Live Semi-Final Results - Recap

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The episode begins with a recap of the previous nights Live Semi-Final performances from the top 5.

The Swon Brothers from Team Blake did “Danny’s Song” and “Turn the Page”.

Danielle Bradbery from Team Blake did “Please Remember Me” and “Who I am”.

Amber Carrington from Team Adam did “Firework” and “Sad”.

Sasha Allen from Team Shakira did “I Will Always Love You” and “Bad Girls”.

And Michelle Chamuel from Team Usher did “Clarity” and “Time After Time”.

To kick off the evening Michelle Chamuel gets to perform “Light Em Up“ with Fallout Boy.

Nicholas David, a former member of Team CeeLo, comes out and performs “Say Goodbye”.

Now, of course, it’s time to get to the eliminations. Three finalists will be moving on. That means two have to say goodbye at the end of the night. The first contestant saved and moving on the finals is Michelle Chamuel.

Tony Luka, former member of Team Adam, comes out and performs “Never Gonna Let You Go”.

The Top 5 get together and perform “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” from Poison. The good mood is short lived though, because it’s time to thin the herd a little bit more. Of the remaining four, two go home and two will remain. The second contestant saved and moving on to the finals is Danielle Bradbery of Team Blake.

Terri McDermott, former member of Team Blake, comes out and performs “With Pictures”.

Down to three contestants and only one spot to fill. Sasha Allen, Amber Carrington, and The Swon Brothers await their fate. The last one moving on to the finals is The Swon Brothers.