The Blind Auditions, Part 4 - Recap

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The blind auditions continue and for Cee-Lo, Christina, Adam and Blake, they have to make sure that they get their Top 12 for each of their teams. The coaches want to make sure that their team is going to make it and they have to be picky with their choices.

First up is 26-year-old Ducky from Carlisle, PA. He says that he grew up going with music. He says that he is an artist too and says that his girlfriend is awesome. He says that this will change everything and says that this could help him get exposure. He comes out and singing “Tighten Up”. The coaches tell each other to push their buttons. However, after all his singing, no one pushes their button. Cee-Lo says that they are pushing the button only for the best and that they wanted to push it, but it wasn’t the right fit. Christina says that they wanted to push their button, but it was too late.

Next up is 23-year-old Jonathas. He says that he was born in Brazil and says that he came to America and learned English through music. He says that the success that the coaches have had would help them out. He comes out and sings “U Got It Bad”. Adam likens him to Usher and the coaches talk. Cee-Lo pushes his button. Christina pushes her button too at the last moment. Cee-Lo says that he thought that it was a prank and that they put Usher on stage. Christina says that she wants to mold him and package him. Cee-Lo says that Christina has package on his mind. Cee-Lo says that he can do anything. Jonathas picks Christina.

Up next is 23-year-old Monique Benabou from Alameda, CA. She says that she feels like being on the show would be a big thank you to her parents. She says that she had to take care of her mother and wants to be able to help her family out. She comes out and sings “Mr. Know It All”. She tries to get the judges to turn around. Blake tells Christina that she could work with her. Christina turns around. Monique is star-struck. Blake says that Christina is the best female vocalist and to work with her is an honor. Christina was listening for the pitch and that is why she pushed her button. She joins Christina’s team.

Next up is 21-year-old Naia Kete from Hollywood, CA. She is a street performer and Carson comes up to her gives The Voice invitation. She says that it has been all dreams for her and it is a long time coming. She hopes that she will be able to get a chair to turn around. She comes out and sings “The Lazy Song”. Blake turns the chair around right away. Cee-Lo turns his chair around. Cee-Lo says that he pushed his button for him and she says that he pushes all her buttons. Blake says that he is screwed. Blake says that he is excited and wants her to be on his team. He says that he instantly fell in love with her voice. Cee-Lo says that there is a soothing tone to her voice. Cee-Lo and Blake fight for her and she eventually picks to go with Blake’s team.

Next up is 31-year-old Erick Macek from Bethlehem, PA. He says that his family is from Czechoslovakia and wanted to have a better life. He comes out and sings “Free Fallin”. He sings and tries his hardest to get one of the judges to turn around, but no one turns around. Cee-Lo thanks him. Christina says that the song wasn’t going anywhere. Blake says that he doesn’t know how he would fare in a battle round. He goes in to his parents and they tell him not to worry about it.

Next up is 23-year-old Charlotte Sometimes from Wall, NJ. She says that her jaw was disintegrated a couple of years ago, but after the surgery, she started humming her songs. She was determined to get back to singing and says that this is a great opportunity. She comes out and sings “Apologize”. Adam and Blake turn around their chairs. Cee-Lo and Christina turn around as well. Christina says that she wants her all the time and says that she was strong all the way through. Blake says that he never wondered and says that he as a coach, needs to know what she is. He mentions that Cynia has a record deal now and that he worked with her. Cee-Lo says that it was amazing. Adam says that she heard something that could be worked with. Christina says that she is not simple. Cee-Lo tells Adam and Christina to get a room and says that they could use his room. Charlotte goes with Blake.

Up next is 38-year-old Tony Vincent from New York, NY. He says that he was on Broadway with Green Day and was in many roles. He says that Broadway has been a blessing, but he wants to return to Pop/Rock. He comes out and sings “We Are The Champions”. Cee-Lo likes it and turns around. Cee-Lo says that he loves his voice. Christina says that she loved the passion, but knows why Cee-Lo snatched him up. Blake says that Tony has the perfect coach with Cee-Lo because he is over the top. Cee-Lo says that he likes the threat and attitude.

Next is 33-year-old Anthony Evans from Dallas, TX. He is a pastor’s kid and he has been in music all of his life and started to feel something that he needed to be someone. He says that he wants to give a message of being himself. He says that he has been on the road for 10 years as a gospel act. He comes out and sings “What’s Going On”. Blake tells the others to push the button, at the end; Christina turns her chair around for him. Cee-Lo says that there is sensitivity in his voice and he got involved. Christina says that his voice is very beautiful and loved how he executed the runs. He joins Christina's team.

Up next is 22-year-old Jamie Lono from Chicago, IL. He is a sandwich maker. The boss gives him the invitation and he is happy. He says that his family is supportive and it is good. He says that this would mean a lot. He comes out and sings “Folsom Prison Blues”. Adam immediately pushes his button and turns his chair around. Cee-Lo turns around too. Afterward, Cee-Lo says that was a great version. Jamie says he makes sandwiches for a living and Cee-Lo says that they should hook up because he eats sandwiches. Adam says that he will make sure that he doesn’t make another sandwich. Adam says that his voice is soulful and different. Cee-Lo says that this represents how Jamie has his own opinion. Jamie decides to go with Cee-Lo.

Next is 19-year-old Dylan Chambers from Arlington, TX. He says that his mother has a background in theater and he says that he never knew his father. He says that he found music and has been singing all his life. He is nervous, but he has always wanted this. He comes out and sings “Valerie”. He tries his hardest on stage, but no one turns around. Adam says that it was close and Cee-Lo says that he did a good job. Christina says that the bar is set higher and says that certain things are going to mature.

This sets off a montage of other acts that couldn’t get a chair to turn around that include Nathan Anderson, Luna Searles and Adam Lasher who all get told that the coaches didn’t see a place for them on their team. They tell them that they are looking for something different. Cee-Lo says that he needs sincere with the talent.

Up next is 30-year-old Justin Hopkins from Redondo Beach, CA. He has a history as a guitarist in the Carson Daly House Band. Carson says that he feels vested and Justin says that this is his moment. He would like Cee-Lo and says that there is a lot more at stake with him. He says that it is do or die. He comes out and sings “Babylon”. Cee-Lo turns around. Justin is ecstatic. Cee-Lo says that he wants to show him that he can help him grow in his voice. Adam says that he wants to be on Cee-Lo’s team too. Justin joins Cee-Lo’s team.

Next is 27-year-old Nicolle Galyon from Sterling, KS. She says that she wants to be the first piano girl in Country Music. She grew up playing Classical piano and wants to be that type of angle. She says that this is a really big audition. She comes out and sings “You Save Me”. Adam turns his chair around. Adam says that there were parts where he could tell that she was nervous and says that it was good. Blake says that it wasn’t nerves, it was emotion and says that is what Adam does to him and that he gets emotional and loses his voice.

This sets off a montage of the voices that are special to the coaches and Ashley De La Rosa gets added to Christina’s team, Jordan Rager joins Blake’s team, Karla Davis joins Adam’s team and ALuX joins Blake’s team.

Up Next is 31-year-old Eric Tipton from Sanger, TX. He says that he is a 300-pound white man who sings Soul. He says that people are surprised at his voice and says that as a kid, his relationship with his father was rough, but now his father is there for him and it is a beautiful thing. He comes out and sings “You Make My Dreams”. He tries his hardest to get the judges to turn around, but no one turns around. Cee-Lo says that the song was into it, but it was original. Adam says that he sang it well, but he couldn’t get to the point to turn his chair around.

Last of the night is 18-year-old Mathai from Dallas, TX. She has a family full of medical degrees. She says that she wants to show that she can take this somewhere. She comes out and sings “Rumour Has It”. Adam turns around right away. Blake joins in on the game and Cee-Lo does as well. Blake says that they are looking at a star. He says that he likes her a lot and says that she is unique. Adam says that he pushed his button first and says that she owned everything. He says that he is deperate to have her on the time. Cee-Lo says that she has the whole thing going. Christina says that she loved it. Mathai chooses to go with Adam. That’s it for the forth round of Blind Auditions. They conclude next week!