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The Blind Auditions, Part 3 - Recap

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The Blind Auditions continue and Adam, Christina, Cee-Lo and Blake have been getting their choices slowly as they all need to get 12 singers each. They take their seats and wait for the singers to come out.

The first up is Sarah Golden from Houston, TX. She says that this could be a one in a lifetime opportunity and it is good. She comes out singing “You and I”. As she sings, Cee-Lo finally pushes his button. Blake pushes his button too at the end. Christina says that was sweet, but she heard a twang in her voice. Blake says that he heard a lot of uniqueness in her voice and calls it an honest sound. Cee-Lo says that he loved the song’s rendition and says that he wants to grow as an artist and wants uniqueness on his team. Blake says that Cee-Lo wants her to be an experiment. Sara says that she wants them both and Cee-Lo says that she can’t handle them both. She goes with Cee-Lo.

Next is 19-year-old Elley Duhe from Vancleave, MS. She says that she was in music all her life and says that life for her was different. She says that she quit school Senior Year. She says that she wants to do what she loves to do. She comes out and sings “Mercy”. She tries her best and in the end, no one turns around their chair. Adam says that the last note was good and she says that she is glad that she got to have the moment. Christina says that she has the best attitude and says that she is gracious. Blake says that the falsetto parts were a little pitchy. Christina gives her a hug. She goes out in smiles despite the decision.

Up next is 19-year-old Pip from Marietta, GA. He says that his look is a little different and he doesn’t like to blend in with the crowd. He says that he likes to think that he has a mature voice. He says that this could change everything. He comes out and sings “House of the Rising Sun”. Adam turns his chair around. Blake turns his chair around and the other judges do it as well. Blake says that his name is cool and asks how he would like to be on a team with girls. Christina says that she has time and attention and says that she is a mother. Cee-Lo says that he has an old soul and says that he really enjoyed it. Adam says that he loved it that he could do anything and impact people. Christina says that she is a fighter. Pip decides to go with Adam because he was the first one.

Next is 22-year-old Erin Willett from Gaithersburg, MD. She says that her life was filled with music and her dad calls Erin’s voice the best in the world. She says that her father has cancer and that one day he is going to die. She says that she will still go out and give it her all. She comes out and sings “I Want You Back”. Blake turns his chair around. Christina says that it was great and says that she thought that Blake and she would be an interesting match. Blake says that he loves the match and it is going to be fun. Adam says that she has a powerful voice. She goes on Blake’s team. Erin comes up to her family and she is happy.

Up next is 28-year-old David Grace from Santa Fe, TX. He says that has been playing music, but also stuck to Football. He decided to sing for 3 years so far and he says that he is going to try his best at this. He is excited. He comes out and sings “Sweet Home Alabama”. He tries his best, but no one turns their chair around. Christina says that he has a great voice and says that it was a great to go with Blake or Adam. Blake says that the dips were strange for him. Adam says that it was too stylistic and clashed with him.

Up next is 34-year-old Katrina Parker from Hollywood, CA. She gets an invitation from Carson and is happy to have the chance. She says that she has been working for an Insurance Company and had big dreams. Her parents are there for her. She says that she is caring her parents’ hopes and dreams. She wants to have magic again. She sings “One of Us”. Adam turns his chair around. Cee-Lo says that she looks nice today. Adam says that he wins because he wants something different and he loves that about her. She joins Adam’s team.

Next is 51-year-old Geoff McBride from Santa Rosa Beach, FL. He says that he has been singing at venues to make a living and says that he wears sunglasses all the time because he was a kick boxer when he was younger and tore his retina. He says that he wants to be a hero for his children. He comes out and sings “Higher Ground”. Christina turns around her chair. Cee-Lo turns his chair around too. Adam says that he can sing his butt off and says that he is awesome. Christina says that the first note he hit was amazing and says that his energy was great. Cee-Lo says that he relates to the soul. Christina says that she has soul. Geoff goes with Christina.

Up next is 28-year-old Erin Martin from Chicago, IL. She says that she was a model and that she has gotten into singing. She says that this is a huge audition for her and says that she wants to get the shot. She comes out and sings “Hey There Delilah”. Blake turns his chair around. Cee-Lo also does it. Cee-Lo says that she is a wonderful creature of a woman and says quite naturally she belongs with him. Christina says that it is great. Blake says that her smile is contagious and says that she is what the voice is and would love to work with her. Adam says that he couldn’t wrap his head around her voice. Erin goes with Cee-Lo.

Next is 23-year-old James Massone from Boston, MA. He works at a body shop and wants to get out of it. He says that he wants to follow his dream. He says that there was a Rap House Massacre that his brother was supposed to be at, but wasn’t. He comes out and sings “Find Your Love”. Christina and Blake both turn their chairs around. Cee-Lo turns around too. Christina says that he loved his voice and says that he has soul. James asks what happened with Adam and he says that he wanted to see the fight. Blake says that his voice was great. James goes with Cee-Lo.

Up next is 26-year-old Winter Rae from Los Angeles, CA. She works at a bowling alley and Carson comes in and surprises her. She says that she is going to run with this. She says that she always had an edge and she gets asked if she is in a band and the style is R&B. Perez Hilton is there to support her. She comes out and sings “Take A Bow”. She tries her best, but no one turns around. Christina says that she loved the soul, but she was looking for more of a range. Blake says that her hair is cool. Adam says that they were all rejected at one time and says that she shouldn’t ever give up.

Next is 27-year-old Chris Cauley from Atlanta, GA. He says that his inspiration is his Grandmother who was a Bluegrass singer. He says that he wants to live out her grandmother’s legacy and says that this is what he wants to do. He comes out and sings “Grenade”. Cee-Lo turns around his chair. Adam likes it and turns around too. Cee-Lo says that he is very pleased with his performance and says that it was the best. Christina says that he was smooth. Adam says that he was waiting to make sure. Blake says that either one of them are good for him. Chris asks them to arm wrestle and then laughs. He goes with Adam.

Even though Adam has 3 for the night, this doesn’t stop him as he picks up 24-year-old Nathan Parrett. Blake picks up Brian Fuente. Moses Stone is picked up by Christina.

The last artist of the night is 29-year-old Jordis Unga from Los Angeles, CA. She has a Tongan father and a Swedish mother. She says that she wouldn’t be a musician if it weren’t for her family. She says that she has been all over on the genre of music. She comes up and sings “Maybe I’m Amazed”. Blake immediately turns around. Christina and Cee-Lo turn around as well. Adam says that he is the a-hole that didn’t pick her and Christina says that she loved what she heard. Cee-Lo says that he picked her. Blake says that he has been waiting for her. Blake says that he is a believer. Jordis goes with Blake. That’s it for this round of the Blind Auditions. They continue next week.

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