The Blind Auditions, Part 2 - Recap

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The Blind Auditions continue as coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Shakira and Usher are there to find the next voice of the competition. They meet before and Adam and Blake decide to haze the new judges, but decide against it. Host Carson Daly is back to introduce the oncoming artists.

First up for the night is Tawnya Reynolds (32) from Nashville, TN. She says that she is Country to the core and she has been shot down by every label. She is at a point where she is looking forward to learning something. She comes out and sings “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys.” Adam and Shakira turn around. Usher turns around. Adam says that she shouldn’t listen to Blake. Shakira says that she is Blake’s successor because she has an English to Country Dictionary. She tells Tawnya that she has a great voice. Usher says that he is ready to help her out and Blake says that Usher did discover Justin Bieber. Tawnya eventually goes with Shakira’s team.

Next up is Josiah Hawley (27) from Fort Smith, AR. He says that he started singing at 13 and says that his dad is a Jazz pianist. He has been traveling as a model, but music is his heart. He comes out and sings “Sunday Morning”. Blake turns around. Usher turns around. Adam turns around. Afterwards, Adam says that there moments that weren’t working for him, but there were great qualities in his voice. Blake says that he is great and says that he is cool. Usher says that he has everything to help him being great. Adam says that he can pick the guys and lose or pick him and win. Josiah eventually goes with Usher.

Up next is “Midas Whale” from Rexburg, ID. They say that they make Folk music and say that their sound is not typical for a show like this. They come out and sing “Folsom Prison Blues”. Usher turns around. Blake, Shakira and Adam turn around as well. Afterwards, Blake asks where they are in their music and says that he can help them out. Shakira says that they make her smile and they speak Spanish to her. Blake says that they lost. Usher says that he was first to turn around. Adam says that they are going to do great. They eventually decide to go with Adam.

Next is Abraham McDonald (35) from Los Angeles, CA. He says that he was a shy kid and that after a contest, his life changed in music. He sees this as an opportunity and wants to become better. He comes out and sings “Best Thing I Never Had”. He tries his hardest, but no one turns around. Usher says that he has a big voice, but there were a few moments that were shaky. Shakira says that he was lacking some points.

Up next is Cathia (19) from Bronx, NY. She says that she is proud of her Latin culture and says that she studies Music Business and says that she wants to improve as a singer. She comes out and sings “No Me Doy Por Vencido”. Usher turns around. Shakira turns around. Blake turns around. Shakira says that she is phenomenal and says that she should be on her team. Blake says that he loved everything that she sang and says that Usher and Shakira don’t have experience. Usher says that he did well at the Latin Awards. Shakira says that she was with Gloria Estafan when she merged into English. Cathia eventually goes with Shakira.

Last up for the night is Sarah Simmons (22) from Memphis, TN. She is studying music and says that she was born to sing. Music has been a release for her and says that her dad has been clean for a while now. She comes out and sings “One Of Us”. Adam and Shakira turn around. Usher and Blake turn around. Afterwards, Adam says that was incredible and says that 150% she can win this show. He says that he knows that he can do this with her. Blake says that she is in his Top 3 singers. Shakira says that her voice is great and she needs a female coach. Usher says that she was shocking and says it was great. She eventually decides to be coached by Adam.