The Knockouts, Part 2 - Recap

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The Knockout Rounds come to an end as coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Shakira and Usher have to make their picks for their final 4 for the Live Shows. The contestants are going to have to prove that they have what it takes to make it onto the teams.

The first pairing is between Savannah Berry and Justin Rivers for Team Blake. Savannah is going to sing “As Long As You Love Me”. In rehearsals, Blake says that she has the ability to make a song like she wrote it herself. He says that she may have found his own Justin Bieber. Justin is going to sing “The Climb”. Blake says that he has a Country sound, but he does a lot of runs. He says that he needs to show his range, not the runs. Savannah comes out and sings. Afterwards, Justin comes out and sings. After their performances, Usher says that she can hold her own in Country and transcend. Justin was great and says that the round went to Justin. Shakira says that she is with Usher with Justin’s long note. It was great. Adam says that Savannah is great, but Justin was surprising. Blake says that Savannah is great, but Justin impressed him. The winner of the knockout is Justin Rivers.

The next pairing is between Josiah Hawley and Jess Kellner for Team Usher. Josiah is going to sing “Back To Black”. Usher says that he has to tell him a story. He needs to show his sincerity. Jess is going to sing “Give Me Something”. Usher says that she needs to watch that she doesn’t go flat at the low part. Josiah comes out and sings. Afterwards, Jess sings. After the performances, Adam says that they should have done each other’s songs and says that Jess was good. He says that he wanted more. Blake says that they both did really good, but Josiah performed it a little too calculated. Jess did a better soulful performance. Usher says that Jess could have given it a little bit more, but did a good job. Usher says that he felt the grit. Usher says that the winner of the round is Josiah Hawley.

The next pairing is Holly Tucker and Luke Edgemon for Team Blake. Holly is going to sing “Live Like You Were Dying”. Blake says that she amazes him and tells her not to hold back. Luke is going to sing “Teenage Dream”. Blake says that his voice is strong and helps him find the moments to use his voice. Usher says that Holly did a good job with it and says that Luke’s version was a little disconnected. Shakira says that Luke is amazing. Adam says that Holly is amazing. He says that Luke’s version was interesting and says that there is more to see in him. Blake says that Luke is good, but didn’t swing for the knockout round. He says that Holly did that. He says that the winner of the knockout is Holly Tucker.

The next pairing is between Audrey Karrasch and Michelle Chamuel for Team Usher. Audrey is going to sing “How To Love”. In rehearsals, Usher says that she is all over the place. He says that there is so much more than she can do. Michelle is going to sing “Raise Your Glass”. Usher says that she needs to breathe. He has her do push ups to get her energy in control. Audrey sings first. Michelle comes up afterwards and sings. After the performances, Shakira says that Michelle is a performer and she attacked the song. Adam says that Audrey’s performance was good despite the pitciness. Michelle did a better job in that area. Blake says that it was scattered for Audrey. Michelle was energetic and was there with her. Usher says that Audrey was good. He really enjoyed Michelle’s performance. The winner of the round is Michelle Chamuel.

The next knockout pairing is between Danielle Bradbery and Taylor Beckham. Danielle is going to sing “Jesus Take The Wheel”. Blake says that she has to deliver the message better. He says that she needs to find out who she is in this. Taylor is going to sing “Russian Roulette”. Danielle sings first. Afterwards, Taylor sings. After the performances, Usher says that her low register was tough, but the end of the song was great. He says that Danielle took control. Shakira says that Danielle never seems nervous despite not performing a lot. Adam says that it was a good performance for Taylor, but Danielle was natural. Blake says that Taylor is amazing and says that she didn’t really loose control. Danielle had some challenges. He says that the winner of this round is Danielle Bradbery.

The next pairing is between C. Perkins and Vedo for Team Usher. C is going to sing “She Ain’t You”. Usher, in rehearsals, says that he should go into his falsetto, but C doesn’t feel comfortable. He tries it regardless. Vedo is going to sing “Everything I Do (I Do It For You)”. Usher says that this is going to not allow his emotions get the best of him during this. C comes up first and sings. Afterwards, Vedo performs. After the performances, Shakira says that C has a special tone, but he was too energetic. Vedo had better tone. Adam says that C was good, but Vedo did a great job and took the moment. Blake asks what the C stands for and C says that it is Craig. Adam tells Blake that he should be called B. Shelton. Blake tells Adam to kiss his ass and Adam says that Blake’s initials are BS. Blake says that C was connecting, but he didn’t focus on the voice. Usher says that Vedo wanted to show that he is a star and he did that. He says that C was full of energy and waiting to burst out. Usher says that the winner of the round is Vedo.

Team Blake’s last pairing is between Grace Askew and The Swon Brothers. Grace is going to sing “I Can’t Stand The Rain”. In rehearsals, Blake likes that soul and says that she needs to annunciate the words. The Swon Brothers are going to sing “Drift Away”. Blake says that the chorus wasn’t lined up. They need to clean it up a little bit. Grace comes out and sings. The Swon Brothers come out and sing after Grace. After both performances, Usher says that Grace playing the guitar is a little distracting. Usher says that the Swon Brothers were great. Shakira says that Grace could give his team flavor. Adam says that Grace is refreshing and says that the Swon Brothers were great. Blake says that Grace is unpredictable and that is what separates her from the rest. The Swon Brothers know who they are and says that they are both great. Blake says that the winner The Swon Brothers.

The last pairing of the night is Cathia and Ryan Innes for Team Usher. Cathia is going to sing “Mr. Know It All”. Usher says that he likes her runs. He says that she wants her to create a better stage presence. Ryan is going to sing “I Don’t Wanna Be”. Usher tell take charge. He says that he is going to offer a lot more. Cathia comes out and sings. Afterwards, Ryan comes out and sings. After both performances, Shakira says that Cathia attacked the song. She says that Ryan it was good. Adam says that he says that he didn’t hear that grit. Blake says that he was impressed with Cathia. Usher says that he was blown away by the voice. He says that the brute force. The winner of the knockout round is Cathia. That is it for the Knockout Rounds!