The Venture Bros.

Show Slang
Arch, Arching, Arch-Nemesis:
An Arch is a combating rival.

Example: The Monarch arches Dr. Venture / The Monarch's Arch-Nemesis is Dr. Venture.
Clone Slugs:
The "Clone Slugs" are the unformed clones of Dean Venture and Hank Venture. Dr. Venture explained that he created these clones after knowing that the lives of his children would be in constant danger after all of their adventures together.
Floating Cocoon Fortress:
The Monarch's Floating Cocoon Fortress is The Monarch's base of command. He uses it for all of his villainous operations, and planing on how to thwart Dr. Venture. There, all of his henchmen live and work their stations. The cocoon was built using spare parts the Monarch, and his henchmen, had robed off from Sgt. Hatred.
Hench, Henching, Henchmen / Henchman:
A Henchman is a loyal and trusted follower or subordinate.

Example: Numbers 21 and 24 hench for the Monarch.
Monarch Mobile:
The Monarch Mobile is The Monarch's personal car. Though he has had at leas three separate cars with he same name.
Necromancer / Necromancy:
A Necromancer a person who performs magic rituals to communicating with the spirits of the dead in order to predict the future, who is also devoted to the study of life and death and specializes in spells and incantations to with people both alive and dead.

Dr. Orpheus is by trade a necromancer.
Nissan Stanza:
Number 24's Nissan Stanza is his father's car. (Which happens to be a "Nissan Stanza"). The Monarch and his henchmen accommodate it as their own after the Monarch's Monarch Mobile got demolished.
OSI (Office of Secret Intelligence) is a fictitious super-governmental organization within the Venture Bros universe that deals with the affairs dealing with the "antagonist" side arching. They also have many other uses other than dealing with the arching business. Though covert, they mostly deal with world saving missions.

The OSI could be a parody of the formal OSS (predecessor of the CIA, that stands for "Office of Strategic Services")
Spider Skull Island:
Island somewhere in a ocean, currently owned by Dr. Jonas Venture Jr. The Island was formally owned by Dr. Rusty Venture who had inherited it after his late father, Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. died. Dr. Rusty Venture gave it to his brother after his brother attempted to kill him.

Spider Skull Island's original owner was Scaramantula, who had lost his Island after a botched meeting with his villainous group went awry. Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. had secretly infiltrated the Island posing as a new member of Scaramantula group, with the means of finding and rescuing his son. the original Team Venture helped Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. capture the island during the rescue attempt.

As the name implies, the island features have the appearance of skull with spider feet on them.
Strangers are a group of elite Guild operatives who are in charge of special Guild sanctioned missions and assignments.
The Guild of Calamitous Intent:
The Guild of Calamitous Intent is an organization within the Venture Bros universe that deals with the fair affairs of the "protagonist" (Villains) side of arching. Their leader is known as the Sovereign, aka David Bowie.
Ventronic is the name given to Dr. Jonas Venture Jr.'s mecha robot. The robot consists of four vehicles which three of the four vehicles has the appearance of lions. The other one was the appearance of a clown.

Ventronic Gold is piloted by Sally Impossible and forms the robot's feet
Ventronic Blue is piloted by Pirate Captain and forms the robot's right arm.
Ventronic Red is piloted by Dr. Jonas Venture Jr.' and forms the head.
Ventronic Rainbow (?), shaped like a clowns head, is piloted by a Ned, and forms the left arm.

Note: Ventronic is a parody of Voltron.
Venture Compound:
Name given to the estate where the Venture family currently resides in.

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Premiere: February 16, 2003
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