Live Finale: WINNER is announced! - Recap

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It is the Finals Results show where they will be crowning the second winner of “The Voice”. For Adam Levine, Cee-Lo Green, Christina Aguliara and Blake Shelton, it has been a journey finding the best. The finalists: Team Adam’s Tony Lucca, Team Cee-Lo’s Juliet Simms, Team Christina’s Chris Mann and Team Blake’s Jermaine Paul are anxiously waiting for the results from last night’s performances. Blake says that for Jermaine, the future is wide open for him. He says that each of the singers are so different. Christina says that Chris does it from the heart and makes it look effortless. Cee-Lo says that Juliet has inspired him and says that he appreciates her. Adam says that everyone is amazing.

Jermaine Paul, Jamar Rogers, James Massone and Pip come out and sing “I Want You Back”. They have fun on stage and show off their talents. Afterward, they show a blooper reel of the season.

Up next, Flow Rider and Juliet Simms sing on stage and have a lot of fun with his single that has been on the top of the charts.

Next up is Chris Mann, Lindsay Pavao and Katrina Parker come out and sing “Bittersweet Symphony”. They show their talent on the stage. Afterward, they show the “bromance” of Blake and Adam in a video montage.

Chris Mann, Tony Lucca and Jermaine Paul join Hall & Oats on stage with their single “Rich Girl”. They have fun on stage and prove that they still have what it takes. Afterward, they look at a video of the coaches talking about their secrets to discovering talent.

Naia Kete, Sera Hill, Chessa, Kim Yarbrough all come out on the stage and sing “Superstition”. They have fun on stage and show their talent. Afterward, Parks and Rec has

Juliet Simms, Erin Willett, Raelynn and Jamar Rogers come out and sing “A Little Help From My Friends”. They show their talent on stage and have fun. Afterward, they show a video of Cee-Lo and Purrfect The Cat.

Lady Antebellum come out and perform their single “Wanted You More” on stage. They show what it means to be a top recording group in today’s music industry.

Tony Lucca and Jordis Unga come out and sing “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac. They come out and show their talent. Afterward, they show a video of the Final Four getting the star treatment at an after party. They get a KIA.

Justin Bieber comes out and sings “Boyfriend” on stage. He show what it takes to stay on top of the charts.

The results are in and it is the moment to crown the winner. Tony Lucca, Juliet Simms, Chris Mann and Jermaine Paul come to the stage. Jermaine says that winning this would mean the world. Chris says he grew as a performer and says that he is grateful. Juliet says that she appreciates all who have sacrificed for her. Tony says that this feels like that all the work he has done hasn’t been in vain. The 4th place goes to Chris Mann. The 3rd place goes to Tony Lucca. The 2nd place goes to Juliet Simms. This means that Jermaine Paul is the winner of “The Voice”!!