The Battles, Part 4 - Recap

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The final pairs are going to battle it out for the live shows. Christina, Adam, Cee-Lo, and Blake are going to have to pick their final pairs to go head to head and see if they have what it takes to make it into the Live Shows. They make their way to their specific areas.

Adam pairs Jeff Jenkins and Casey Desmond together and they are going to sing “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” by Elton John. Adam and Adam Blackstone talk to them during the coaching session and give them the advice to take it one step at a time. The two Adams talk to Jeff and tell him to sing with more emotion and not so natural. They get into rehearsal and Adam tells them to keep harmonizing and it will be great. The night of the battle arrives and the contestants are getting ready. They perform and they are fantastic. Blake says that Reba couldn’t take her eyes off Jeff, but Blake couldn’t take his off Casey. Christina says that Jeff has always been a favorite and he showed it again. Cee-Lo says Jeff blew him away and says it was great. Adam says that Casey has a tremendous voice. Adam picks Jeff. He will be joining: Casey Weston, Javier Calon, and Devon Barley in the Live Shows.

Blake pairs Xenia and Sara Oromchi together and says that they are going to sing “I’ll Stand By You” by The Pretenders. Blake and Reba come into the coaching session and have no problem getting through to the music. Sara asks the judges how to bring an attitude and Reba says that she needs to push it out. Blake tells her that he wants her to scare him. They talk to Xenia and tell her to have fun and Cynia cries when Blake tells that she is a great singer. The night of the battle arrives and both girls are nervous of the night. They come out and they do a good job. Christina says that Xenia has an interesting tone and tells that Sara’s voice was pitchy. Cee-Lo says that he was equally impressed. Adam says that there were nerves everywhere. Blake says that it was a tough song. Reba says that they were really scared. Blake says that Xenia wins the battle round. She will be joining: Patrick Thomas, Jared Blake, and Dia Frampton in the Live Finals.

Christina pairs Lily Elise and Cherie Oakley together and they are going to sing “Since You Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson. They meet with Sia and Christina to get some coaching. Christina and Sia meet with Lily and tell her that she needs to go for it. Cherie and Lily get into rehearsals and Christina says that they are going to be doing good because they are pushing. The night of the battle arrives and the contestants enter and they perform. They are great! Adam says that they were fantastic. Reba says that Cherie co-wrote a song that went #1. Cee-Lo says that they were amazing. Christina says that they both were amazing and both surprised her. She picks Lily. Frenchie Davis, Beverly McClelean, Raquel Castro.

Last up is Cee-Lo and he pairs Emily Valentine and Curtis Grimes. “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum. They get into the coaching session and Cee-Lo and Monica talk to Curtis and Emily and Cee-Lo says that they are going to have blend together. Cee-Lo and Monica talk to Emily and she says that she has a crush on him. They meet with Curtis and tells him to keep the pain in his voice. The night of the battle arrives and they start singing. They are amazing with their delivery. They kiss afterward and all the coaches are amazed. Blake says that it is a duet not “do it”. Adam says that he is jealous of Curtis because he has a deep baritone in his voice. Christina says that Emily was a little shaky, but had a lot of strong notes. Cee-Lo tells that Emily is out of her comfort zone and says that he is going to give it to Curtis. Vicci Martinez, Nakia, Tori & Taylor Thompson. The battle rounds are over and the Live shows are next week!