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The Blind Auditions, Part 3 - Recap

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On a special third night, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, CeeLo Green and Christina Aguilera are back for another round of Blind Auditions. The search continues as they get settled in their chairs. With a contract with Universal Music Group, it is important for the artists to show their best. The judges get ready for the oncoming talent.

First up for the night is Samuel Mouton (19) from Fort Collins, CO. He says that he has been singing his entire life and says that he wanted to be like his dad, who was a singer. He says that he helps out the family, but wants to get out of it. He says that he sounds different than he looks. He comes out and sings “Redemption Song”. Adam, CeeLo and Christina turn around. Blake says that he didn’t push his button, but this is going to cool to listen to the bickering. Christina says that she would love to get to know him and says that he has something to say. CeeLo says that this didn’t sound like an imitation and says that this song has been amazing. Adam says that he impacted him and says that he did a great job. Samuel eventually decides to go and join Team Adam.

Next up is former boy band member Chris Trousdale (26) from Big Rapids, MI. He says that he was in a boy band called Dream Steet. However, they broke up and he is currently working at a sushi restaurant. He says that he wants to make it big again and not be turned down anymore. He comes out and sings “Glad You Came”. He sings, but no matter how hard he tries, he doesn’t get a chair to turn around. Christina says that he was performing well. Blake stands up and does the moonwalk. Adam says that he is a dancer with a nice voice and tells him to concentrate more on the voice.

Not everyone can fit into the judges categories as Mike Squillante, Jasmine Rose and Brandon Clark try to fit in. However, the judges tell them that they are going to allow themselves to like someone. They don’t get the chance.

Nelly’s Echo (32) from Baltimore, MD is up next. He says that he was born in Nigeria and that he and his family had to leave their father behind. He says that music helped him cope. Their father was later released from prison and is there with him. He says that his name is a way of saying that he wants to impress with his music. He comes out and sings “Ain’t No Sunshine”. Christina and Adam turn their chairs around. Blake congratulates him. Christina says that she was the first one to push her button because she finds him compelling. Adam says that he wanted something different and says that he needed it. Nelly’s Echo goes with Team Christina.

Up next is “2Steele Girls” from Wellston, OH. They are a mother/daughter duo. They say that it has been a struggle and says that they have been through a lot. They have sold a lot of things to come there. They come out and sing “Before He Cheats”. CeeLo and Blake turn around. Adam says that they were powerful and says that he doesn’t know how to handle duos. CeeLo says that was exceptionally great. He says that he is up to be the coach. Blake says that he can help in their area, but wants to teach them how to protect the relationship. They eventually decide to join Team Blake.

The talent continues as Lisa Scinta’s version of “Teenage Dream” lands her on Team Christina, Marissaann’s cover of “Part Of Me” gets her on Team Christina and Loren Allred’s version of “When Love Takes Over” lands her on Team Adam. CeeLo keeps missing out on good singers.

Next is Domo (26) from Bronx, NY. She is a real dancer and is a little DIVA in the making. She gives her entire resume of what she has done. She shows Carson her dance moves. She says that she can sing and dance and is ready to show off. She comes out and sings “Don’t Cha”. CeeLo turns around. She shows more of her confidence. Christina says that CeeLo has his hands full and says that CeeLo is going to have fun. Adam says that CeeLo is in heat. CeeLo says that she is perfect for him.

Nicole Nelson (35) from Burlington, VT is up next. She says that she loves singing and has been singing since she has been talking. She says that it is difficult to make a lot of money singing and says that this is a way to get her voice heard. She comes out and sings “Hallelujah”. All four coaches turn around. Christina says that was gorgeous and says that her voice is amazing and says that it was exciting. Adam says that is his favorite rendition and says that he turned around first. CeeLo says that he loved to see the people in the crowd being moved by her voice. Blake says that he is an organic person and says that he has a play in this. Nicole decides to go with Team Adam. That is it for the 3rd round of the Blind Auditions!