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The Battles, Week 2 - Recap

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The Battle Rounds continue with a new group of singers are going to have to go head to head to battle it through. After the contestants who got through to the Live Shows finished, another group of pairing are to show that they have what it takes to stay in the competition and not go home.

Christina talks to her team and tells them that the next pairing is between Geoff McBride and Sera Hill. The song that they are going to sing is “Chain of Fools” by Aretha Franklin. She says that she has faith in them. They meet with Christina and she is happy with the match that she meshed. Geoff makes it through the song without any issues. The next day, Geoff meets Lionel Richie and says that he needs a moment. Lionel is amazed at Geoff’s delivery. Christina says that he needs to make them feel him. The next day comes and Sera meets with Jewel. She Christina is happy with her adlibs and says that she is going up against a powerful singer. Jewel says that she needs to bring the emotional. The night of the battle comes and they go head to head. Afterward, Cee-Lo says that he is pleasantly surprised and they work well as a group. He says that Geoff kept control. Blake says that he was turned on. Adam interrupts and he says that Geoff turned him on when he took off the glasses. Blake goes with Sera. Christina says that they both have power and emotional. She says that she loves them both, but has to go with Sera Hill.

Blake talks to his team and says that he is pairing up Charlotte Sometimes and Lex Land. They are going to sing “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People. Charlotte says that she isn’t worried. They get into the rehearsals and Lex is shy with her delivery.
Charlotte gets to work with Kelly Clarkson and she is stoked. Kelly says that she doesn’t want to be too crazy and says that people are going to be attracted to Charlotte’s personality. Lex gets to meet with Miranda Lambert. Lex gets on stage and they are impressed with her tone and says that Charlotte will possibly think too much to impress the crowd and give Lex an opening. They get on stage and give it their all. Afterward, Christina says that Lex had a sexy voice in the versus. She says that Charlotte was comfortable on stage. Cee-Lo says that he liked Charlotte’s articulation and says that he would have picked Charlotte. Adam says that Lex opened up and says that he would choose Lex. Blake says that he couldn’t take his eyes off Charlote and says that the winner of the battle is Charlotte Sometimes.

Cee-Lo talks to his team and says that his next pairing is Sarah Golden and Juliet Simms. They are going to sing “Stay With Me” by Rod Stewart. They get into rehearsals and Juliet overpowers Sarah with her growl and power. Cee-Lo says that Sarah could come out swinging. Babyface and Sarah get to work together and they like the Yodel that she adds to the song and says that it will be an edge. Juliet gets in with Ne-Yo and he says that she needs to pick her moments in the song and not to give away the growl too soon. The day of the battle comes and they have one more rehearsal. Cee-Lo says that they both are great. They get to the stage and sing it. Afterward, Adam says that he would pick Juliet because he is bias. Blake says that Sarah is versatile and says that she took it. Christina says that it was interesting and that it was a no brainer that Juliet won. Cee-Lo says that this is the hardest part to do and says that he has to go with Juliet Simms.

Adam talks to his team and he says that the next pair is between Whitney Myer and Kim Yarbrough. “No More Drama” by Mary J. Blige. Adam says that they are going to have to beat each other to win. They get into the rehearsals and Adam says that they need to concentrate with the words. Whitney gets to work with Alanis Morisette. Adam tells her that she has to get a running start and Alanis says that she has to drag out some of the words. They tell her to be herself. Kim gets to train with Robin Thicke and she gets into the song and is in the song more. Robin mentions that he is missing the tension of the song. They tell her that she has to have the emotion in the song otherwise, she is going to lose. The night of the battle arrives and they go out and sing. Afterward, Blake says that was awesome and says that he was truly watching a Diva concert and they were really great. Christina says that there was there was more of richness in Kim’s voice. Cee-Lo says that the song was made for Kim and he says that he would go with Kim. Adam says that he didn’t know what he was going to do in this at first and says that the winner of the battle is Kim Yarbrough.

Christina says to her team that her next pair is Lee Koch and Lindsey Pavao. They are going to sing “Heart Shaped Box” by Nirvana. They get into the rehearsals and Christina says that Lindsey needs to relax and be herself without changing the song too much. The next day, Lee performs with Jewel and he doesn’t get the melody right with the song. Lindsey meets with Lionel Richie and she is star stricken. She starts to sing, but they realize that she is stuck in her head. They tell her that she needs to make sure that she with project and get out in front of the song. The night of the battle arrives and Lee and Lindsey sing their hearts out. Afterward, Cee-Lo says that it was cool and the lighting made Lee look like Jesus. He says that he enjoyed it and says that Lee was blessing him. Adam says that Cee-Lo found Jesus, but says that it was odd, but great. He says that he always liked Lee. Blake says that he never heard the song and says that Lindsey was great. Christina says that she is a fan of both of them, but says that she has to go with Lindsey Pavao.

Last of the evening it is Cee-Lo as he talk Jamar Rogers and Jamie Lono. “I Want to Know What Love Is” by Foreigner. At rehearsals, Jamie has problems with getting to the range. Cee-Lo tells him to relax with it. The next day, Babyface and Jamie get down to getting to the song right. However, his voice cracks again. Babyface says that he needs to do what his voice will allow. The next day, Jamar meets with Ne-Yo and he says that he is blessed. Ne-Yo says that he needs to convey the emotions and sing it well. Afterward, Adam says that Jamie was in the zone, but then he lost it. He says that Jamar was ridiculously good. Blakes says that he likes the vibe. Christina says that Jamie has a good voice, but the song wasn’t his. She picks Jamar. Cee-Lo says that Jamie says that he is with him and in his corner, but it was hard for Jamie. Cee-Lo says that he is going to have to go with Jamar Rogers. That’s it for the second round. Next week, another Battle Round!