The Blind Auditions, Part 1 - Recap

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Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton are back again for another season. This night is the blind auditions where the coaches are going to have to turn around if they like what they hear. The coaches are going to be picking their Top 12 rather then their Top 8 like last season. The coaches take their seats and wait for the upcoming talent.

The first artist is 17-year-old Raelynn from Baytown, TX. She says that she would be honored to have Blake turn around and she says that she is going to happy if anyone turns. She comes out and sings “Hell on Heels”. Adam turns around first and Blake follows after. Adam says that her voice turned into a huge country voice. Adam says that he is happy to have pressed the button. Blake says that Miranda would love to hear that. Cee Lo says that she is good. Christina says that either one of the coaches would be good. Raelynn picks Blake.

Next up is 42-year-old Jesse Campbell from Chicago, IL. He wanted to provide the lifestyle of a musician, but his wife didn’t want to be there. He says that he is a wedding singer. He says that it would be a fresh start for him to win The Voice. He comes out and sings “A Song For You”. All four judges turn their chairs around. Blake says that he says that it was awesome. Christina says that he was strong and would love to have him on her team. Cee Lo says that he touched him deep down and says that he knew that he was a brother. Adam says that he did it last year, he could do it again. Jesse picks Christina.

Up next is 20-year-old Daniel Rosa from Riverside, CA. He says that he is realizing that something is there possibly. He says that didn’t expect this to happen and says that he is ready. He comes out and sings “Animal”. Blake tells Adam that he is pitchy and no one turns around for him. Christina says that he was captivated, but it is not right for the competition. Adam says that he knows how he is feeling. Blake says that he needs to work on his pitch and tells him that he will be better later. He says that it is amazing to get critiques.

Next is 25-year-old Juliet Simms from Clearwater, FL. She says that she was born to sing and says that she started touring when she was 16-years-old, but it would mean anything to win The Voice. She comes out and sings “Oh! Darlin”. Cee Lo and Adam turn their chairs around at the same time. Christina turns her chair around too. Christina says that she brought the house down with the song and says that she blew her socks off. Adam says that it is his time to talk and says that he loved the dirt in her voice and says that it is great. Cee Lo picks up on the sexual tension between Adam and Christina. Cee Lo says that her voice is amazing and it turned him on. Juliet picks Cee Lo.

Up next is 29-year-old Chris Mann from Wichita, KS. He says that he majored in Opera and says that his mom was diagnosed with Cancer and says that she is fighting for her health and says that she pushed him to fight for his career. He comes out and sings “Because We Believe” He sings it in Italian at the beginning. Cee Lo turns his chair around and Christina follows. He is happy about that. Christina says that she loved it. She says that he is the voice. Blake says that he is a good singer. Cee Lo says that was beautiful and asks why the song choice. He says that is his voice and he has tried to shrink his voice down, but wanted to sing the way he sings. Christina says that he has the voice to let go. Chris picks Christina.

However, not everyone is lucky on getting a coach as Gonul Aksoy, Ben Baxter, and Mark Trussell found out. The coaches all tell them that they are talented, but not right for the competition.

Up last for the night is 35-year-old Tony Lucca from Waterford, MI. He was a fellow Musketeer with Christina in the past. He says that he wants to show the coaches that he can sing. He comes out and sings “Trouble”. All the judges turn around their chairs besides Cee Lo, but Adam pushes his button for him. Adam says that his energy was amazing. Cee Lo says that he did exceptionally well and says that he is glad Adam pushed his button. Christina says that she has a silky quality tone. She doesn’t recognize him from her past. Blake says that he is really good at his talent. Adam says that he pushed two buttons. Tony picks Adam. Afterward, Christina finally recognizes him and huts him down. She says that she remembers him and that it is nice to have him there. That’s it for the first round of the Blind Auditions. Tomorrow is a 2-hour event!