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The Walking Dead: Cherokee Rose

As Daryl continues to search for Sophia, Rick hopes Hershel will allow the group to stay on the farm. Shane continues to hide what he did to Otis, as Lori sends Glenn for something secret on one of his runs.

Meanwhile, a walker stuck in a well threatens the integrity of the water.

Episode Info

Episode number: 2x4
Airdate: Sunday November 06th, 2011

Director: Bill Gierhart
Writer: Evan Reilly

Alternate Airdates:

UK (FOX) Nov 11, 2011


Guest Stars
Melissa McBrideMelissa McBride
As Carol Peletier
Irone SingletonIrone Singleton
As T-Dog
Lauren CohanLauren Cohan
As Maggie Greene
Emily KinneyEmily Kinney
As Beth Greene
Scott WilsonScott Wilson
As Hershel Greene

Co-Guest Stars
Jane McNeillJane McNeill
As Patricia
James Allen McCuneJames Allen McCune
As Jimmy
Brian HillardBrian Hillard
As Bloated Well Walker (as Brian Keith Hillard)
Main Cast
Andrew LincolnAndrew Lincoln
As Rick Grimes
Norman ReedusNorman Reedus
As Daryl Dixon
Steven YeunSteven Yeun
As Glenn Rhee
Chandler RiggsChandler Riggs
As Carl Grimes
Sarah Wayne CalliesSarah Wayne Callies
As Lori Grimes
Jeffrey DeMunnJeffrey DeMunn
As Dale Horvath
Jon BernthalJon Bernthal
As Shane Walsh


The episode begins and all is quiet at the Hershel homestead. Carl meanwhile continues to recover under the watch of Rick and Lori. Dale is overjoyed that the boy will be ok. Rick meanwhile, makes it a point to thank Shane for his heroics. Shane meanwhile knows as to how he was able to get away from the undead and shudders at the memory. His shame apparently becomes worse when Hershel asks him to speak during Otis's funeral. "You were the last one with him," cries Patricia. "Please, I need to hear", she then tells him in tears. Shane left with no other option spins a story about Otis being a hero who willingly sacrificed himself to save Carl. It's a convincing story that, everybody who is present seems to buy. ..

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Episode Notes
Ratings: 6.29 Million Viewers

Location: The abandoned house that Daryl searches for Sophia in is located on W. McIntosh Road in Rover, Georgia.

Episode Quotes
Carol: A flower?
Daryl: It's a Cherokee Rose. The story is that when American soldiers were moving Indians off their land on the Trail of Tears, the Cherokee mothers were grieving and crying so much 'cause they were losing their little ones along the way from exposure and disease and starvation. A lot of them just disappeared. So the elders, they said a prayer; asked for a sign to uplift the mothers' spirits, give them strength and hope. The next day this rose started to grow where the mothers' tears fell. I'm not fool enough to think there's any flowers blooming for my brother. But I believe this one bloomed for your little girl.

Carl: Hey, I'm like you now. We've both been shot. Isn't that weird?
Rick: Yeah, I think your mother would rather hear we got the same eyes. So let's keep that between us. Since in you're in the club now, you get to wear the hat. Didn't you know?

Hershel: That's something, isn't it? It's good to pause for an occasional reminder.
Rick: Of what?
Hershel: Whatever comes to mind. For me it's often God. No thoughts on that?
Rick: Last time I asked God for a favour and stopped to admire a view, my son got shot. I try not to mix it up with the Almighty anymore. Best we stay out of each others way.
Hershel: Lori told me your story - how you were shot, the coma. Yet you came out of it somehow. You did not feel God's hand in yours?
Rick: At that moment? No, I did not.
Hershel: In all the chaos you found your wife and boy. Then he was shot and he survived. That tells you nothing?
Rick: It tells me God's got a strange sense of humour.

Maggie: I'll have sex with you.
Glenn: Really? Why?
Maggie: You're asking questions?
Glenn: I can't, I can't help wondering.
Maggie: It's not like our options are vast these days. And you're not the only one that's lonely.

Hershel: My father didn't bother with comforting lies, he used his fist. He was a loveless, violent drunk, and no good to anybody. He drove me from home when I was fifteen. Didn't lay eyes on this place again for many years. I was not at his death bed, Rick, I would not grant him that. And to this day, do not regret it. Some men do not earn the love of their sons. I don't see you having that problem.

Dale: (hanging ham in front of the Well Walker) He's not going for it.
T-Dog: Maybe 'cause they can't handle no kickin' and screamin' when they try to eat it.
Lori: He's right. There is a reason the dead didn't come back to life and start raiding our cupboards.

Episode Goofs

The group finds a large walker at the bottom of a well, where it is up to its waist in water. When they are using a rope to bring it up to the surface, the walker's jeans are not wet at all. After being at the bottom of the well, the jeans should be soaked with water.

Cultural References
First Blood: T-Dog tells Dale that he doesn't care if they have to "comb the woods like Rambo" to find Sophia.

'First Blood' is a film from 1982 starring Sylvester Stallone as 'Rambo.'

Episode References
Season 2, Episode 3: In 2x03 "Save the Last One" Shane sacrificed Otis to a group of walkers so that he could escape.

Season 2, Episode 1: Sophia is still missing after having gotten lost in 2x01 "What Lies Ahead" while running away from a walker.

Season 2, Episode 1: Carl was accidentally shot in 2x01 "What Lies Ahead" by a man who was hunting a deer.

Season 2, Episode 3: Hershel saved Carl's life in 2x03 "Save the Last One" by performing surgery on his to repair the damage caused by the bullet.

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperFrank Darabont
Executive ProducerFrank Darabont  |  Glen Mazzara  |  David Alpert  |  Gail Anne Hurd  |  Robert Kirkman
Co-Executive ProducerEvan Reilly  |  Greg Nicotero
ProducerScott M. Gimple  |  Denise Huth
Co-ProducerPaul Gadd
Production DesignerGregory Melton
EditorJulius Ramsay
CastingSherry Thomas  |  Sharon Bialy
Unit Production ManagerTom Luse
First Assistant DirectorJeffrey F. January
Second Assistant DirectorVeronica A. Hampton  |  Craig Harris
MusicBear McCreary
Music EditorMichael Baber
Music SupervisorThomas Golubic
Costume DesignerEulyn Womble
Set DecoratorLynne Mitchell
Location ManagerMike Riley
Transportation CoordinatorKeith Collis
Property MasterJohn Sanders
Production Sound MixerBartek Swiatek
Script SupervisorAmy Blanc Lacy
Assistant EditorDan Liu
Post Production SupervisorKenneth Requa
Supervising Sound EditorJerry Ross
Re-Recording MixerDan Hiland  |  Gary D. Rogers
Director of PhotographyDavid Boyd
Story EditorAngela Kang
Production SupervisorJolly Dale
Art DirectorDoug Fick
Post Production CoordinatorJessica Newman
Based On The Works OfTony Moore (2)  |  Charlie Adlard  |  Robert Kirkman
Key Makeup ArtistDonna M. Premick
Transportation CaptainDennis Carter
"A" Camera OperatorMichael Satrazemis
Casting AssociateRussell Scott (2)
Key HairstylistTaylor Knight
Steadicam OperatorGlenn Brown
Makeup ArtistDerek Krout  |  Carey Jones (2)  |  Kevin Wasner  |  Mario Torres  |  Andy Schoneberg  |  Jake Garber
"B" Camera OperatorGlenn Brown
Special Effects Make-upGreg Nicotero  |  Howard Berger
Production ConsultantJess Clark  |  Ben Roberts
Animal TrainerGreg Tresan  |  Carol Tresan
Location CastingLisa Mae Fincannon  |  Craig Fincannon
Set MedicTasha Wdowin
Produced ByTom Luse
VFX SupervisorVictor Scalise
ClearancesLaura Sevier
Caterer ChefTommy Huston
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