Live Eliminations (4) - Recap

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The Results night begins and for Team Adam and Team Cee-Lo, they are going to have to see who is the singer is that America picked to go through to the next Semi-Finals. Carson comes out and tells everyone that the Bottom Two are going to have to perform for their time in the competition.

Florence and the Machine perform on stage with their new single. They show what it means to be a multi-platinum artist. Team Cee-Lo joins them on the stage. They get a standing ovation at the end of their performance.

The results are in and Katrina Parker, Mathai and Tony Lucca come to the center of the stage and Adam says that he received a lot of hate mail for letting go Pip. He says that they should all be happy no matter what the results. Carson reveals that America’s save is Tony Lucca. This means that Katrina and Mathai are going to fight for their life in the competition.

Next Jamar Rogers, Chessa and Juliet Simms come out on stage for their results. Cee-Lo says that it is mixed emotions and says that they are all special and all deserve to make it so far and says that this is very difficult for him. The artist that America has saved is Jamar Rogers. This means that Chessa and Juliet Simms are going to be fighting for their life in the competition.

Singing “Cowboy Casanova”, Mathai comes out and shows that she is not going to be counted out. Blake says that it is hard not to love her and says that he likes that she did a hillbilly side. Christina says that she showed more aggression. Cee-Lo says that he agrees and says that she has charm.

Next up, Katrina Parker comes out and sings “Perfect”. She shows that she wants to stay in this competition. Afterward, Blake says that she is the best singer on the team. Christina says that she agree with Blake and says that she is really great at picking songs for herself and says that she is excited to hear original material. Cee-Lo says that this was a great song choice for her.

Mathai and Katrina Parker come up and Blake says that Katrina came out like a tornado and says that it was amazing. Christina says that Katrina is her pick. Cee-Lo says that he likes Mathai. Adam says that Mathai started with a spark when she started. Katrina started off like an unpolished diamond, but they both surprised him. Adam says that he has to send Mathai home. This means that Katrina Parker is going on to the Semi-Finals with Tony Lucca.

Singing “Already Gone”, Chessa comes out. She gives it her all to show Cee-Lo that she wants to stay in the competition to the end. Blake says that it is hard not to get excited, but there was a little bit of flatness at the beginning. Christina says that says that she has done amazing things and has proven that she has something. However, she was a hair under pitch until the end. Adam says that they are right and says that they are always pitchy and says that yesterday was great. Today, not as strong.

Next up, Juliet Simms sings “Torn”. She performs at her best she is able with the hope that Cee-Lo is going to pick her. Afterward, Blake says that week after week, she has changed his mind about her and says that she is great and consistent. Christina says that the softer voice isn’t her favorite place for her and says that she can take it with songs like “Roxanne”.

Chessa and Juliet Simms go to the center of the stage for the last save. Blake says that he doesn’t want to think about that and says that they are different types of singers and says that Juliet needs to go through. Christina says that Chessa has come a long way, but hands downs, it was Juliet. Cee-Lo says that he needs to see them smile. He says that the show is hard and says that there is a difference in approach. He says that he is going to have to send Chessa home. This means that Juliet Simms is going to the Semi-Finals with Jamar Rogers. Next week is the Semi-Finals and the Top 8!