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  Leon Basset, played by Linds Edwards

Leon Basset was once a deputy of the King County Sheriff Department in the town of Cynthiana, Kentucky. He was turned into a walker during the outbreak.
Leon was a back-up officer with Lam Kendal assisting in the highway police chase that put Rick into a coma. Later, he is encountered by Rick, Morgan and Duane when the trio are leaving the police station. Leon is on the opposite side of the station's perimeter, banging on a chain link fence. Rick calmly walks up to Leon and puts a bullet into his former colleague's head.
  Amy, played by Emma Bell

Amy was one the Atlanta survivors. She is the younger sister of Andrea, and joined the survivor group existing on the outer limits of the overrun city of Atlanta when the dead began to rise. She was killed by a zombie on the day after Rick's arrival.

Amy and her older sister Andrea have made their home in Dale's RV at the camp. She is twelve years younger than Andrea and that has caused no small amount of tension between the sisters. Amy is resentful of Andrea leaving her behind at home and not coming back often enough to visit and be a part of her life. The experience of the apocalypse has strengthened their bond enormously, though Amy is still often frustrated by Andrea correcting her, judging her and generally telling her what to do. On the other hand, Amy worships her older sister, wanting to be just like her. Still young, Amy is impetuous and eternally optimistic. She helps look out for the kids in the camp, is quick to defend others' actions when she sees them as being protective and generally tries to keep the peace among her fellow survivors.
  Daryl Dixon, played by Norman Reedus

Daryl Dixon, the younger brother of Merle Dixon, is one of the Atlanta survivors. After failing in saving his brother Merle in Atlanta, he remains with the other Atlanta survivors.

He is encountered in the woods with some fresh meat after his hunting trip and is disappointed that a zombie found his deer, that he had been stalking it for days waiting for a perfect kill. After Dale decapitates the zombie, the head continues to growl only to be permanently silenced by a bolt from Daryl's crossbow.

At the camp, Rick Grimes and the others break the news that Merle was insane and a threat back in the city, so he was left behind, prompting Daryl to snap. Rick and Shane restrains him as T-Dog reassures Daryl that Merle is ok, having locked the roof door for Merle's safety. Daryl heads to the department store to rescue Merle with Rick, T-Dog, and Glenn. When they reach the rooftop of the department store they find that the only thing remaining is the handcuffs, a hacksaw, and what looks to be Merle's hand.
  Duane Jones, played by Adrian Kali Turner

Duane Jones is a young boy hiding out with his father, Morgan, in various houses in Rick Grimes's neighborhood, attempting to ride out the zombie apocalypse.
As a delirious Rick Grimes mopes about in his neighborhood, calling out to a "man" (actually a zombie), Duane smacks Rick on the back of a head with a shovel, shouting out to his father that he "got one". When the pair realize Rick is human, they take him into the house they're staying at and care for him. Later that evening, when Duane's mom is spotted outside, Duane runs to bed, crying. Morgan explains that she turned into one of them. The next day, Duane, Rick and Morgan take hot showers at the police station and stock up on guns and ammo before parting ways. The father/son return to their home. Duane is downstairs when he hears a gunshot from upstairs. He, in a panic, calls out to his dad, who reassures him everything is ok.
  Lam Kendal, played by Jim R. Coleman

Lam Kendal was an officer of the King County Sheriff Department in Cynthiana, Kentucky before the zombie outbreak. His current status is unknown.
Lam and Leon are part of the team of deputies called in to assist pursuing suspects in a high speed chase. Lam is armed with a shotgun and participates in the shootout between the deputies and troopers against the criminals in the speeding car, which had flipped off the road. He does not appear after Rick Grimes is shot.
  Morales, played by Juan Pareja

Morales is a survivor first encountered in Guts, the second episode of the Walking Dead TV series. He lived at the camp outside Atlanta with his family and the other survivors until after the zombie attack that he decided to split from the group and try to find other family in Alabama. His fate ultimately remains unknown.

Morales is a survivor who left the refugee camp to gather supplies in Atlanta with Glenn, Andrea, Jacqui, Merle Dixon and T-Dog. When Glenn brings Rick Grimes to the department store, T-Dog and Morales emerge wearing body armor and attack two nearby undead, granting access for their fellow survivors to get inside. He investigates the building's sewer tunnels with Glenn to see if there is a way out, but no luck. As Rick and Glenn set out to grab some escape vehicles, he watches from the roof with Andrea and Jacqui. He then escapes from Atlanta with his fellow survivors after Glenn and Rick drive a truck to the department store loading dock.

Morales returns to the survivors' camp and is reunited with his wife Miranda and kids Louis and Eliza. When Rick and the others debate on how to break the news of Merle's abandonment to his brother Daryl, Morales says they must tell him what happened. He helps defend the camp from the invading zombies that kill several of the survivors including Amy and Ed.
Morales, his wife and their two children make the decision to leave the group and go find the family they know in Birmingham, Alabama .
  Morgan Jones, played by Lennie James

Following the walker outbreak, Morgan evacuated with his wife Jenny and his son Duane. Their plan was to head for Atlanta in search of military protection. En route, a walker attacked Jenny, forcing the family to seek refuge in Rick's hometown. "After she died," Morgan tells Rick, "I guess we just froze in place." Fiercely protective, Morgan barricades himself and Duane inside a vacant house. Despite the dire conditions, Morgan still endeavors to create normalcy for Duane, correcting his son's grammar and engaging in mealtime prayers. But both remain haunted by the loss of Jenny, who returns to the house regularly as a walker. Rick and Morgan eventually part ways, (and promise to meet up again after Duane learns to shoot). Morgan's final warning to Rick: "They might not seem like much one at a time. But in a group, all riled up and hungry? Man, you watch your ass."

Morgan Jones and his son Duane first encountered Rick Grimes outside his looted neighborhood in small town of Cynthiana. Duane knocked the unsuspecting survivor in the back of the head with a shovel, as he and his father had naturally assumed he was another zombie.
  T-Dog, played by Irone Singleton

T-Dog is a survivor who left the refugee camp to gather supplies in Atlanta with Glenn, Andrea, Jacqui, Merle Dixon and Morales. He got into a fight with Dixon, yelling at him for wasting bullets and attracting the zombies. Dixon proceeded to beat up T-Dog and call him a "nigger" before spitting on him. Before Dixon could do any further harm, Rick handcuffed him to a pipe.

Later, T-Dog was assigned to watch Dixon as the other survivors attempted to find a way out of the building they were stranded in. When the survivors were getting ready to escape, T-Dog dropped the handcuff keys and was forced to leave Dixon on the roof, but not before bolting the rooftop door shut.

He then escapes from Atlanta with his fellow survivors after Glenn and Rick drive a truck to the department store loading dock. He is a tough man willing to protect his allies, but has a kind heart as seen trying to rescue Merle, twice.

T-Dog and the rest of the group are admitted into the CDC by Dr. Jenner after going through a blood test to ensure none of them are infected. He is introduced to the luxuries the facility has to offer, including hot water and real beds. He enjoys dinner and wine with everyone and learns about TS-19 and Dr. Jenner's work, and the fall of the CDC's infrastructure. He joins Rick, Shane and Glenn as they check the generators in the basement. He is present when Dr. Jenner reveals the purpose of the countdown timer and shuts the control room's door. As the survivors finally get Edwin to open the door for their escape, he attempts to flee with Jacqui, but she opts to remain behind. T-Dog flees with the rest of the group to the CDC main lobby, and escapes through the window when Rick blasts it open. He makes his way past the walkers and to the vehicles when the CDC detonates. T-Dog is last seen driving off in his jeep with the remaining survivors.