The Blind Auditions, Part 6 - Recap

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The Blind Auditions come to a close tonight as coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Shakira and Usher all have 1 spot left on their teams of 12. For the contestants, they have to give it their all because the coaches are looking only for the best of the best for their teams.

First up is Mark Lennon (49) from Venice, CA. He says that he is a 3rd Generation Venice Beach Californian. Carson visits him in Venice and says that he is great. Mark says that this has been hard and wants to reach the quality of the stars. He comes out and sings “Come Together”. He tries his best, but no one turns around. Adam says that the falsettos were a little too clean and that he needed to dirty them up a bit more.

Next up is Jacqui Sandell (24) from Oakland, NJ. She says that she was a classical ballet dancer and moved into making music. She says that she is ready to challenge herself more. She comes out and sings “Dreams”. Blake turns around. Usher turns around. Usher says that there are some things that he would like to help her with. Blake says that her voice is sneaky and says that he loves the quick vibrato. Jacqui decides to go with Blake. This means that Team Blake is full. The team consists of: The Morgan Twins, Holly Tucker, Grace Askew, Danielle Bradbery, Trevor Davis, Caroline Glaser, Michelle Raitzin, Christian Porter, Savannah Berry, The Swon Brothers, Justin Rivers and Jacqui Sandell.

Up next is Amber Carrington (19) from Rockwall, TX. She says that she has been singing her whole life. She says that she lost her mom to Breast Cancer and says that it is hard to do this without her, but she knows that it will mean a lot to her. She comes out and sings “Good Girl”. Adam turns around. Afterwards, Blake says that she is really good, but his team is full. Adam says that she is incredibly good. This means that Team Adam is full. The team consists of: Judith Hill, Midas Whale, Warren Stone, Amy Whitcomb, Patrick Dodd, Karina Inglesias, Sasha Allen, Duncan Kamakana, Amber Carrington, Sarah Simmons, Michael Austin and Agina Alvarez.

Next is Dustin Hatzenbuhler (24) from Minneapolis, MN. He is working at a Community Center and says that this could be his ticket out of the house. He says that the coaches can really help him. He comes out and sings “Haven’t Met You Yet”. He tries his hardest, but no one turns around. Adam says that he couldn’t turn because his team is full, but the song wasn’t swinging. Usher agrees. Shakira says that he should come back next year though.

Up next is Luke Edgemon (24) from Fayetteville, NC. He says that his dad is a minister and his mom is in the choir. He says that he came to LA and has been working as a background singer for many great singers. He comes out and sings “I Can’t Make You Love Me”. Shakira turns around. Usher turns around. Afterwards, Usher says that he has been waiting for a voice like his. Adam says that his voice is surprising and says that he is going to go far. Shakira says that she would be thrilled to have him on her team. She puts her leg up like Usher does and says that it is his choice. Luke decides to go with Shakira to coach him. This completes Team Shakira. The team consists of Mark Andrew, Brandon Roush, Kris Thomas, J’Sun, Tawnya Reynolds, Cathia, Mary Miranda, Monique Abbadie, Garrett Gardner, Luke Edgemon, C. Perkins and Shawna P.

Last up for the night is Jessica Childress (26) from Lancaster, CA. She says that she has never been a full time musician, but she has singing all her life. She told her husband that she needs to sing. She says that she wants to make her husband proud. She comes out and sings “Marry You”. Usher turns around. Afterwards, Usher hugs her. Adam says that she is cute and they all wanted to push their buttons. Usher says that they are going to win this thing. This means that Team Usher is full and consists of: Jess Kellner, Taylor Beckham, Chelsea M., Josiah Hawley, Michelle Chamuel, Jamila Thompson, Audrey Karrasch, Ryan Innes, Orlando Dixon, Vedo, Jeff Lewis and Jessica Childress. Next week, Battle Rounds begin!