thing coming towards him, but is too disoriented from the explosion to do something about it. The frog lure begins to jump around Brock, causing him to get tied up with the fishing pole’s line. As Brock becomes completely tied up on the line, Go-Fish starts his boat up and runs off. Brock, who is still tied up, is dragged across the sea as Go-Fish runs around on his boat. Both Hank and Dean yell out Brock’s name. Sky Pilot tells them that that man, Go-Fish, has messed with the wrong people. Holly Diver tells them that they aren’t just “Sky Pilot and Holly Diver mild manner adventure Bible school pastors”, and continues to say that they are also the “Soul mates”. Both Sky Pilot and Holly Diver, as they both say “Soul Mates” at the same time, do a gag reminiscent of what Team Venture does. Back at sea, Brock continues to get dragged across the water thanks to Go-Fish. Go-Fish, inside his boat, laughs and turns his boat around. Back inside Holly Diver’s boat, Holly Diver, Sky Pilot, Hank, Dean and Dr. Venture go inside of Holly Diver’s boat’s cabin. Holly Diver, as he takes out his jacket, tells the group that they are all about to witness a true miracle of faith. He then positions himself on top of a pedestal. Sky Pilot goes towards the control center and sits on a seat while he presses a few buttons. Sky Pilot calls out to Holly Diver telling him that the “Ephesians’ sequence is ready”. The pedestal where Holly Diver is located at begins to glow as if it where initiating some sort of force field surrounding Holly Diver. Holly Diver then calls out to Sky Pilot and tells him to initiate the “boots of the gospel”. Sky Pilot, at his computer station, presses a few buttons. Back at the pedestal, golden boots with crosses on them mysteriously appear on Holly Diver’s legs. Holly Diver again calls out to Sky Pilot and tells him to initiate the “loin codpiece of truth”. A golden codpiece then appears on Holly Diver’s loin. Hank goes up to Sky Pilot and asks him if this transformation process is going to take long. Sky Pilot turns around, laughs, and tells him a bible verse. He tells him: “ye have need of patience, that after ye have done the will of God, he might receive the profits.” Back at the pedestal, Holly Diver tells Sky Pilot to engage the “breastplate of riotousness”. Sky Pilot turns back around and touches a few other buttons on his computer. Back on the water, Go-Fish, while his boat steers itself automatically, laughs as he throws scoopfuls of chum out of his bucket onto the ocean. He whispers to Brock to get a load of what he’s about to do. The scoopfuls of chum lands on Brock’s face, and Brock then coughs some of it out of his mouth. Brock terns his head around and sees a trio of sharks nearing him. Brock yells out it anger to Go-Fish that he has to be kidding him. Back indie Holly diver’s boat, Hank and Dean view from a distance what is happening to Brock. Dean yells out to his group that he thinks he sees Go-Fish throwing fish inside his mouth. Meanwhile, Holly Diver, back on his pedestal, calls out to Sky Pilot and tells him to activate the “helmet of salvation”. A helmet then magically appears on his head. Sky Pilot, on his control panel, tells Holly Diver that the “Ephesians’ sequence” is complete. Sky Pilot turns around and gives Holly Diver two thumbs up. Dr Venture sarcastically thanks God. As he says this, another panel opens behind Dr. Venture, and Holly Diver walks up to him and tells him that the only thing missing to complete the ensemble is his “Shield of Faith” and his “Sword of the Spirit”, which is located on the panel that just opened. Back outside on the water, Brock manages to free one of his hands from Go-Fish’s lure just as one of the sharks nears him. Brock grabs this shark and begins to ride him. Brock then frees himself from Go-Fishes lure completely by making the shark chew off the remainder of the lure. As Brock does this, another shark comes after Brock and jumps on him. Both sharks pull Brock underwater. Back inside Go-Fish’s boat, Go-Fish notices his lure snapped and becomes mildly saddened over it. Back on Holly Diver’s boat, Holly Diver and Sky Pilot both rush back to his ship’s main deck, yelling out that they are going to kick some of the trespasser’s (Go-Fish’s) ass. Hank follows them and is happy that he’s finally going to see them fight. Hank then notices Holly Diver and Sky Pilot kneeling down praying. Hank asks them what they are doing, because he tells them that Go-Fish is very close to them. Hank then tells them to get him quickly. Just as Hank finishes talking, Dr. Venture and Dean walk out of the boat’s cabin and looks into the ocean. Dean asks Hank where Brock is. The back of Brock’s body is shown floating upside down at a distance away covered in blood. Back at Holly Diver’s boat, Hank tells them that Go-Fish is going to kill Brock. Go-Fish’s boat is shown going towards Brock’s body. Hank then asks Holly Diver and Sky Pilot if they are going to do something. Holly Diver, annoyed with Hank interrupting his prayer, tells him that they are doing something, and that the power of prayer can move mountains. Dr. Venture says aloud that dealing with Holly Diver and Sky Pilot is worse than dealing with Dr. Orpheus. Back on Go-Fish’s boat, Go-Fish laughs as he heads towards Brock’s body. He says to himself, as though he was taunting Brock, that he has him now and that he’s on the end of his line, also that he’s going nowhere. As Go-Fish’s rapidly approaches Brock’s corps, Brock is shown to be safe and sound crouching on top of a buoy hiding and waiting till the right time to strike. However, Brock is now shirtless, bald and has some nasty shark bites on him. He is also holding a rope on one of his hands. As Go-Fish comes closer to Brock’s supposed body, Brock kisses his tattoo and begins to initiate his plan. Brock gets up, holding his rope, and leaps up towards another buoy, holding the rope as hard as he can. As he does this, Brock lifts up his supposedly dead body, the decoy, out of the water using the ropes, which were tied to it as well. The dead body, the decoy which was wearing Brock’s shirt and hair, is revealed to be a dead shark wearing Brock’s hair and shirt. Go-Fish, on his boat, finishes laughing and realizes Brock’s disseat. Go-Fish is way too close to react to Brock’s plan and turn his boat around, and is instantly beheaded by the shark’s teeth. Go-Fish’s hat reaches near Brock’s position on the buoy he’s one, and Brock grabs this hat. As Brock gets Go-Fish’s hat and puts it on, Brock recites a Bible verse. He says: “Oh God, the Lord the strength of my salvation you have covered my head in the day of battle”

Back at the Venture Compound, inside one of the Compound’s bathrooms, Dr. Mrs. the Monarch talks to Sgt. Hatred about the Monarch taking his new archenemy back. She tells him that she already talked to the Guild about it and that they cleared them to arch Dr. Venture. Meanwhile, Sgt. Hatred is seen sitting on the toilet with his pants down and crying. Sgt. Hatred interrupts Dr. Mrs. the Monarch mid sentence and tells her that “she”, referring to his wife, is leaving him. Dr. Mrs. the Monarch doesn’t understand what Sgt. Hatred said and asks him what he meant. Sgt. Hatred tells her that Princes Tinyfeet, his wife, is leaving him. He continues to say that she is going to pack up her TP and leave him. Though he isn’t 100% sure about it. Dr. Mrs. the Monarch asks him if she had told him this or if he’s just assuming it. Sgt. Hatred tells her that he received a text message on his phone. Sgt. Hatred then hands Dr. Mrs. the Monarch his “cell phone” (which is apparently either an old 1980s type of cell phone or a military type radio communicator, which both are comparably big in size). Dr. Mrs. the Monarch tells him that it’s a big cell phone. Sgt. Hatred tells her that it’s because he’s a “big boy”. Dr. Mrs. the Monarch reads the text message off of Sgt. Hatred’s phone, which reads “We need to talk”. Dr. Mrs. the Monarch then asks Sgt. Hatred if that was all of the message. Sgt. Hatred tells her that he can’t live without Princes Tinyfeet, telling her that “she’s the son to his lawn”. Though he hesitates in coming up with this analogy. Dr. Mrs. the Monarch asks him how he knows that that is what she wants to tell him. As he attempts to respond, Sgt. Hatred asks her, since she appears to be a woman herself, if that is what Princess Tinyfeet meant. Dr. Mrs. the Monarch, first responding to Sgt. Hatred’s question about her gender, tells him that she’s going to ignore that question She then continues to look back at his cell phone. After she reads the text message again, Dr. Mrs. the Monarch tells him that she was probably wrong and tells him that it appears that “We need to talk” is the universal constant for “I’m going to leave you”, and that she’s only “buttering” things up to make it appear like it isn’t a big deal. Sgt. Hatred reacts negatively towards Dr. Mrs. the Monarch’s interpretation and tells her that he doesn’t want to live anymore. He then tells her that he’s not going to leave until his archenemy, Dr. Venture, comes back and kills him.

Inside a Motel, Team Venture goes inside one of the motel rooms. Brock, wearing a very unusual getup consisting of pink pants with the words “juice” sown/printed on his butt, glasses, a red baseball cap and a shirt that says “Brisbyland” on it, heads in first to the room and immediately inspects the room for any kind of foul play. Brock looks in between the beds and their mattresses. As Brock heads towards the bathroom, he tells them to shut the door and settle in. Hank and Dean sit on the two twin beds, while Dean turns on the TV set, as Brock leaves the bathroom. Brock, heading towards the television set to turn it off, tells them that they have to stay inside the Motel room for about a day or more, and asks them to sleep while they can. until he can find a way to get a ride out of the Motel. Brock heads towards the motel room’s window to shut the curtains. He then sniffs his armpits and says aloud that he can go for a shower at that moment. Dr. Venture tells him that he called dibs first. Brock sighs as Dr. Venture tells him his, and tells him in a low tone voice “why can’t he get rid of him”. Brock yells towards Dr. Venture, who is already inside the bathroom, and tells him that he’s going out to get some supplies. He then tells Hank and Dean to stay inside the room and not to open the door for anyone. Dr. Venture, in the bathroom, yells out to Brock and asks him to get him some conditioner while he’s away doing his shopping. Hank, Dean and Brock all look at each other confused at Dr. Venture request. Dr. Venture peeks out of the bathroom’s door and tells them that he uses the conditioner for his beard.

Back inside the Venture Compound, inside the hallway leading towards the bathroom, the Monarch waits patiently outside with Number21 and Number 24 with him. Number 21 tells the Monarch what he’s heard of Sgt. Hatred’s conversation with Dr. Mrs. the Monarch thus far. He tells him that Sgt. Hatred won’t leave until Dr. Venture comes back and kills him. He tells the Monarch that Sgt. Hared said in his own words that “I, like Patty Smyth before me, am a warrior and will die in the hand of my archenemy”. The Monarch tells him that he thinks that Dr. Venture is going to take awhile because he took his jet with him. The Monarch knocks at the bathroom’s door and tells Dr. Mrs. the Monarch to hurry up because they are about to leave. Number 21 yells out to Dr. Mrs. the Monarch and Sgt. Hatred, pleading them to talk somewhere else because he still has to use the bathroom. The Monarch turns around and is surprised that Number 21 hasn’t gone to urinate yet. He asks him sarcastically if he’s a “camel”. The Monarch turns back around and knocks at the bathroom door again, telling his wife that Sgt. Hatred’s rambling could go on all night. He then tells her that he’s going back to his house to get his cocoon. Dr. Mrs. the Monarch yells out to the Monarch that she’s not going to tell him that “she told him so.”

Back inside the motel room, inside the bathroom, Dr. Venture is enjoying his bath. Talking to himself, he says that it’s his “me time”. Inside the dormitory room of the motel room, Dean lays back on a bed while he watches TV. He is apparently watching a movie, or television program, named “mummy incorporated”, as mentioned by an announcer. Outside of their motel room, Hank looks outside of the balcony. He then sees and smells a man smoking a cigarette next to him. Hank turns around and tells this man that he thinks he’s in love. He continues to say he thinks he’s in love with this man’s towel. The man, who is revealed to be “Jean Claude Le Tueur”, seems to have just gotten off of the shower or came back from swimming and is only wearing a towel with a Batman logo on it, and smoking a cigarette. Le Tueur turns around and tells Hank that it’s a towel with a Batman logo, and that Batman is his all-time favorite comic. Hank, excited, tells him that he’s almost speaking his language. Le Tueur, in a French accent, and having trouble speaking in English, explains to Hank that when he was his age living in Paris, he would usually go on top of his rooftop and pretend he was Batman. Hank tells him that when “he was his age” he jumped off of his roof wearing a Batman costume. Hank tells him that he isn’t sure if it actually happened or it was a dream. Le Tueura asks Hank if he wants to go see or ride the Batman ride at Magic Mountain. He continues to tell him that he had planned to go after a little job he has to take care of first. Hank asks his new friend what line of work he’s in. From a distance, at first floor of the motel near the pool, Brock walks in holding a bag and notices Hank talking to Le Tueur. Brock drops his bag and yells out to Hank to get away from Le Tueur. Le Tueur notices Brock and says his name. In a reversal, Brock sees Le Tueur and says his name as well. Both Samson and Le Tueur stare down each other. Le Tueur runs away, while Brock runs up to get him. Le Tueur enters a motel room while Brock heads towards Hank and asks him if Le Tueur hurt him. Hank tells him that he didn’t, and that he’s a good guy. Hank continues to tell him that he even invited him to go to Comic-Con together. Le Tueur comes back out of the room he had just entered, now wearing a costume furnished with dead animals. His breast plating is that of an elephants head and his pants are that of a zebra’s skin. Le Tueur throws a boomerang at Brock’s face, which also lands on Hank’s face. As Hank notices the boomerang heading towards them, he mentions that it looks like Batman’s “baterang”. Le Tueur, after Hank and Brock get his by Le Tueur’s boomerang, leaps off from the side of his balcony unto the pool’s diving board and uses the diving board to jump directly unto Brock. Brock gets pushed inside of his motel room’s window. Inside their motel room, an unsuspecting Dean gets surprised after Brock and Le Tueur jumps inside through the window. Brock and Le Tueur land on Dean’s bed, and Le Tueur chokes Brock with his own two hands. While Le Tueur chokes Brock, Brock’s cap falls off of his head and Le Tueur notices Brock has cut off his hair. Le Tueur asks Brock, as he chokes him, why he cut off his hair, telling him that he used to have a great look. Brock reaches towards the bed’s drawer. Dean, who is also on the bed with them, caught up in the middle of the fight, notices Brock’s hand attempting to reach the drawer. Dean then remembers what Sky Pilot told them. [Small brief memory sequence begins.] Sky Pilot, holding the Bible, reminds Dean about the only weapon they’ll ever need. [The brief memory sequence ends.] Dean reaches towards the bed’s shelf drawer and opens it. Brock’s hand reaches inside of it and grabs the Bible. Brock then hits Le Tueur with it on his head. Le Tueur falls back, with blood coming out of his mouth. Inside the motel room’s bathroom, Dr. Venture, taking a bath and unaware of the fight going on inside his motel room, calls out to his children and asks them keep the noise down. He continues to tell them that they are ruining his “ambiance”, and asks them to keep the television’s volume below “level three”. Back inside the motel room’s dormitory, Le Tueur throws Brock’s head inside the TV set. As Brock’s head smashes through the TV, sparks come off of it, middle electrocuting Brock. Brock gets out of the TV set and reclines on a bedpost, twitching as he’s still receive an aftershock after being electrocuted. As Brock stays there, Le Tueur tells Brock that he’s a great admirer of his work and that it’s an honor doing battle with him. Brock tells him to not to say cliché things like that. Le Tueur takes out his sword and tells Brock the story behind it. He tells him that the sword was forged by a master sword smith. (He goes into detail about it). Brock, still near the bedpost, tells Le Tueur that he doesn’t want to know about the sword, and asks him to shut up about it. He continues to ask him “why do sword-wielding guys” talk so much about their swords. As Brock finishes speaking, Hank rushes inside the room, but is accidently knocked back out of the motel room by Le Tueur, as Le Tueur used his reflects to attack the unknown person entering the room. As he notices that it was Hank he knocked the wind out of, he calls out to Hank and tells him he was sorry. As Le Tueur got distracted, Brock gets up and hits Le Tueur on his jaw. Brock yells out to Dean to get out of the motel room. Dean tells him that he had told them to stay inside the room. Le Tueur hits Dean on the nose with his sword’s hilt, and then attempts to slash Brock with his sword. Brock dodges but his shirt gets sliced up a bit. Le Tueur continues to hack his sword to Brock, causing Brocks clothes to get even more sliced up. When Brock and Le Tueur arrive near the second bed of the motel room, Le Tueur hits Brock one more time with his sword, it is heard that he hit Brock. Le Tueur shows Brock what he sliced. He shows him that he sliced off one of his nipples out. (The left one.) The nipple is located on Le Tueur’s sword. Le Tueur tells him to look at it. Brock curses Le Tueur as he sees his wound and nipple cut off. Blood comes splashing off of this wound. Brock, who was lying on the bed, throws Le Tueur with both of his feet across the room. Hank is shown coming inside the room again as this happens. (Not shown, Le Tueur drops his sword when Brock throws him to the wall.) Back inside the bathroom, Dr. Venture, still unaware of the fight, yells out to his kids and tells them that that this is the main reason that he has to drink to relax. Dr. Venture then calls out to Dean and asks him if they have a mini-bar inside their room. Back inside the room, Le Tueur grabs the mini-fridge and hits Brock over his head with it. Brock gets knocked to the floor by Le Tueur’s hit. Le Tueur tells Brock, who is on the floor, that he has been a worthy prey, and that he must now say goodbye to him. As Le Tueur attempts to take a weapon out from one of his many holster, Hank steps in and tells him to stop. Hank then asks about Batman. Le Tueur becomes confused. Hank tells him that he calls himself a Batman fan, explains to him that Batman would never kill anyone. Dean, agreeing with his Brother, shakes his head in disappointment. Meanwhile Brock wakes up and sees under the bed that Le Tueur’s discarded sword is underneath this bed. Hank, emotional and still trying to convince Le Tueur of his wrong ways, tells him to ask himself “What would Batman do”. Le Tueur tells Hank that he has a confession to make, he tells him, with an evil look in his face, that he only likes Batman because he has the best villains. As Le Tueur finishes telling this to Hank, Le Tueur takes out a dagger and runs off to administer the final blow to Brock. As Le Tueur nears Brock, Le Tueur leaps up and attempts to pounce on his prey. Just as Le Tueur is in the sky, Brock reacts and takes out Le Tueur’s own sword from underneath the bed and stabs Le Tueur on his chest. Blood splatters all over Brock’s face, Hank and Dean’s clothes, and all around the motel room. Hank and Dean look on as Brock kills Le Tueur. Le Tueur lies on the ground face down, and Brock gets up. Meanwhile, Dr. Venture is heard from inside the motel room’s bathroom. Dr. Venture thanks his children over finally making less noise. Brock, covered in blood, gets up and thanks Dean. Dean, in shock, lifts up his hand and touches Brock’s left chest where Le Tueur took his nipple off, he then hands Brock his nipple. Brock thanks Dean. Brock then thanks Hank. Hank remarks how Brock wanted to get rid of them. Brock, as he hands him an address book, asks Hank if he wants to be more useful to him. He asks him to look up a number on the address book he just handed to him for a person named “The Cleaner”. As he asks this to Hank, Brock begins to move Le Tueur’s body away. He asks Hank to call this man and inform him that they have a “Damien Hirst” situation inside room “202”. Hank heads towards the phone and begins to call “The Cleaner”. Meanwhile Brock takes Le Tueur’s body inside the bathroom, and frightens an unsuspecting Dr. Venture. Dr. Venture yells out in horror. Dr. Venture comes out of the bathroom, puts his towel on, and then vomits inside the motel room’s dormitory. After Dr. Venture vomits, team Venture hears someone knocking on their front door. Everyone becomes jumpy over this. Brock, who comes out of the bathroom, thinks that it’s The Cleaner and that he had came to the scene fast. The people at the door then knock again, this time a man’s voice yells out to them that they are LAPD, and asks them to open the door. Dean heads towards the door to open them. As Dean goes to open the door, two men wielding guns kick open the door and tells everyone to freeze, as they point their guns at them. Dr. Venture lifts up his two hands and his towel falls to the ground making him naked. Hank grabs Brock’s arm, while Dean gets up from the forced fall he just had.

Somewhere in the desert, H.E.L.P.eR. is shown still at the X-1’s crash site still holding up the X-1, barely keeping the X-1 up. H.E.L.P.eR. notices a purple ominous light nearing him, and then looks up into the sky. The light is revealed to be that of the Monarch’s floating cocoon fortress. The cocoon hovers closer to the X-1.