Chupacabra - Recap

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The episode begins with a flashback, and shown is a long line of cars choking the highway, as families attempt to flee the undead menace. Shane, Lori and other familiar faces meanwhile try their best to restrain their panic in front of the children. Suddenly, there is a loud bang. Helicopters are shown flying overhead. Lori and Shane then run toward the sound. From the woods, they watch a city being fire-bombed by the government. Horrified and frightened, the pair embraces. Back in the present day, Lori awakens inside a tent outside the Hershel farm. Carol meanwhile, suggests cooking dinner for the Hershel clan. "Trying to look for things to keep my mind occupied," the distraught mom explains.

The survivors then plan their day of searching for Sophia. Dale and T-Dog affectionately tease Daryl, who claims to have once seen a Chupacabra. Daryl meanwhile, points out that dead are currently walking the Earth, so stranger things have happened. Glenn meanwhile, approaches Maggie and notes that they still have 11 condoms left. "I don't even know if I like you," she says. Still, Maggie appears intrigued by the proposition. Later, Rick and Shane search for Sophia and joke about the girls Shane slept with in high school. Shane suddenly becomes serious. "That life is gone and everyone in it," he says solemnly. Shane then gets honest with Rick, telling the sheriff that they are wasting their time, risking their lives and wandering through the woods looking for a girl who is likely dead.

Rick though feels personally responsible and therefore makes it clear that he has no plans to call off the search. Meanwhile, Daryl rides through the woods on horseback. He then stops on a ridge and looks down on the riverbank. There appears to be a body in the muck. Daryl then slowly approaches to find a doll and some clothes. "Sophia" he yells; but receives no response. Daryl then gets back on the horse which is shortly spooked by a snake. Daryl is consequently thrown off the horse and tumbles down a steep hill. He at the end of it lies injured and bleeding. In fact, he has accidentally impaled himself on one of his arrows, as it turns out. It sticks through his side. Daryl though somehow manages to stumble to his feet and ties off his wound as best as possible. He then limps badly to shore, apparently under great duress. Glenn, meanwhile, approaches Lori. "You're pregnant," he whispers.

Lori is shocked that he knows, and swears the young man to secrecy. She hasn't told a soul, she reveals to him. Rick meanwhile, returns and pulls aside his wife. "Shane says my good intentions are making us weaker… that I can't make the hard decisions for the good of the group," Rick explains to Lori. She tells Rick to stay the course, and not pay any heed to what Shane has to say. She also assures him that, he isn't being soft at all, in her opinion. Rick is then summoned to speak with Hershel. "One of my horses is missing," Hershel says. "Did one of your people take it?" Rick apologizes. He thought Daryl had informed the old man, before taking the horse. Also, Hershel is upset that young Jimmy joined the search team. Again, Rick thought Hershel was aware when it actually turns out that, he wasn't.

Hershel has a simple solution to the communication problems: "I'll control my people, you control yours". Rick agrees without saying a word. Meanwhile, Daryl lies unconscious on the riverbed. Suddenly his brother Merle appears and berates his little brother. "You're going to die out here, little brother and for what?" Merle asks. He wants to know why Daryl is risking his life for a little girl and not out searching for his sibling. "One of these days, they're going to scrape you off their heels like you was dog shit," Merle says. "They ain't your kin ain't nobody going to care about you except me". And then Merle, a hallucination, is gone. Unfortunately, Merle has been replaced by a drooling zombie who is attempting to chew on his leg. Daryl responds immediately, stabbing the zombie in the eye with a piece of wood. Another walker meanwhile approaches.

Daryl then rips the arrow from his side, loads and with difficulty cocks his crossbow and shoots it in the head. Daryl then decides to take his phantom brother's advice and get serious about surviving. He eats a squirrel raw, before making a necklace of zombie ears. Soon, Merle reappears. "I'm as real as your Chupacabra!" he yells. Then somehow, Daryl makes it to the top of the ridge. Merle meanwhile, is gone. "Yeah, you better run" Daryl screams at nothing. Later, Hershel is upset to find Rick's survivors cooking dinner in the kitchen. "We need to be setting clear boundaries with these people," Hershel tells Maggie. "Don't get close to them. They aren't going to be around forever". Unhappy, Maggie leaves the room. Meanwhile, outside, Glenn approaches Dale for advice about Maggie.

In order to do so, Glenn admits that he had sex with Maggie. Dale is concerned, worried that Hershel would be mighty upset. "He is our host," Dale says. "Jesus, Glenn, what were you thinking?" Dale adds. Glenn in turn says "I was thinking that I might be dead tomorrow". Suddenly, Andrea spots a walker emerging from the tree line a few hundred yards away. She is anxious for some target practice and takes aim. But turns out, the walker is actually a bloodied and shambling Daryl. She though doesn’t know this and consequently fires. Daryl apparently is then hit, and goes down. Meanwhile, Andrea's pride turns to horror when she discovers that she has shot Daryl. The other survivors quickly drag Daryl inside. He has been grazed on the head, it turns out.

Later, Hershel tends to Daryl, who explains that he found Sophia's doll in the creek bed. Hershel, meanwhile, has just about had enough. His horse is missing and the antibiotics are going fast. "It's a wonder you people have survived this long," he pointedly tells Rick. Shane agrees with Hershel. "We can't keep going out there, not after this," the deputy says. Rick meanwhile storms out. Dale, in the meantime, tells a distraught Andrea that she shouldn't be so hard on herself. "We've all wanted to shoot Daryl at one time or another," he quips. Andrea then manages to smile weakly. Later, Hershel's people and Rick's people eat dinner together inside the farmhouse.

No one says much. Maggie and Glenn meanwhile, pass notes like school kids. It looks like they might get back together that evening, after all. Carol then brings Daryl dinner. "You did more for my little girl today than her daddy did his whole life," Carol says. "You're every bit as good as them. Every bit" Daryl though doesn't respond. After dinner, Maggie reads the note from Glenn "Ever done it in a hayloft?" Maggie appears alarmed and rushes out. Glenn meanwhile approaches the property's massive barn. It is locked, so he climbs to the hay loft and enters. Inside, more than a dozen zombies are being kept on the ground floor. Maggie enters. "You weren't supposed to see this," she says. The episode ends at this point.