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The Venture Bros.: The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together. Part Two

On the conclusion of the two-part season finale, Team Venture finds themselves still on the run from the OSI, the Monarch, and the LAPD. After being questioned by the LAPD for the murder of Le Tueur, Team Venture escapes from the LAPD headquarters with the help of an unknown assailant. Brock attempts to play off the Monarch's forces against the OSI’s troop. Meanwhile, inside the Venture Compound's panic room, Sgt. Hatred pleads with Dr. Venture to kill him. However, Hank unleashes an army of clones onto the battlefield, and it suddenly becomes clear that someone has been manipulating the entire situation from the beginning.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x13
Production Number: 3-39
Airdate: Sunday August 24th, 2008

Guest Stars
Christopher McCullochChristopher McCulloch
voiced Sgt. Hatred / Henchman 24 / Mister Doe / Sgt. Collar / Det. Heat / Police Psychiatrist
Doc HammerDoc Hammer
voiced Henchman 21 / Mr. Cardholder
Mia BarronMia Barron
voiced Molotov Cocktease
Toby HussToby Huss
voiced General Treister
Main Cast
James UrbaniakJames Urbaniak
voiced Dr. Thaddeus S. "Rusty" Venture
Michael SinterniklaasMichael Sinterniklaas
voiced Dean Venture
Christopher McCullochChristopher McCulloch
voiced Hank Venture / The Monarch
Patrick WarburtonPatrick Warburton
voiced Brock Samson
Doc HammerDoc Hammer
voiced Dr. Girlfriend (Dr. Mrs. the Monarch)


The two OSI "lepidopterists," Mr. Doe and Mr. Cardholder, are walking from inside an OSI building’s hallway toward a room. When Mr. Doe and Mr. Cardholder arrive at a particular room and open the door, they find an old man with an eye patch doing some exercises. This shirtless man has a pacemaker. The office room they are in is covered with several American flag decorations. Both Mr. Doe and Mr. Cardholder attempt to tell this man, whom they call General Treister, something, but this man tells them to hold on. General Treister continues to do his exercise, counting from the times he’s been performing them. General Treister stops at the 77th time he’s done the exercise move. After he finishes he slaps his chest and yells out “Bingo." General Treister then asks Mr. Doe and Mr. Cardholder to throw him his towel. Mr. Cardholder points to the towel, indicating to Mr. Doe to throw it to him. Mr. Doe throws the towel to General Treister. General Treister grabs the towel and tells both OSI agents that he was performing “squat thrusts," and that he does a thrust “one for every year of his life”. Just as he was explaining this to Mr. Doe and Mr. Cardholder, his machine in on his chest, which seems to be a heart monitor or some sort of advanced heart bypass or artificial heart, begins to flat line and stops blinking green. As this machine stops monitoring, General Treister, as he taps it, threatens this machine that it had better start working soon or if it doesn’t he’ll “nail it to the wall inside the ladies room." The machine on his chest begins to work again. He tells it that he knew it could do it...

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Episode Notes
During the credits, animation director Kimson Albert had a nickname added to his credit, which was a gag from the episode:"your favorite quote". It reads, Kimson "your favorite quote" Albert.

The episode had credited a "Special Thanks" to Vishal Roney & Jennifer Stephens.

In addition to the regular special thanks, Doc Hammer and Chris Jackson credited an extra 'Thank You' credit to "Ken Plume" and "The Interns"
Doc and Jackson would like to thank:
Ken Plume
The Interns

The third episode of the season to credit Soulbot as H.E.L.P.eR.

Episode Quotes
Mr. Cardholder: La Tueur. Big game hunter. Presumed dead.
Mr. Doe: He doesn’t answer his cell phone.
Mr. Cardholder: If you knew the guy, you’d understand.

Dr. Venture: What is this, the “bad cop/retarded cop” routine?

Detective Heat: Well maybe this’ll refresh your memories. The stiff in your room split straight up the garanimals.
Sgt. Collar: Yeah, good luck making that spare.
Detective Heat: What the hell is that supposed to mean?
Sgt. Collar: You know, because he cut him in half. It’s like, uh, a seven-ten split, like in bowling. But with a guy.
Detective Heat: That is... downright esoteric.
Brock: I got it right away.
(slaps Brock)
Detective Heat: You shut your mouth!

The Monarch: Venture! Come out come out wherever you are!
Dr. Mrs. the Girlfriend: Oh, really?
The Monarch: Ah, clichéd, I know. Trust me, it sounds extra creepy over the PA.

Dr. Venture: Hank, sit down and pretend to be sane!

Dr. Venture: Dean, what are you doing?
Dean: I can’t feel my left arm. How old do you have to be to have a heart attack?
Hank: In regular years or pansy years?
Dean: Whatever.

Sgt. Hatred: (about Hank) That boy is not even close to a chip off the old block. He’s got guts.
Dr. Venture: Excuse me? You don’t know me. Why in my prime I saw some things that would make your head spin.
Sgt. Hatred: Yeah, I saw a guy’s head spin. Like right off his neck. Why? Because I punched him. Top that!
Dr. Venture: Okay, okay. My father made me kill a man--kill a man--with a house key. I was ten.
Sgt. Hatred: Ha! That’s nothing. I ate a whole Labrador Retriever once. I’m serious!

Hunter: To Brock Samson. Long live that blonde-haired butter-cream frosted murder cake.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorChristopher McCulloch
Executive ProducerSteven S. H. Yoon  |  Christopher McCulloch  |  Michael Lazzo  |  Keith Crofford
Supervising ProducerCharlie Miller (3)
ProducerRachel Simon
EditorDoc Hammer
MusicJ.G. Thirlwell
Production CoordinatorAlexandra Andrew
Supervising Sound EditorDave Paterson (1)
Re-Recording MixerDave Paterson (1)
OtherDoc Hammer (Additional Graphics & Animation)  |  Tom Bayne (1) (Animatic Director & Animo Compositor)  |  Roger Mejia (Animation Checking)  |  Agatha Sarim Kim (Animation Coordinator)  |  Carly Monardo (Character & Prop Color Key)  |  Liz Artinian (Color Supervisor)
Storyboard ArtistLauren Monardo  |  Danny Hynes  |  Jon Roscetti  |  Douglas Lovelace  |  Tom Connor  |  Siobhan Mullen
Art DirectorStephen DeStefano
Character DesignerMatthew I. Jenkins  |  Danny Kimanyen  |  Martin Wittig
Background ArtistDenny Fincke  |  Ray Feldman  |  Chris Palesty  |  George Fort  |  Deodato Pangandoyon  |  Chris Fisher (3)
Animation SupervisorNick DeMayo
Production ManagerPeeDee Shindell
Sound EditorGlenfield Payne  |  Damian Volpe
Animation DirectorJennifer Batinich  |  Kimson Albert  |  Ian Jones-Quartey
FoleyRachel Chancey
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