Live Final Performances - Recap

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The night of final performances has arrived. Our final 3 contestants are:

Team Blake: Danielle Bradbery and The Swon Brothers

Team Usher: Michelle Chamuel

Carson takes us through a recap of the competition, showing us what it took for them all to get this far. The winner gets a recording contract with Universal Music Group.

The coaches kick it off with a joint performance of “Have a little help from my friends”. Once they finish, the two judges left with contestants discuss what it will take to win. Usher says Michelle needs to come out and just “be” her best. Blake comments that hard work and doing their best comes naturally. He said he wants them to enjoy it, echoing a comment Adam had made a few seconds prior.

First up from the trio of Voice Finalists: The Swon Brothers of Team Blake. They have chosen “I Can’t Tell You Why”, by The Eagles in order to show what their vocal range is. After they perform, Usher says it’s great they found the girl part of their voice. He says the only thing missing was the third BeeGee. Shakira, complete with Okie flag, says it was a very good idea to show off the falsetto. She adds that they have a universal appeal despite being straight country. Adam, thanks them for the song since he loves the Eagles. He compliments them on a great job. Blake rounds out the comments by saying it’s the best season of The Voice so far. He says that The Swon Brothers are constantly evolving and they keep expanding their audience.

Carson reminds the audience that the contestants will be redoing a song that defined them. The coaches get to pick it.

Michelle Chamuel is up and Usher’s pick: “I Knew You Were Trouble Walked In”, Taylor Swift. After she performs, Shakira says her energy is crazy and contagious. Adam says that when she is up there people are screaming so loud the judges ears hurt. Blake, on his evolution theme, says she has blossomed into this rock star. Last but not least, Usher says that song was a defining moment for her in the competition and hopefully her career. He says the screaming is too many people to be relatives, so it has to be fans.

For finals, the coaches have gotten to meet with the families of the contestants. Talks with Danielle and her parents. Blake and Danielle come out and do a duet of “Timber, I’m Falling In Love”.

Back with their defining moment and coach's choice, The Swon Brothers with “Danny’s song”, by Anne Murray. After they perform, Usher says they personalize that song. Adam repeats what Usher did, but adds that it was refreshing and brings back good memories. They did the legacy justice. Blake agrees and says that it feels like it could be on the radio. He adds that their harmonies get better every time they perform.

Michelle Chamuel’s next choice is “Why”, by Annie Lennox. After she sings, Shakira says that the audience needs to know that she is a humble person and so nice. She says if you have the humility on one side and talent on the other, like Michelle does, it’s long term success. Blake says it was a laid back performance. Usher agrees with Shakira, Michelle is both likeable and capable.

Blake got to meet the parents of The Swon Brothers. We learn that their parents punished the boys when they were younger by making them write a song together. For the coach/contestant duet they perform Brad Paisely’s, “Celebrity”.

For her defining moment, Danielle Bradbery’s song is, “Maybe it was Memphis” by Pam Tillis. After she performs, Shakira says she is amazing and she cuts straight to the vein of America. Adam says he is jealous of Blake for having snagged her to begin with. He says she has one of the best voices he’s ever heard. Blake says that song just reminds them why she is there.

For their last joint song of the season, the final three sing, “Home” by Blake Shelton. As the song progresses they are joined by the rest of The Voice cast.

Usher gets his chance to meet Michelle’s family. The daughter of a refugee, we learn Michelle is no stranger to fighting for what you want. For her last song of the finals and their duet they perform “One”.

Danielle Bradbery wraps up the night by performing “Born to Fly”, by Sara Evans. After she sings, Usher says she did a good job by choosing Blake as her coach. Adam says her perfection is boring him at this point. He says he can’t add anything. Blake admits he is just wrapped around her finger as a fan as the night closes and voting opens.