The Battles, Part 2 - Recap

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The Battle Rounds continue and Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Shakira and Usher want to make sure that they are getting the best of the best on their teams. Shakira has no more steals, Adam and Usher have 2 and Blake has 1 spot left. Adam has brought in Hilary Scott, from Lady Antebellum, Blake has brought in Sheryl Crow, Shakira has brought in Joel Madden, from Good Charlotte and Usher has brought in Pharrell Williams.

The first pairing is between Michael Austin and Warren Stone from Team Adam. They get into rehearsals and they are happy that they get to meet Hilary Scott. They are going to sing “My Kind Of Party” by Jason Aldean. Adam says that Warren doesn’t have to match Michael’s tone and that he was falling off. Adam tells Michael to warm up the tone. Michael says that he had a tumor removed in his sinus canal and Adam says that he is going to have to work harder. In the final rehearsals, Adam says that rhythmically, Michael is falling off. Warren needs to get his nerves in check. The battle arrives and they come out and sing. Afterwards, Blake says that it was intense and Michael captured the outlaw. Both of them work. Usher says that Michael had a great tone, but Warren had swag. Shakira says that she liked them equally. Adam says that withing the genre there are a lot of country singers. Adam says that the winner of the battle is Warren Stone. No one decides to steal Michael.

The next pairing is between Jeff Lewis and Josiah Hawley from Team Usher. They get into rehearsals and Usher tells them that they are both confident. They are going to sing “Roxanne” by The Police. Usher says that they have to sing with conviction. Usher tells Jeff not to cut off the lines and has a lot of things to work on. In the final rehearsals, Usher says that this is a battle and they need to take it seriously. Usher says that Josiah had great technique. He tells them that they need to fight for it. The battle arrives and they come out and sing. Afterwards, Shakira says that it is a difficult song and says that she wasn’t impressed. Adam says that it fell flat and it seemed that a lot of things going on. Blake says that it wasn’t that bad and Jeff was better in this. Usher says that he wants to thank them for giving the hard work in. He says that it is an emotional song and the girls liked it. He says that the winner of the battle is Josiah Hawley. No one decides to steal Jeff.

The battles continue as Grace Askew and Trevor Davis from Team Blake sing “Me And Bobby McGee” and Grace Askew wins. Audrey Kerrish and Jamila Thompson from Team Usher sing “If I Were A Boy” and Audrey Kerrish wins. Tanya Reynolds and Mark Andrew from Team Shakira sing “The Chain” and Tanya Reynolds wins the battle.

Last pairing of the night is between Caroline Glaser and Danielle Bradbery from Team Blake. They get into rehearsals and Blake says that they are going to sing “Put Your Records On” by Corrine Bailey Rae. Blake that Danielle’s pitch is amazing. Caroline gets a little intimidating. Sheryl Crow says that Caroline has a unique voice. Blake tells her to work on the confidence. In the final rehearsals, Blake says that Caroline she impressed him. He says that Danielle needs she needs to choose whether she is going falsetto or not. They are both a little tense. They agree that they are going to practice. The night of the battles arrives and they come out and sing. Afterwards, Usher says that the harmonies were a little shaky. Shakira says that their performance was like tangerine ice-cream and Blake says that this is not a cooking show. She says that this is a tough one. Adam says that Danielle’s performance was more perfect, there is something about Caroline. Blake says that he doesn’t know what Danielle’s parents are feeding her and says that it was great. Blake decides that the winner of the battle is Danielle Bradbery. Adam and Usher decide to steal Caroline. Adam says that he was so excited with her and says that he will do everything in his power to have her. Usher says that he loves the voice and knows the potential. Blake says that she is singer/songwriter. Usher says that he is her guy. Adam says that he has spent time in coffee houses. Caroline decides to go with Adam. The episode ends.