The Blind Auditions, Part 4 - Recap

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The Blind Auditions continue and Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, CeeLo Green and Christina Aguilera are stopping at nothing to find the best to add to their teams. With the recording contract to the winner, the competition is on high alert to find the next Voice of America. The judges are ready in their seats for the first contestant.

Melanie Martinez (17) from Baldwin, NY is up first for the night. She says that music was a way for her to cope with people making fun of her about her gap in her teeth. She says that she loves taking pictures and she is really good at it. She says that she likes to sing too. She comes out and sings “Toxic”. Adam, Blake and CeeLo turn around. Adam says that he wants people to have creative vision and says that she is amazing. Blake says that she was hearing an unique artist and says that she is a star. CeeLo says that her voice was unique and says that it was a great thing. Adam says that he too thinks that she is unique. Christina says that she would have turned around, but she decided to sit out when they turned around. Melanie goes with Team Adam.

Next up is Cupid (32) from Lafayette, LA. He is famous for the Cupid Shuffle back in 2006, but it was not long lasting. He says that he wants to show that he is actually a singer and he wants to show that he is more than a one hit wonder. He comes out and sings “The Cupid Shuffle”. He tries his hardest, but no one turns around. Afterward, CeeLo recognizes him and asks him what he is doing there. Christina says that the song is fun and that it shouldn’t have been performed on the show. CeeLo is glad though that he performed it though. They have him sing something else to see if he can sing and they are upset that they didn’t turn around.

Brian Scartocci (26) from Austin, TX is up next. He says that he is a single father and wants to show that he has the passion to sing. He comes out and sings “Isn’t She Lovely”. Adam, CeeLo and Blake turn around. Adam says he did a great job with the song and says that he nailed it. CeeLo says that he could tell that the song meant something for him and says that he really enjoyed it. Blake says that he and him may have the same genre of music, but there are a lot of things in common and says that he wears vests too. Christina says that he is talented. Adam says that he can have him sing with Stevie Wonder at one point. Brian decides to go with Team Adam.

The duos come out in full force, but Vanjess, Maddie And Julia and The Wadsworth Sisters don’t have what it takes to make the judges turn around and realize their talent that they are trying to show.

Hoping to get through as a duo is husband and wife duo “Beat Frequency” from Vancouver, WA. They say that they have giving up on starting a family for this and they want to get through to the next round. They come out and sing “E.T” and Christina turns around. Afterward, Christina says that she was excited when she heard the song. CeeLo says that they are the best duo so far. Adam says that it gelled together and it was good. Blake says that he wouldn’t have had anything to offer them and is glad that they are with Christina. They join Team Christina.

Next up is Tyler Lillestol (23) from Riverside, CA. He was a college baseball player and wants to pursue a music career. He says that he has sung at Dodger’s Stadium. He says that he does everything by ear and he wants to show that he can do this. He comes out and sings “You Got It Bad” and no matter how hard he tries, no one turns around. Adam says that the song is hard to shine on and there was a lot of flocculation of volume. Christina says that they are sometimes overly critical. She tells him to choose better moments.

After Blake flashes around his ACM Award for Best Male Vocalist of the Year, next up is Liz Davis (25) from Madison, MS. She says that she is Country and says that she has been trying to get into the scene and it is tough. She says that this is the moment she has worked for. She comes out and sings “Here For The Party”. Adam and Christina turn around and at the end, Blake turns around. Blake says that he doesn’t want to be too hard for her and shows her his ACM Award. Christina says that she was first to turn around and that she would love to work with her. Liz eventually goes with Team Blake.

JR Aquino (24) from Anchorage, AK is next. He is in the Top 100 subscribed musicians on YouTube, but he wans to show that he is more than just a YouTube star. He comes out and sings “Just The Way You Are” and Adam and Christina turn around. At the end CeeLo turns around. Adam says that he says that he is one of those dudes with high falsettos. Christina says that she loved his pitch. CeeLo says that he was having a little trouble on the high notes though. JR goes with Team CeeLo.

Up next is Agina Alvarez (23) from Burbank, CA. She says that she had her chance when she was signed to two labels, but they fizzled. This next song can change her life and wants to hit every note. She comes out and sings “Turn The Beat Around”. However, no matter how hard she tries, no one turns around. Blake says that he is sorry. Christina says that she didn’t hear that thing that she was looking for. Adam says that he regrets it for not turning around and tells her not to give up.

Nicholas David (31) from Egan, MN is next. He says that he was in a band and allowed himself to slip and gain 300 lbs. However, he met his wife and they healed each other. He says that he heard his voice and song. This is his time to share his message. He comes out and sings “Stand By Me”. CeeLo turns his chair around. Christina says that she loves his voice, but was looking for something specific. CeeLo says that it spoke to him and says that it was great. He joins Team CeeLo

Next is Alessandra Guercio (17) from Brooklyn, NY. She says that she attends Laguardia High School, the school famous from “Fame”. They say that the teachers all push them hard and she says that this would be amazing. She comes out and sings “The Climb”. Adam and CeeLo turn around. Adam says that there were some issues as it went along, but it started it was really refined. CeeLo says that it was a great vocal performance. Christina says that it was a little too sweet. CeeLo says that she gets to pick and Alessandra goes with Team Adam.

The talent continues to come out and Adanna Duru for Team Adam, Kelly Crapa for Team Blake and Paulina for Team Christina. They all make it through to the next round of competitions.

Up last for the night is Avery Wilson (16) from Hamden, CT. He says that he is from a family of dancers, but he is a singer. He says that this is perfect to have the chance to get coached from the best. He comes out and sings “Without You”. All four coaches turn around. Adam says that was the most spirited reaction they have gotten and is shocked when he finds out that he is 16-years-old. Christina says that she wants to develop him and how he wants to be. Blake says that he has respect for his vocal ability. He says that he makes this whole thing work. CeeLo says that he can shower him with compliments and says that he is humbled that he could be better from being around him. Avery decides to go with Team CeeLo. That is it for the 4th round of Blind Auditions!