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The Battles Begin - Recap

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The Blind Auditions are over and for 48 contestants, the Battle Rounds begin. Adam, Blake, Cee-Lo and Christina have their 12 singers to pair up to face off against each other. The coaches will personally train the singers along with some advisors. Adam has Alanis Morrisette and Robin Thicke. Blake has Kelly Clarkson and Miranda Lambert. Cee-Lo has Baby Face and Ne-Yo and Christina has Jewel and Lionel Richie. With the help, they are going to get their singers ready to battle it out with one another.

First up, Adam talks to his team and the first pairing is between Tony Lucca and Chris Cauley. They are going to be singing “Beautiful Day” by U2. They are shocked with the song. At rehearsals Tony and Chris practice the song and Adam helps them get the right rhythm. Alanis Morrisette comes into the studio to help them out. Tony gets his time with Adam and Alanis and they fix little issues with his voice. Robin Thicke helps out Chris and they tell him to go out and have fun. The battle begins and Chris and Tony sing their hearts out. Afterward, Blake says that he was expecting Tony to be better then Chris. Christina says that they both brought it and says that she is pulling for Tony, but says that Chris was good. Cee-Lo says that Tony articulated the song more clearly. Adam says that they both did an amazing job and says that he has to go with Tony Lucca.

Blake talks to his team and says that his first pairing is between Adley Stump and Raelynn. They are going to be singing “Free Falling” by Tom Petty. At rehearsals, Adley and RaeLynn get into the room and start to try to sing the song the way they want and Blake fixes some issues. RaeLynn comes in for her private session and Miranda Lambert is there to help her out. She freaks out and says that she loves her. Miranda tells her to focus on herself and not try to do things that she is not used to. Adley comes in and Kelly Clarkson is there to help her. Adley says that she is star struck and Kelly says that she needs to prove that she can go soft like RaeLynn. The night of the battle arrives and Adley and RaeLynn come out and sing at their best. Afterward, Christina says that they both style and says that Adley has the cheerleading lungs and says that Adley was the stronger of the two. Cee-Lo says that RaeLynn has the time to grow and says that he would go with Adley. Adam says that Adley overpowered RaeLynn and says that he would go with RaeLynn on it. Blake says that he has to go with RaeLynn.

Christina talks to her team and says that her first pairing is between Chris Mann and Monique Benabou. She is shocked and says that Chris is classically trained. The song that they are going to sing is “The Power of Love” by Celine Dion. Chris and Monique get to rehearsal and they polish the sound. Monique is impressed with Chris. Chris comes in and Lionell Richie is there to help him. They realize that he is trying too hard and can’t worry about the mistakes. Jewell helps Monique with her tuning and Christina says that she needs to put her love in the song. At the last rehearsals, Monique shows that she can feel the song more. The night of the battle arrives and Chris and Monique give it their all. Afterward, Cee-Lo says that Monique’s voice was good, but Chris was the best. Adam says that Monique opened up and says that Chris was better. Blake says that they knew that Chris was going to bring it, but goes with Monique. Christina says that they were amazing, but says that she has to go with Chris Mann.

Cee-Lo talks to his team and says that his first pairing is Cheesa and Angie Johnson. He says that they are going to sing “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. Cheesa admits being a little scared. They get down to rehearsing the song and they decide to raise the octave higher and higher. Cheesa starts to worry if she is going to be able to have her voice handle that. Babyface comes in to help coach Cheesa. He says that this is not an easy song and she struggles with getting the song range. Angie meets with Ne-Yo. He says that she is going to have to push it to make sure that she is not just a safe singer. They reference it to the military and say that she has to be ready for the kill. The night of the battle round arrives and Cheesa and Angie sing it out. Afterward, Adam says that they were great and says that he has to go with Cheesa maybe. Blake says that both had a great moment and says that he would have to go with Angie. Christina says that this was a great match and says that Cheesa’s voice was great, but says that Angie was better with it. Cee-Lo says that he is proud of them both and it felt like a battle, but says that he has to go with Cheesa because she has articulated the song better.

Blake says that his next pairing is between Jordis Unga and Bryan Fuente. They are going to be singing “Ironic” by Alanis Morrisette. They get into rehearsals and Blake asks them if they know the song. Bryan struggles a little at first and gets the hang of it. Brian meets with Kelly Clarkson and Blake says that he can be the powerhouse. Kelly picks out that he is hesitant and says that it needs to be consistent. Jordis goes to her rehearsals with Blake and Miranda. Blake says that Jordis needs to get out of her head. Jordis asks what she can do and Blake says that she needs to keep focused and be herself. The night of the battle arrives and Jordis and Brian come to the stage and sing their hearts out. Afterward, Christina says that there were pitchy problems, but Jordis was better. Cee-Lo says that it was aggressive and says that Bryan was the better of the two. Adam says that he would go with Jordis on this. Blake says that he wanted a rocker and he didn’t like the pitch problems. He says that he is going to have to go with Jordis Unga.

Last up for the evening, Christina says that her next pairing is between Anthony Evans and Jesse Campbell. They are going to sing “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys. They get into rehearsals and Jesse wants to show that he is the winner of competition. Jesse meets with Lionel Richie and he feels like a woman. Lionel tells him to take his time with the song. Anthony meets with Jewel and she says that there is no need for the runs and says that it wants to mean something. Jewel says that he is the underdog. The night of the battle arrives and Anthony and Jesse come out singing hard. Afterward, Cee-Lo says that they were both amazing. Adam says that the sheer level of talent was amazing and says that they were great. He says that he has to go with Jesse. Blake says that it was awesome and says that he has to go with Jesse. Christina says that she is upset that she has to make a choice and says that she has to go with Jesse Campbell. The Battles continue next week!

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Warning: The Voice season 2 episode 6 guide may contain spoilers
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