Live Final Performances - Recap

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It is the Finals of The Voice and Carson Daly introduces the coaches, Adam Levine, Cee-Lo Green, Christina Aguliara and Blake Shelton. The finalists: Team Adam’s Tony Lucca, Team Cee-Lo’s Juliet Simms, Team Christina’s Chris Mann and Team Blake’s Jermaine Paul are ready to go for the last performances of the night. The artists are going to have their Solo song, a Duet and a surpise song. Blake says that Jermaine is a freakin’ superstar. Christina says that Chris is amazing and says everyone deserves to be there. She says that her little boy is cheering her on. Cee-Lo says that Juliet says that she has proven herself and it is amazing. Adam says that Tony has been great.

Jermaine Paul is up first and he says he wanted more than being a backup singer to Alicia Keys. He says that the LIVE shows felt like it was all about him. Blake says that Jermaine has his breakout moment. He says that he is going to sing “I Believe I Can Fly” by R.Kelly. He comes out and sings. Afterward, Christina says that he has so much heart and emotion and says that he shined. Cee-Lo says that it was the perfect song choice. Adam says that he is so powerful and says that he is an incredible singer. Blake says that his heart is in his throat and says that he never really heard the song until now. He says that he learns things from him.

Next up is Juliet Simms comes out and sings “Crazy” for Cee-Lo as a thank you. She has fun on stage and afterward, she thanks him for

Chris Mann and Christina Aguilera come out and sing “Prayer” by Andrea Bochelli and Celine Dion. In rehearsals, they get their tone right. Chris says that singing with her is going to be amazing. They come out on stage and sing.

Tony Lucca is up next for the Solo performances and talks about how the Voice has given him something to prove with being a former Disney Kid. He says that it is crazy to think that he is in the Top 4. He says that he is going to sing “99 Problems” by Jay Z. He comes out and sings. Afterward, Blake says that was a lot of fun and says the he did a great job. Christina says that the lyrics were a little derogatory to women. Cee-Lo says that he liked it. Adam says that he is proud of him and says that it is not referring to women and says that it is a Metafor. He reveals that he is wearing a Team Xtina shirt when she starts to argue. He says that Tony did a great job.

Chris Mann comes out and sings “The Voice Within” for Christina as a thank you to her. He shows emotion with the song and afterward, she goes up and hugs him. He tells Christina that she made his dreams come true and says that he is grateful.

Juliet Simms and Cee-Lo Green perform “Born To Be Wild” by Stepenwolf. In rehearsals, Juliet says that she is looking forward to the duet with Cee-Lo and says that they have such a connection. Cee-Lo says that they are going to cater to Juliet’s rocker edge. The come out and sing.

Tony Lucca and Adam Levine come out and sing “Yesterday” by The Beatles. In rehearsals, they have a great energy and work on their tuning on the song. They agree that they are going to be great. They come out and sing.

Jermaine Paul comes out and sings “God Gave Me You” for Blake as a way to say thank you to his coaching. Afterward, Jermaine says thank you for giving him the opportunity. He says that he is grateful for working with him.

Chris Mann is up next. He says that he was beyond excited to be in the competition and says that he wanted to sing like himself. Christina says that he deserves to be here. He says that he is going to be singing “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban. He comes out and sings. Afterward, Cee-Lo says that he is so completely cool to him and says that he needs to sing at his wedding. Christina says thank you to Chris and says that he stuck to his guns and says that she loves her team.

Jermaine Paul and Blake Shelton come out and sing “Soul Man”. Jermaine says that it is a good marriage and says that he has swag. He says that Blake is hilarious. Blake says that Jermaine has loosen up and says that he is never going to be a backup singer anymore. They come out and sing.

Tony Lucca comes out and sings “Harder To Breath” as a thank you to Adam for everything he has done for him. He has fun and afterward, he says that there are a lot of words in that song. He says that this has been like nothing else and says a thank you to all the coaches as well.

Last up for the night is Juliet Simms. She says that she was at a point in her career before the auditions where she was stuck. She says that that she came alive with this. Cee-Lo says that for him she broke through and showed her talent. She is going to be singing “Freebird” by Leonard Skynard. She comes out and sings. Afterward, Adam says that she is incredible and says that she has a lot of grit in her voice. Christina says that she was amazing and says that she feels for her with performing sick. Cee-Lo says that with her on his team, he has No Problems. That is it for the performances! Now it is up to America to vote for their favorite.