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The Walking Dead: Save the Last One

Shane and Otis try to escape the walkers to get back to the farm in time to save Carl. Meanwhile, Glenn and T-Dog make their way to the farm, as the others stay behind to continue searching for Sophia.

Episode Info

Episode number: 2x3
Airdate: Sunday October 30th, 2011

Director: Phil Abraham
Writer: Scott M. Gimple

Alternate Airdates:

UK (FOX) Nov 04, 2011


Guest Stars
Melissa McBrideMelissa McBride
As Carol Peletier
Irone SingletonIrone Singleton
As T-Dog
Lauren CohanLauren Cohan
As Maggie Greene
Pruitt Taylor VincePruitt Taylor Vince
As Otis
Scott WilsonScott Wilson
As Hershel Greene

Co-Guest Stars
Jane McNeillJane McNeill
As Patricia
Main Cast
Andrew LincolnAndrew Lincoln
As Rick Grimes
Norman ReedusNorman Reedus
As Daryl Dixon
Steven YeunSteven Yeun
As Glenn Rhee
Chandler RiggsChandler Riggs
As Carl Grimes
Sarah Wayne CalliesSarah Wayne Callies
As Lori Grimes
Jeffrey DeMunnJeffrey DeMunn
As Dale Horvath
Jon BernthalJon Bernthal
As Shane Walsh


The episode begins, and as it turns out Sophia is still missing. Carl meanwhile is still ailing, and his condition is getting worse, from the looks of it. Meanwhile, Shane and Otis are running through the hallways of a school overrun by walkers, doing their best to stay alive, and return with the medical supplies to Hershel. Rick, meanwhile, assures Lori that Shane will return with what Hershel needs to operate on Carl. Lori though doesn't appear completely convinced, and is visibly worried about her son’s fate. Daryl meanwhile is camped out with Andrea and a weeping Carol. Then feeling sympathetic, Daryl offers to take a walk in the middle of the night to search for Sophia. ..

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Episode Notes
Ratings: 6.09 Million Viewers

Trivia: The note left by the man who hung himself read "Got bit. Fever hit. World gone to shit. Might as well quit."

Location: The location used to shoot the scenes with Shane and Otis in the high school was shot at Newnan High School in Georgia.

Awards and Nominations: This episode was nominated for a Golden Reel Award in the category of Best Sound Editing: Short Form Dialogue and ARD in Television.

Casting: Pruitt Taylor Vince (Otis) says that he owes his entire career to a computer error that enrolled him in a high school drama class.

Episode Quotes
Daryl: I'm going to walk the road, look for the girl.
Andrea: I'm coming too.
Daryl: (To Dale) I'm going for a walk, shine some light in the forest, if she's out there it will give her something to look at.
Dale: Do you think that's a good idea right now?
Andrea: Dale...

Rick: There is still a life for us, a place maybe like this. It isn't all death, out there; it can't be. We just have to be strong enough, after all we've seen, to still believe that. Why is it better for Carl to live, even in this world? He talked about the deer.

Daryl: Look at him. Hanging up there like a big piñata. The other geeks came and ate all the flesh off his legs.
Andrea: I thought we were changing the subject.
Daryl: Call that payback for laughing about my itchy ass.

Glenn: Hey...
Rick: Hey.
Glenn: Um, we're here, okay?
Lori: Thank you...
T-Dog: Whatever you need.

Lori: Maybe this isn't a world for children anymore.
Rick: Yeah, well, we have a child. Carl is here in this world now, so --
Lori: Maybe he shouldn't be. Maybe this is how it's supposed to be.
Rick: You can't mean that. Okay, alright, I can understand that crossing your mind --
Lori: It didn't cross my mind Rick, I can't stop thinking it. Why do we want Carl to live in this world? To have to live this life? So that he can see more people torn apart in front of him? So that he can be hungry and scared for however long he has before he...So that he can run, and run, and run, and run, and even if he survives he ends up...he ends up just another animal who doesn't know anything except "survive." If he...if he dies tonight, it ends for him. Tell me why it would be better another way?

Carl: Where are we?
Rick: Little man, that is Hershel. We're at his house. You had an accident, alright?
Carl: It hurts a lot.
Lori: Baby, I know.
Carl: You should have seen it.
Lori: What?
Carl: The deer. It was so pretty, mom. It was so close. I've never been...

Daryl: Do you want to live now, or not? It's just a question.
Andrea: An answer for an arrow, fair?
Daryl: Mmhm.
Andrea: I don't know if I want to live, or if I have to, or...if it's just a habit.
Daryl: Not much of an answer. Waste of an arrow.

Glenn: Do you you think God exists?
Maggie: I always took it on faith. Lately I've wondered. With everything that's happened there must have been a lot of praying going on and it seems quite a few went unanswered.
Glenn: Thanks, that's really helping.
Maggie: Sorry.

Episode Goofs
Factual Error:

When Daryl and Andrea find the walker hanging in the tree Daryl says that it's legs has been eaten by other walkers. Throughout the series it has been noted multiple times that walkers only eat the living, not the dead. Why would they eat the legs of an already dead man?

Episode References
Season 2, Episode 2: Shane went with Otis to the nearby school to try and find medical supplies in 2x02 "Bloodletting" so that Hershel could operate on Carl.

Season 1, Episode 6: Rick asks Lori what has changed since Jenner gave them a way out. In 1x06 "Ts-19" Dr. Jenner gave them the option to die at the CDC peacefully.

Season 2, Episode 1: Darly and Andrea are continuing to look for Sophia. In 2x01 "What Lies Ahead" Sophia got chased into the woods by a walker and has been lost since.

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperFrank Darabont
Executive ProducerFrank Darabont  |  Glen Mazzara  |  David Alpert  |  Gail Anne Hurd  |  Robert Kirkman
Co-Executive ProducerGreg Nicotero  |  Evan Reilly
ProducerScott M. Gimple  |  Denise Huth
Co-ProducerPaul Gadd
Production DesignerGregory Melton
EditorHunter M. Via
CastingSharon Bialy  |  Sherry Thomas
Unit Production ManagerTom Luse
First Assistant DirectorPolly Ann Mattson
Second Assistant DirectorAustin Davoren  |  Veronica A. Hampton
MusicBear McCreary
Music EditorMichael Baber
Music SupervisorThomas Golubic
Costume DesignerEulyn Womble
Set DecoratorLynne Mitchell
Location ManagerMike Riley
Property MasterJohn Sanders
Production Sound MixerBartek Swiatek
Assistant EditorEvan Fisher
Post Production SupervisorKenneth Requa
Supervising Sound EditorJerry Ross
Re-Recording MixerGary D. Rogers  |  Dan Hiland
Director of PhotographyDavid Boyd
Story EditorAngela Kang
Production SupervisorJolly Dale
Based On The Works OfCharlie Adlard  |  Tony Moore (2)  |  Robert Kirkman
Key Makeup ArtistDonna M. Premick
Extras CastingPatrick Ingram
Casting AssociateRussell Scott (2)
Key HairstylistTaylor Knight
Post Production AssistantAlex Brown (2)
Key Set CostumerIliana Sanchez Taylor
Makeup ArtistGarrett Immel  |  Mark Ross  |  Andy Schoneberg  |  Gino Crognale  |  Jake Garber  |  Kevin Wasner
Best Boy GripTom Barrett
Special Effects Make-upGreg Nicotero  |  Howard Berger
Production ConsultantJess Clark  |  Ben Roberts
Location CastingLisa Mae Fincannon  |  Craig Fincannon
Key Assistant Location ManagerSeth Zimmerman
1st Assistant CameraDavid Galbraith
1st Assistant AccountantMerci Navarro
Best Boy ElectricBrandon Davis (2)
Produced ByTom Luse
VFX SupervisorVictor Scalise
Key GreenspersonDon Holloway
ClearancesLaura Sevier
Writers' Room Production AssistantVanessa Trego
Assistant To The ProducersAmy Beth Barnes
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