Live Playoffs, The Results - Recap

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The Results are in and for the Top 20 it is the end of the road for 8 of them. Carson Daly comes out and says that Maroon 5 and Jermaine Paul will be performing tonight. They take a look back at the competition this week. Afterward, Christina says that they are all in a crindge worthy moment and is not looking forward to seeing some of them going home. CeeLo says that they have to make the right assessment. Adam says that if people don’t get through, they need to know that they succeeded either way. Blake says that his team sets the bar this year.

Team Adam and Team Blake come out on the stage and sing “Stronger”. They have fun and showcase their individual voices well.

Team Adam: Joselyn Rivera, Melanie Martinez, Bryan Keith, Loren Allred and Amanda Brown come out first for their results. The two artists through to the LIVE Shows by America are: Amanda Brown and Bryan Keith. Adam says that he loves them and it is a horrible thing to do. He has to go with Melanie Martinez. This means that Joselyn Rivera and Loren Allred are going home.

Maroon 5 comes out to the stage and sings their new single. They show what it takes to be a current recording artist in today’s music industry.

Jermaine Paul comes out and sings his new single on the stage. He shows that he has what it takes to have the success that he has gotten and continues to get.

Team Blake: Terry McDermott, Liz Davis, Cassadee Pope, Michaela Paige and Julio Ceasar Castillo come out on the stage for their results. The two artists through on the public vote to the LIVE Shows are: Terry McDermott and Cassadee Pope. Blake says that he wants everyone at home to know that the three standing in front of him did their best and says that he has to go with his heart and emotion and picks Michaela Paige. This means that Liz Davis and Julio Ceasar Castillo are going home.

Team Christina and Team CeeLo come out and sing “Drive By”. They have fun on the stage and each showcases their voices nicely.

Team Christina: Devyn Deldera, Adriana Louise, Dez Duron, De’Borah and Sylvia Yacoub come out for their results. The two singers definitely safe from elimination are: Dez Duron and Sylvia Yacoub. Christina says they all know how much she loves them and says that they never let others define who she is. She says that they need to look beyond the show. She eventually saves Adriana Louise. This means that De’Borah and Devyn Deldera are going home.

Team CeeLo: Cody Belew, Mackenzie Bourg, Trevin Hunte, Nicholas David and Diego Val come out for the final results of the night. The two singers who received the most votes from America are: Trevin Hunte and Nicholas David. CeeLo says that this experience is an opportunity and says that they are fortunate to be here. He says that he respects each of them. He says that he has to go with Cody Belew. This means that Mackenzie Bourg and Diego Val are going home. That is it for the Top 12! Next week they perform!