Live Semi-Final - Recap

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The Semi-Finals are here and Team Blake: Terry McDermott and Cassadee Pope and Team CeeLo: Trevin Hunte and Nicholas David. Tonight they will have to perform for the 3 spots in the Finals. They kick things off with Michael Buble singing on stage. He shows how it is done as he sings his new Christmas single.

First for the night is Trevin Hunte. He got to go home and see his family and friends. He says that he knows that they are behind him. He goes back to his school to talk to the students. He comes out and sings “Wind Beneath My Wings”. Afterward, Adam says that he did a great job and says that he did an amazing job. Christina says that was crazy great and says that he took it to a new level. CeeLo says that he has seen him grow and progress and says that his voice is amazingly beautiful.

Nicholas David is next. He got to go home and they go to a baby check-up. They go to the Mall of America and meet up the crowd. He gets a golden microphone. He goes and performs at an old venue he went to before. He comes out and sings “You Are So Beautiful”. Afterward, Adam says that is all he cares about and says that he is the most soulful person he has met. CeeLo says that he looks very handsome and says that it was so heartfelt and amazing.

Team Blake and Blake Shelton meet up again and the 16 artists are going to sing “White Christmas”. They record it in the studio with Blake and he thanks them. They all come to the stage and they sing.

Cassadee Pope is next and she goes back home. She gets in to be greeted by her friends and family. They go to a radio station that she listens to and afterward, goes to an event and gets the key to the city. She puts on a live concert for her fans. She comes out on stage and sings “Stupid Boy”. Afterward, Christina says that she has so much passion and says that her voice is so perfect that it almost sounds like autotune. Blake says that she has the ability to connect with a lyric and says that the Country genre is amazing for her. He says that she is amazing.

Last to perform is Terry McDermott. He goes to New Orleans and meets his family. He surprises them. They go to the Hard Rock Café and he donates some of his things. He goes to an event and his Aunt and Uncle from Scotland are there. He puts on a concert for them. He comes out and sings “Let It Be”. Afterward, Adam says that he is so wonderful and says that to have a moment that makes them happy is amazing. Blake says that the song is sacred ground and says that he none of them will be able to ever decide what perfection in music is, but that was perfection. That is it for the performances!