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The Blind Auditions Premiere - Recap

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Another season of ‘The Voice’ is underway and Adam Levine, Shakira, Usher and Blake Shelton are the judges for Season 4. First up are the Blind Auditions and Host Carson Daly is back to welcome the crowd. There are 12 spots per team as of last season. A recording contract from Universal Music Group is on the line. The coaches show how it is done on the stage singing “Come Together” before the contestants come out.

First up for the night is The Morgan Twins from Rochester, NY. They say that they can bring something good to the stage. They do everything together and when they are together, they are unstoppable. They come out and sing “Fallin”. Blake and Usher turn around right away. Adam and Shakira turn around too. Afterwards, Blake says that this is a dream come true for most men and says that he hit his button before knowing there were two and says that it was great. Usher says that he knows a thing or two about R&B. Adam says that their unison is great and says that it is unique. Shakira says that they have to pick the coach that has faith in them. She says that she will have faith in this. Blake says that he has a wife and he knows how it is to have family in the business. The Morgan Twins eventually go with Blake.

Next up is Jess Kellner (21) from Austin, TX. She is a hairdresser with the passion to sing. She says that her mom was an alcoholic growing up and she moved in with her dad and got close to her Step Mother. She says that her mother is sober now and she wants to do big things for her family. She comes out and sings “Can’t Help Falling In Love”. Usher and Shakira turn around. Afterwards, Adam says that the newbies are going to fight over her. Usher says that he was intrigued by her voice. Shakira says that she turned because she was haunted by the silk in her voice. Adam says that he heard too much “Adele” influence. Blake says that Shakira is winning this. Usher says that everything in his music career has been what he felt. Jess eventually chooses to go with Usher.

Up next is Mark Andrew (27) from Eden Prairie, MN. He says that he is in Roofing as a job and says that he got into playing music and took a break when his drummer and guitarist passed away. He says that this is his moment to show that he has what it takes. He dedicates it to his former bandmates. He comes out and sings “Knockin On Heaven’s Door”. Adam turns around. Shakira turns around as well. Adam says that he turned because he was unique. He says that he has great control. Shakira says that she loved the performance and says that she is fascinated with him. She says that she will transmit her energy onto him. Mark eventually goes with Shakira.

Next is Janetza Miranda (25) from Newark, NJ. She says that she grew up in an energetic Puerto Rican family. She says that she is in a band and says that Latin artist have a fan base and they want to branch into English. She gets out on stage and sings “Titanium”. She tries her hardest, but no coaches turn around. Adam says that it is going to be alright and hugs her. Shakira says that the key was off and it wasn’t able to show her voice. Blake says that the verses seemed a little too dramatic. Usher says that this is not the end. She thanks them.

Up next is Danielle Bradbery (16) from Cypress, TX. She says that her cousin got her into music and says that she has crooked teeth growing up and says that she would sing in her room. She comes out and sings “Mean”. Usher and Blake turn around. Adam turns around. Afterwards, Blake says that she is so good and says that her pitch is amazing. Shakira says that she feels stupid that she didn’t turn around. The coaches are shocked when she tells them that this is her first performance. Adam says that she is great. Usher brings up Justin Bieber and Adam says that is bribery. He says that she has the talent and that they can win together. Blake says that he wants to welcome her to Nashville. Usher says that Nashville is just a state. Blake corrects him and they laugh about it. Danielle eventually picks Blake as her coach.

Next up is Vedo (19) from Atlanta, GA. He says that he is hoping adding his own twist to a song is going to get him through. He says that his mom is amazing. She has been diagnosed with Lung Cancer and only has months to live. She says that the feeling is overwhelming. He comes out and sings “Boyfriend”. Usher turns around. Afterwards, Shakira says that Usher is his man and asks who inspires him and he says that his mom is his inspiration. Adam says that he didn’t turn around because he didn’t want to lose that battle. Usher says that he is going to offer everything to help him. Vedo joins Usher’s team.

Up next is Christian Porter (21) from Stroudsburg, PA. He says that he is a bar musician and doesn’t want to be stuck in that. He says that this is going to make him a better musician. He comes out and sings “Sexy And I Know It”. Shakira turns around. Blake turns around. Usher turns around. Afterwards, Usher says that the women were going crazy and it was like Magic Mike up there. Adam says that was interesting. Shakira says that was sexy. Blake says that there was so much imagination to that and says that he is a fan. Shakira says that she was captivated on how he intrigued the crowd. Christian eventually picks to go with Blake.

Not everyone can make it on the voice as Nicole Serrano’s version of “E.T”, James Shealy’s version of “Not Over You” and Hunter Elizabeth’s version of “Mercy” doesn’t strike anything in the coaches and they tell them that they have a control issue with their voice and needs a little bit more development.

Next up is Leah Lewis (15) from Orlando, FL. She was adopted from China and says that her music influence comes from her father. She says that it feels right when she sings Blues and Country. She is really hoping that people turn around for her. She comes out and sings “Blown Away”. She tries her hardest, but no coaches turn around. Blake says that it felt that there was potential that hasn’t been developed yet. Usher says that it was good, but she was so close. Shakira says that she needs more practice with it. Adam says that she has a little bit of it and that is good to work on.

Up next is Kris Thomas (27) from Memphis, TN. He says that he was only allowed to listen to gospel music and says that he listened to R&B and was signed. However, he was dropped for “creative differences” and almost killed himself when he drank and drove. This is his second chance. He comes out and sings “Saving All My Love For You”. Shakira turns around. Afterwards, the guys are shocked that he is a guy. Blake says that he wants to congratulate Shakira for keeping it together. Shakira says that he has it all and says that it is going to be great working with him. He joins Shakira’s team.

Next is James Irwin (30) from St. Louis, MO. He says that he is a Union Carpenter and says that he has always has the strong love for music. He says that he lost his twin daughters didn’t make it. They had a son later. He wants to dedicate the song to his family. He comes out and sings “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved”. He tries his hardest, but no coaches turn around. Blake says that he did a good job. Adam says that he is a talented dude, but it fell down a bit. Shakira says that life is full of 2nd and 3rd chances.

Next up is Judith Hill (28) from Los Angeles, CA. Caron drives down and gives her the audition ticket. She says that she spent 2 months rehearsing with Michael Jackson as a background singer. She sang at his Memorial Service. She says that it is her time. She comes out and sings “What A Girl Wants”. Usher and Adam turn around. Shakira turns around. Blake turns around. Afterwards, Adam says that she is the first person to come out and sing a song as good as the original. Adam says that he will light himself on fire to make sure that she is on his team. Usher says that she will win with him. Adam says that he is running for President and Usher says that he is looking for the First Lady. Blake says that it was great. Shakira says that she has a light and says that if she is on her team, they will do great. Judith eventually goes with Adam. That is it for the first round!