The Blind Auditions, Part 4 - Recap

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The Blind Auditions continue and coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Shakira and Usher are there to try to find the next voice. Blake gets in with his CMA award and is ready to fight dirty now. With the pressure building, the coaches’ teams are filling up and the spots dwindle.

First up for the night is Audrey Karrasch (20) from Reno, NV. She says that she was a model in New York and says that it made her feel depressed. That is why she found music. She comes out and sings “Price Tag”. Blake turns around. Usher turns around. Afterwards, Blake says that he was the first to hit his button and says that he loved the attack of the song. Shakira says that she did a phenomenal job. Usher says that she did a great job to move the crowd. He says that he is happy to be part of that. He says that he identified with her. Audrey says that she is going to go with Usher.

Next up is Brandon Roush (19) from Louisville, KY. He says that he is in a band and works with kids with Autism. He says that it is an advantage for him to have the coaches turned around. He comes out and sings “With A Little Help From My Friends”. Shakira turns around. Blake says congratulations that he is on Shakira’s team. He says that he didn’t expect the look. Adam says that he looks like he is from Megadeth. Shakira says that his voice is exquisite and says that it was great.

Up next is Betsy Barta (22) from Minneapolis, MN. She says that she was shy when she was little. She has been playing music on street corners, but has never performed for an audience at this scale. She comes out and sings “Set Fire To The Rain”. She tries her hardest, but no one turns around. Blake says that she did a good job, but to put herself in Adele’s area, it is tough. Adam says that it is hard and says that she needed to push it. Usher says that she needs to take the good from the bad and grow. Adam goes up to her and hugs her and tells her to come back.

Not everyone can get a chair to turn around as Jewl Anguay’s version of “Battlefield”, Ginette Claudette’s version of “No One” and Chris Johnson’s version of “I Won’t Back Down” fail to make the mark. The artists are told that it just wasn’t what they were looking for and that they were flat a few times.

Next is Patrick Dodd (35) from Memphis, TN. He says that he had a band and says that music wasn’t paying the bills. He is now back in it and wants to make it big. He wants to get some answers and says that this is big. He comes out and sings “Walking In Memphis”. Shakira and Adam turn around. Afterwards, Usher says that he really shocked him and says that he has character in his voice. Shakira says that he has so much soul in his voice and says that she would give her determination. She says that she will put all the passion and focus. Adam says that he envy’s the rasp and soul and says that it was great. Adam says that he loved it and wants him on his team. Patrick eventually goes with Adam to coach him.

The talent continues to come as Trevor Davis joins Team Blake, C. Perkins joins Team Shakira, Agina Alvarez joins Team Adam.

Up next is Orlando Dixo (24) from Washington, DC. He says that he grew up with his mom and sister and says it was difficult, but he has a relationship with his dad now. He is a wedding singer and wants to make his family proud. He comes out and sings “So Sick”. Usher turns around. Blake says that he is lucky to work with Usher and Orlando says that it is a huge deal. Usher says that he is happy that he turned because he has a great tone, but he is going to push him more. He joins with Usher’s team.

Last up for the night is Savannah Berry (17) from Houston, TX. She says that she posted a cover of Sugarland’s song and was contacted by them to sing with them. She says that she wants to do the right thing. She comes out and sings “Safe And Sound”. Adam turns around. Shakira turns around. Blake turns around. Afterwards, Usher says that he was an idiot. Blake says that he is fascinated with her voice. They ask what her musical influences are and she says that Miranda Lambert is. Blake says that he is married to her. Adam says that she is great. Shakira says that Blake and Adam are jaded. Blake says he and Miranda are thinking to adopt. Savannah eventually goes with Blake. Round 4 of the Blind Auditions come to an end.