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Live Eliminations (3) - Recap

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The results are in and Carson Daly welcomes the judges Adam, Cee-Lo, Christina and Blake. He says that Team Blake and Christina did a great job and that they are going to find out who the Bottom Two are going to be to have to perform for their spot.

“The Wanted” performs on the stage along with Team Blake on stage. They show what it means to be recording artists and have fun on the stage.

The LIVE eliminations are in and Team Christina comes up and Ashley De La Rosa, Chris Mann and Lindsey Pavao. Adam says that Christina has the right to eliminate Jesse Campbell from the competition. Cee-Lo says that she is normal and that it was up to America if they wanted to keep Jesse to begin with. Christina says that she wouldn’t be true to herself if she didn’t follow her heart. Christina tells her team that she loved how they all put in a lot of work and says that this is hard. The singer safe is Chris Mann. This means Ashley De La Rosa and Lindsey Pavao are going to have to battle it out.

RaeLynn, Erin Willett and Jermaine Paul come up for Team Blake. Carson asks what Blake is thinking. He says that it was upsetting to see someone go home and that it sucks that someone is going home tonight as well. The singer safe is Jermaine Paul. This means that Erin Willett and RaeLynn are going to have to battle it out soon.

Singing “You and I”, Ashley De La Rosa comes out and shows that she doesn’t want to go home without winning it all. Afterward, Adam says that it was a roller coaster thing and says that he feels that this wasn’t his favorite though. He says that she should be kept around. Blake says that she has won him over and says that she would be a better pick.

Lindsey Pavao comes out and sings “Please Don’t Go”. Afterward, she gets overcome with emotion. Cee-Lo says that was wonderful and says that there is so much charm. Blake says that Lindsey has something mysterious that has people draw into her voice. However, he sticks to what he said before.

Justin Bieber comes out and the crowd goes crazy. He says that they are going to love the video and they show a clip of his video “Boyfriend”. He says that he is sorry about not getting with Adam in a super group. He says that it is all good. Justin says that his release of the CD is June 19th.

Lindsey Pavao and Ashley De La Rosa come out and Christina has to choose one singer to save for the next round. She says that she loves the two girls. She says that they both have amazing talents and are superstars. She says that she has to save Lindsey. This means that Ashley De La Rosa is eliminated.

Singing “Proud Mary”, Erin Willett comes out and shows that she doesn’t want to leave the competition. Christina says that she loved her spirit and energy and says that she put in an amazing effort.

RaeLynn comes out and sings “If I Die Young”. She gives it her all and shows that she is not to be counted out of the competition. Adam says that the performance wasn’t the best performance of hers, but there is something about her.

Blake has to make the choice now and he says that he really doesn’t know. He says that he loves both of them and says that it is tough. He says that there was something off with RaeLynn and says that he has to save Erin Willett. This means that RaeLynn is eliminated from the competition.